Conducted Jan. 27, 1997 by Greg Oliver. As the tape recorder is turned on, Tiger Jeet Singh drops into character, his accent becoming more pronounced.

Q: You’re still wrestling a little bit.

A: Not little bit. I’m wrestling full-time

Q: To what do you credit your longevity?

A: Good living, plus training properly, and proper diet

Q: What are some of your favorite experiences from wrestling?

A: “I remember when I wrestled right here in Toronto, Johnny Valentine for the U.S. title. I was a nervous wreck, and didn’t know if I was coming or going. I just went wild. And after that I never looked back. I broke all the records. I broke all the Guinness records. I wrestled Hulk Hogan right in Japan and I defeated him there. I wrestled the best. You name it, I wrestled him. Then I went around the world.

Right now I do a lot of charity work, lot of campaign anti-drug, preaching children to stay at home, and proper training.

Q: How do you see your career winding down? Do you expect to get more involved in your son’s career?

A: Yes. Lately I’ve been appointed international ambassador with the WWF. So I think I will be more busy doing traveling than doing wrestling. Doing negotiations with people around the world. It’s more work for me now than before.

Q: Do you miss being in the ring?

A: No not really. I don’t want to be in the ring seven days a week like I used to. Still I like to be in the ring two-three times a week. I miss that

Q: Tell me about your son, how he’s come along training with Sweet Daddy Siki.

A: My son, he’s 24, just finished 24, 25 now. He’s in my eyes, like all the parents say, he’s the best athlete you’ve ever seen in the world today. He’s 6’5”, 285 pounds, all muscle. There’s no fat on his body because he watches his diet properly, he trains four hours every day and his focus is he wants to be the best. And believe on me, he will be the next WWF world champion, right here from Toronto.

Q: The next one? Won’t Bret Hart win it here on Friday?

A: I know Bret since maybe 20 years back. I know his family’s history. He came from very strong wrestling background. His father, he was a great champion. And Bret, he is a great champion. I have all the respect and I wish him all the luck. And I hope the best man win.