Depending on where you were in the world, maybe you ran in fear from a sabre-toting Tiger Jeet Singh (Japan) or you wildly cheered (Toronto, India). He’s an iconic figure. His son, Tiger Ali Singh, didn’t achieve quite the heights in the ring, but has followed in his father’s footsteps away from the ring.







I remember going with some of my buddies when we were in grade 11 to see him fight Tiger Jeet Singh.
The Gardens was sold out. The Sheik threw salt in Singh’s face, and TJS put his sleeper hold on the ref.

I can remember driving Tiger Singh Sr around in a yellow Honda Scamp to Festival Hall and Channel 9 in 1972 -73 and going to Acland Street Stkilda above a butcher shop and having marinated meat also having pizza and a beer with Jeet in a park near a beach . And having an Indian meal in exhibition St Melb. And l also remember filling the tank at the airport after picking him up and paying $2 and he said fill the tank right up glenny if Jeet gets to hear of this message .I wish him nothing but the best and also his son happy new year
Regards Glenn

Who could forget the wild mud match between Tiger and The Sheik?–at the Cobo, I believe. I have a tape of it and still relish it. Two wrestling crazies who are no doubt rolling in the dough now. I wish them both well.

One of the true wrestling legends is undoubtedly the Great Tiger Jeet Singh –as a young boy- watching the Tiger energized gave me confidence to tackle the challenges of growing up – thanks Tiger and I wish you the best.

This was back in 1994, my Dad met Tiger Jeet Singh and his son Tiger Ali Singh through a friend. They were hosting a wrestling show in England, in Hayes, West London, which has one of the largest Sikh community living in England. I remember him paying a visit to our home, a few days before the match. I remember going to watch the match, the turnout was 5000 and it was staged open air. The Sheik lost badly, suffered a humiliating defeat. I enjoyed it quite thoroughly, both TJS and his son won. Later on
after the match had finished, my dad and myself were dining with TJS and his crew at this restaurant owned by a friend. I wish both Tiger Jeet Singh and his son, Tiger Ali Singh all the best of luck and to have a great Christmas.
Gurbinder Singh Gill


I was there from the first day of Tiger in the WWF when he signed his contract at SkyDome. While George Chuvalo and Bret Hart wished him the best of luck. He hasn’t disappointed me at all, the Kuwait Cup was one championship in a future filled with titles.
Craig Rixen

I was at the wrestling match, at Skydome when Tiger beat Miguel Perez. He is going to be the next superstar in the WWF. I also saw him in action in Nov 6 1994 at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadum, New
Delhi. He was amazing.

Tiger Ali Singh is the best newcomer I have ever seen enter pro wrestling. I have followed the sport for the last 30 years and remember Ali father fighting a great sold out fight in the gardens against the Sheik, Tiger Ali Singh will be a great superstar in the pro wrestling field. I saw Tiger Ali Singh when he signed his contract with the WWF at SkyDome. It was just amazing….I have also seen him wrestle on T.V. This guys in just a monster. His elbow drops are just so powerful. WWF watch out.

This wrestler has everything it takes to be champ. I seen him at the Skydome in November and he was incredible. I hope to see him at the Skydome in May.
Best of Luck. Mike Smitz

I have occasionally seen Tiger Ali Singh wrestle on television. While the WWF has been ignoring him on their television shows, I can see that the man has a lot of potential. He has won the Kuwait Cup, and obtained victories over stars such as Bob Holly and Miguel Perez. There are not many professional wrestlers with Indian heritage, and he has done what I plan to do– enter this great sport.
Manju Lal

Just a little pet peeve of mine; why is it that if someone lives in a small town anywhere remotely close to Toronto they are said to have lived in the Toronto area. Mick Hans(aka Tiger Jeet Singh Jr./Tiger Ali Singh) grew up in Milton Ontario. Milton is not part of the mega-city nor is it in the Toronto area, it’s its own independent entity.

I think that Tiger Ali Singh is the next biggest thing in the WWF since the Iron Shiek who everybody loved to hate. For those commoners who don’t like it – toooooooo bad, and in the words of DX “SUCK IT”.
Lion Singh

I remember when there used to be a Punjabi saying “phude is the world to me”, and my friend Tiger always lived up to that.

It is a great honor and inspiration to know that one of our own has reached this level of sucess. And better yet that you are keeping the culture alive. I mean when you speak PUNJABI in the ring me and my cousins go absolutely crazy. BRRRHHHHHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And one last comment what you are doing can only be performed by the best or you can say by a Jatt.

Tiger Ali Singh lives in my hometown of Milton Ontario not Toronto. I met Tiger at Gallingers Car Dealership in Milton when He had an autograph session. He is a great guy. He is often seen in the Milton Mall at Smithbooks or Loblaws. He is a community Type Guy!!
Geoff Stanley

I was at the Raw when Tiger had a guy lick Abu’s foot it was great, Tiger is the greatest in putting down the American, I am American as well but Indian first, so everything Tiger says in Punjabi is true and I am a proud Asian and I am glad that the WWF has add such a great talent to the roster. Tiger Ali Singh will be the greatest champ when he gets the chances to show that his wrestling is superior then the mic skills (which are amazing) so the other WWF superstars better watch out especially Stone Cold the true American with to class.

Tiger Ali Singh is the biggest and best CUSSARA around and no body can beat him.
Kila Kali Union City

I was in England and I was very excited to hear about Tiger Ali Singh. I was so happy that I went to Florida and I did lost and lost of mutman.

Tiger Ali Singh is da best wrestler…..I’m proud that he is an Indian after all…I salute to him.

You have done us Indians proud.

Tiger Ali is the best new wrestler in a long time. Good to see an Indian wrestler up there. I love it when he speak Punjabi. “JUT PATTAN DE”
Tika Cheema

I think Tiger Ali Singh is the best Indo-Canadian wrestler ever of the nineties. I saw him wrestle in Kuwait. What a great athlete. Jai hind!!!

Tiger your an inspiration for all us Sikhs. You’re a great role model for all us Punjabis. YOU DA MAN.

My memory of Tiger Ali Singh or Gurjit Singh Hans, whichever you prefer is while watching Jonnovision on CBC Wed. Jan 13th, 99. While bragging about his so called money he handed over $1000 Canadian to a guy who imitated the Rock and also the Undertaker. Just before he handed this money over he said, “It’s not worth so much as American money but then again neither are the people.” This is supposed to be a person to put in the Canadian Hall of Fame? It goes to show how much he thinks of Canadians and the country he was born in.

Derrick Upward

Tiger Ali Singh is unbeatable, and that’s the bottom line. I can’t wait until he wins the belt!!! He’s done us Indians proud!

I have a few words (in the language of Punjabi) to express how I feel about Tiger Jeet Singh Junior…
“Oh putt jattan deh bolon deh bacre, oh putt jattan deh!!!! BBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” The second thing I want to say is concerning Vince McMahon. Vince may think he’s marketing Tiger Jeet Singh Junior very well by giving him the name “Tiger Ali Singh” and thinking that people will believe that he’s either a Sikh or a Muslim. Well Vince, Indian and Pakistani people aren’t dumb!! When an Indian person makes it big time, everyone knows who he/she is in the Indian community. So, we all know that Tiger Jeet is a Sikh (Punjabi)… not a Muslim!!! So do us all a favor Vince and take that “Ali” off his name, and put “Jeet” back in there. We’re tired of laughing at how you tried to mix his name by using “Ali” and “Singh”. Muslim and Sikhism are two different cultures… Tiger Jeet is 100% Punjabi (Sikh). I got 6 words for ya… “BOLEI SOLEI HAN!! SAT SRI AKHAL!!!”
Punjabi Jatt, Canada

Tiger Ali Singh needs to be noticed. He needs to come on often.Tiger is representing the punjabi nation in the world and is a good role model so vince let me put it this way “theree ma tee  futhi”

I’ve seen Tiger Ali Singh in action, and I have to say, the man has potential. It’s good to see another Indian make it to the big time like that and I hope for good things in his future in the

I think Tiger Ali Singh is a great inspiration to all of DA Punjabi people out there. i think he’s got the potential to be the great one and i love it when he speaks in punjabi yaar. CHAK DEY TIGER, PUTH JAT DA, TAKE OUT ALI AND REPLACE IT WITH JEET YAAR. Tiger is da man speak Punjabi in the ring more, introduce yourself in the ring like val venis, except in Punjabi e.g. ‘Sat sri akaal merey punjabi’s, puth jaatan dey, chak dey’ do some bhangra in the ring

kiddah??? tiger is the best wrestler i know. i think he needs to be more recognized. after all family comes first. chukk thay phatay!!!!!!!!!

Gurjit singh Hans (aka Tiger Ali Singh) respect to you I think you know why I have titled this message respect Punjab. Every time I see you on wwf you are always cussing.

I think Tiger Ali Singh is one wrestler that were the, is still the best and the best there ever will be. Tiger Ali Singh should come to the ring accompanied by some Punjabi babes. That will make the wrestling match more hot. Tiger ji, I have to tell u something in punjabi “ENGRAZE NU MARR MARR KEY BONDA PATETHEY.

I think it is great that the Punjabis have finally hit the scene worldwide and lets hope that Tiger Ali Singh wins the wwf title and show the gora what we are really made of. CHAKTEH FATEH PUNJABIAH
Gurnaik Singh (u.k)

Tiger Ali Singh is the best thing that’s happened to the WWF. Me and my fellow Punjabis think that the gold should be around Tiger’s waist and that’s all I got to say about that!!!!!
Jimmy Dhaliwal, Calgary,AB

Tiger Ali Singh was amazing, he should be WWF champion. I remember when he came out and insulted Americans, it was great, he is just a great athlete and he is a great entertainer, he should be one of the tops right now, WWF is doin a dumb thing by ignoring such a superior athlete such as Tiger.
Vin, New Jersey

Tiger how you doing, I hear that there is an another great wrestler in the states named KILLER KHALSA SINGH why don’t you team up with him maybe you might get some where, I hear he is doing excellent, have you heard off him? I hope you could team up and get somewhere in the wrestling business best off luck take care. I haven’t seen you on TV what happened?
Tony Mann.

First It was the ATOM BOMBS in the Pokhran Nuclear tests. Now it’s TIGER ALI SINGH! HOW BETTER CAN IT GET?

HI Tiger how you doing? Sometimes I watch your wrestling on the T.V. and I’m very proud on you when you speak Punjabi in ring. I like to say you that you are Punjabian the sann as like we had kubbdi player Harjeet Bajakhana ( CHARDA SURAJ PUNJAB THE) CHUKK THAY PHATAY ANGRANJIAN THAY. Tell them that we are Punjabi and what we can do when JUR JHAN HATH THUSMAN THAY NAL. Good luck home.
Baba Brar

Hey Tiger, I know you want remember me but in New Orleans next to Uno I met you at a subway. I was the first person to go and speak to you. For a wrestler in public you could not hide who you were everyone in the place was staring and talking about you. You were a real nice person. I still have your autograph in my checkbook register. Well anyway I would like to know where are you now and why you are not wrestling.

Hey Tiger. I live in your home town. We met at the fall fair a few years back. You gave me an autograph. I still have it. Keep in touch.

Dear Tiger, U have done us Indians proud. We think that you are the greatest wrestler in the whole world and that the WWF championship around your waist and not any other wrestler. U DA

Sat Sri Akal Tiger.
You are the most effective wrestler ever to join the WWF. Make us Singh’s proud and win the WWF title. Like you said on your WWF interview, wrestling began in India and you should take your title to
India when you win it.
Ravinder Singh

I think Tiger Ali’s tight, but I don’t like how the WWF made him disrespect his turban which is a shame. Tiger, teach Steve Blackman and the WWF a serious lesson. I would hate for the Sikh community to turn against you, Tiger. Fight the power. The turban is a very religious symbol which is scared and millions have people have died for its pride. I don’t agree with that but I like Tiger if he’s not acting like a coward that night.

When I first saw Tiger Ali in the ring, I was so proud to see my own Punjabi Brother reached this level of success in Wrestling. I want to wish him best in his career and may he be the best in
what he does — that is kick ass.

To all those people that refer to themselves as “Jat” and at the same time call themselves Sikhs are complete and utter morons. For all of you that aren’t familiar with Sikhs please ignore these self proclaimed Sikhs because they know as much about Sikhism as Bush knows about politics. (And by the way Muslim and Sikhism is a religion not a culture!) The Sikh religion is a humble
and liberal one. True Sikhs don’t hate Muslims or any other religion. True Sikhs don’t live for vanity or egotistical goals. The main reason that Sikhism was born was to rebel against the caste system that so many fake Sikhs especially the vast majority of Jat’s follow. I was born a “Jat” myself so I have first hand
knowledge. But unlike these morons I studied the religion and found it to be a lot more sophisticated and liberal than what I was taught by my “Jat” friends. So all you morons that tarnish the Sikh
religion by associating your moronic opinions with (especially you “Punjabi Jatt, Canada”) leave the Singh out of your names
G. Singh