Don Callis is a very smart man (just ask him). So, what’s he doing in pro wrestling? Head to the archives for some insight. Alas, we no longer have the rights to his Winnipeg Sun wrestling columns that ran from 2001-05, so you won’t find them here (or anywhere online, for that matter).



I’m a big wrestling fan in Winnipeg and I met the Jackyl in a bar called Club 200 in 1993. He was quite the gentleman, and I wish him all the best in his career.
Dougie Warren

I have never met the Jackyl, But I went to the same high school as him (Kelvin High) and my friend Kris has talked to him on the phone (Thanks to Mr. Weibe!) Well I was actually at the same Kelvin high basket ball game as him once and I didn’t even see him, I was a little upset about that, but I have to meet him one day, he’s just so Darn CuTe! And when I do meet him, I’ll totally have more memories! Don Rules!

I had the opportunity of working with Callas last Summer, as he wrestled for Grand Prix Wrestling in the Maritimes and I did some announcing. Don Casablanca was his name and he made an excellent team with Rick Martel. Both men are amazing athletes and deserve bigger pushes.
Dave Lowe -Nova Scotia

I knew the Jackyl (or “Natch” as he is known among his hometown boys) as a complete professional who had the intestinal fortitude to overcome the incredible impediments which are presented to up-and-coming wrestlers in this territory. The road trips in this territory must be the most grueling to be found in any Indie territory, and they can quickly beat down the spirit of all but the most dedicated. Natch let nothing stop him and believe me the reasons to give up in this territory are great. Nonetheless, Natch never gave up.
I will always remember Natch for his professionalism, his killer knee drop, and his uncanny ability to be asleep in the back seat when it was his turn to drive the next 300 miles home from a tour.
Dave Levinsky, Wpg.

Donny is my friend, he’s a great guy, he is. He always lets me get him coffee or a drink if he’s thirsty. When I was drunk once after a show in south-eastern Manitoba, Donny was one of the guys who never yelled “Jump” so loud as most of the others when I threatened to jump off the roof of our hotel. He also didn’t laugh as much as the other boys about the crying and wetting myself thing.
Boy, was I drunk and feeling sorry for myself. And it was also Donny who gave me a shoulder to cry on when I finally climbed down in disgrace. I think the shoulder belonged to Scotty Lightfoot.
I call him now and again in new York, but he’s really busy, ya know?
K.A.K. Atcliff, Manitoba

I went to an ECW House Show oon May 2nd 1999. I arrived at the building about 30 minutes early. We waited outside for about 10 minutes. They let us in, and my friends and I immediately found our seats. We then went over to the Merchandise Stand and looked around, out of a door walked Don. He walked by me, and I said kinda said in a normal voice “Jackyl” he turned around and waved, then walked by me again. I stood there and realized that I could have gotten a picture. Amazingly though, he walked back out of the door, and I asked to get a picture with him. He was SUPER Nice and said sure. We took the picture and he went in line to get some coffee. I looked over at him, and he kinda waved me over, I stood there in line with him and talked for about 10 minutes. I told him my name and the show started. Later on in the evening, I went to get a Soda at the concession, and he was standing there with, I believe his wife, and I asked him if I could get another picture, just in case the other did not turn out. He was more than happy, the girl snapped the picture. I thanked him once again. Don was a total class act. I am really glad that he was so nice!

I met Don at Club Taboo, and he let me buy him beer before his match with Larry Updike.
Craig Kuhlman

I met Don in my hometown of Thunder Bay, Ontario where he was signing autographs at a car wash. I had the chance to talk to him about various wrestling experiences. I think he’s the nicest guy in the wrestling business. He told me what it takes to become a professional wrestler.
STEVE, Thunder Bay, Ontario