He’s back.

The David Koresh of professional wrestling, ‘The Jackyl’ Don Callis has recently re-surfaced in ECW as Cyrus.

When SLAM! Wrestling recently spoke with the Canadian grappler/manager he was still unsure as to the direction that his new persona was going to take.

“I see it going wherever we want it to,” he said. “The nice thing about ECW is that you have a lot of input. It’s a bit smaller.”

It has been rumoured that he would manage Sabu or Rob Van Dam, and kickstart a Sabu-RVD feud.

“That’s news to me,” Callis said, denying that he would manage either man before continuing.

“That being said, Rob Van Dam is the whole F’n show and Sabu is Sabu and anything’s possible.”

Callis sees himself being the sort of manager who really gets the crowd upset and is eventually forced into the ring.

But there is going to be a surprise in store for the fans.

“Jim Cornette or Bobby Heenan would go into the ring and get their asses kicked … The twist will be when I get into the ring people will see that the son-of-a-gun can work. I think we can take that to a whole new level,” Callis predicted.

Callis has wrestled for years all over the globe including stints in South Africa and Japan.

He is very impressed with his new boss Paul Heyman, who runs ECW. He said that Heyman is willing to listen to the talent’s ideas as well as put in his own “good ideas” on character development.

“He’s generally acknowledged as the most creative person in the business over the last five years,” Callis said of Heyman, aka Paul E. Dangerously.

Callis first made the switch from wrestler to manager in the WWF.

“As a wrestler you’re almost offended. I’m not a manager dammit,” he said. “But really I think they were a lot smarter about it than I was.”

But unlike so many of the people who have departed the WWF over the last few years he does not have any disparaging remarks to make about Vince McMahon.

“The WWF making me a pseudo-manager was playing to my strengths,” Callis said. He realizes that he is not the largest wrestler around and believes that his strength lies in his ability to work the microphone which he is now doing on a weekly radio show.

It is just one of his many side projects.

Besides his radio show ‘Joe and Jackyl: No Holds Barred’, Callis also has a weekly column in the Winnipeg Sun and Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal and has just started up his own wrestling school.