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Rhodes turns nWo

In the 1997 SLAM! Wrestling Year-end Poll, turnbuckle heads rightfully voted nWo Souled Out as the worst pay-per-view they shelled out their hard-earned green for. Shame faced, World Championship Wrestling boss Eric Bischoff and...

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Impact: Against All Odds 2023

Slam Poll

Which of these countries would you like to see host a major PPV soon?


Jun 9: Impact Against All Odds
Jun 10: New Japan Road
Jun 17: New Japan Road
Jun 18: New Japan Road
Jun 25: AEW Forbidden Door
July 1: Money in the Bank
July 15: Impact Slammiversary
July 21: ROH Death Before Dishonor
July 30: NXT Great American Bash
Aug 5: WWE SummerSlam
Aug 27: Impact Emergence
Oct 21: Impact Bound For Glory