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Glitches mar ECW’s N2R

 In essence, ECW’s November To Remember pay-per-view was about pushing future talent. Talent which ECW is counting on to carry the company through the year 2000. Rob Van Dam, the best all-around wrestler in the...

Tag match highlights No Mercy

   It is rare that a tag team match where no gold is at stake overshadows a World Heavyweight Title match on pay-per-view though that’s what happened at last night’s WWF No Mercy broadcast from the Gund...

Heroes PPV a disappointment

On paper, it looked like so much fun. All the old stars that I grew up watching having one last go on pay-per-view. Bundy, Snuka, Orton, Abdullah. It wouldn’t produce four-star matches, but it would be a good time. In...

Sting wins World title at Fall Brawl

WCW presented its annual Fall Brawl PPV from the Lawrence Joel Coliseum in Winston Salem, NC. This was the first WCW PPV in the post-Eric Bischoff era so you would think the company would learn from its mistakes and go in...

Hogan – Nash, an embarrassment at Road Wild

   When I was about 10 years-old I witnessed one of the worst matches I’ve ever seen. Former tag team partners – The Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff – bumbled and stumbled their way through a surefire...

Fully Loaded recycles Raw material

   The World Wrestling Federation has fallen into a severe slump. Lacking any heel depth in their roster the federation has been compelled to renew old feuds and perpetuate a McMahon – Austin angle that’s...

Sid returns at the Bash

Don’t look now but there’s another vacated locker at the ailing Extreme Championship...

Nash champ again at Slamboree

   World Championship Wrestling was on the right track. They were improving their ailing organization. “Was” and “were” being the operative words. Excluding a fleeting step in the right...

Flair wins title at Uncensored

 The Nature Boy has done it again. The most successful champion in sports entertainment claimed the WCW World Heavyweight Title for an unprecedented fourteenth time at the annual Uncensored pay-per-view from Freedom Hall in...

David Flair turns at SuperBrawl

 A heel wrestler? That’s a given. A heel manager? Where would wrestling be without them. A heel referee or federation owner? They’re a fixture of the nineties. But a heel crowd? Whoa. World Championship...


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