Category: PPV Reports 1999

Glitches mar ECW’s N2R

In essence, ECW’s November To Remember pay-per-view was about pushing future talent. Talent...

WCW rebounds at Havoc

Much to the relief of wrestling fans who’ve complained bitterly for the better part of two...

Gunn crowned KOTR

The WWF has an “ass” for a king. Mr. Ass, that is. Despite Internet rumors which said...

Sid returns at the Bash

Don’t look now but there’s another vacated locker at the ailing Extreme Championship...


Slam Poll

What did you think of the crowd at Backlash?


Jun 1: MLW Battle Riot VI
Jun 9: NXT Battleground
Jun 15: WWE Clash at the Castle
Jun 30: AEW Forbidden Door
Jul 6: WWE MIB
Jul 7: NXT Heatwave
Jul 21: TNA Slammiversary
Aug 3: WWE SummerSlam
Aug 25: AEW All In
Aug 31: WWE Bash in Berlin
Aug 31: MLW Gold Rush Night 1
Sep 1: MLW Gold Rush Night 2
Sep 1: AEW All Out
Oct 12: AEW WrestleDream
Nov 23: AEW Full Gear
Dec 28: AEW Worlds End