By RICH YANG — For SLAM! Wrestling

Triple H is the main man in the WWF again for the second time, which was predictable. So HHH is two time, two time, two time WWF World Heavyweight Champion… Sorry I couldn’t resist. This match was predictable because of the angle with Austin and even the head honcho himself, Vincent K. McMahon said it himself on RAW. Also I think this is the only match I got right on my prediction. Well enough rambling on here, let’s move on with the match.

Austin didn’t make himself a real factor during the Six Pack match. He just stayed with Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross for some colour commentary. Also the renegade referee Jim Korderas was the man in charge in the ring. [Editor’s note: Canadian content in the main event – Korderas is from Toronto.] The match itself was surprisingly running smoothly at the beginning, although tagging out and in the match was a bit more forceful. As the match moved along it turned more in to a brawl. Mankind was the only wrestler who didn’t want to be tagged in when the Rock was in. Mankind had been tagged in to face The Rock once, but tagged out to Kane right away. It was said that Mankind wanted to keep the Rock and Sock Connection.

Later on the bout, the referees that are on strike made their way to the ring to hound at Jim Korderas. Moving along with the match, The Rock and HHH, who are the legal men now, take their fight near the colour commentary table. The Rock, who gained control of the fight, grabbed Austin’s beer out of his hand and downs it, then spits it out at HHH. The crowd reacted loud to The Rock downing Austin’s beer. After that, things start to get out of control again.

The ring cleared out eventually and The Big Show chokeslammed Mankind and made the cover, just before Korderas made the three count, the striking refs pulled Korderas out and started to give him a beating he won’t soon forget. Austin, who is the enforcer of the match, got up and went to the aid of Korderas, but by that time Korderas was no longer able to continue refereeing the match. So Austin took over as the ref and the only two men in the ring was The Rock and HHH. The Rock managed to get the Rock Bottom and the People’s Elbow on HHH, but did not get the pin because The Big Show pulled Austin out. While Austin is freeing himself from The Show, Bulldog comes in with a chair and clocks The Rock with it. Before Bulldog can do it again, Austin is back and nails Bulldog with it. The damage is done to Rock, HHH pedigrees Rock and covers him, Austin had no choice but to make the three count. Austin hands HHH the belt, which lead to HHH taughting Austin with the World title, so Austin responded by giving HHH the Stunner.

* The Next WWF pay-per-view is NO MERCY on October 17th.

WWF Unforgiven Results

Val Venis Vs. Steve Blackman
* About six minutes into the match, it appears that Blackman had the three count because of Val not lifting his shoulders on time. Oh well I guess.
* At 6:18, Val nails the DDT on Blackman. After that Val then goes up to the top rope and lays down the money shot for the pin.
* After the match Val goes to the bag of weapons and takes out the kendo stick. Before Val can do anything with it, Blackman kicks Val in the back and grabs the kendo stick away. Blackman will go on to nail Val with the kendo stick, knocking him out. The medic team would make it’s way to the ring to help Val, but Blackman had a problem with the nurse and shoves the head of security, Jim Donson (I think that’s how you spell it). Jim didn’t like that, shoves and retaliates by tackling Blackman down. Blackman leaves with his bag of assorted weapons.
* Winner …Val Venis at 6 minutes and 29 seconds.

Sexual Chocolate Mark Henry(Champion) Vs. D’Lo Brown(Challenger)(European Championship Match)
* Before the match, Lillian Garcia asked Sexual Chocolate, about D’Lo having a shot at the Euro Title. Sexual Chocolate responds by telling Lillian what he wants a shot at and whispers it in her ear. Lillian is grossed out, slaps Henry across the face.
* In the ring, Henry grabs the mic and starts to tell everyone that there is not going to be a title match tonight. Henry goes on by saying that the slap by Lillian messed up his brain, he called it a “Brainerism” (right). With brainerism, that lead to many joke by Jerry Lawler, ringside commentator. Well the match did happen when D’Lo made his way to the ring and stopped Henry from leaving.
* This is one of the better matches of the night, these guys gave an entertaining performance. In the end after a power bomb by D’Lo, he managed to connect with the Lo Down onto Mark Henry for the pin.
* Winner …And New WWF European Champion… D’Lo Brown at 9 minutes and 11 seconds.

Backstage: The Acolytes had an interview with Michael Cole in the locker room and after the usual bragging on how they chased away a previous ECW tag team, there was commotion happening in the back. All the wrestlers were trying to get a piece of Chaz. Chaz managed to get away unharmed. Elsewhere Jeff Jarrett warned Debra not to interfere.

Jeff Jarrett(Champion) Vs. Chyna(Challenger)(WWF Intercontinental Championship Match)

* Another match that was somewhat entertaining. Chyna only needed 50 seconds to get her first low blow and it was from when Jarrett was jumping off the ropes.
* At 3:54, there was the worst attempt to make a cover after a superplex by Jarrett.
* It was interesting to see Chyna taking everything that Jarrett gave her and even at times overpowering him. At 5:10, Chyna had Jarrett on her shoulders. Later on Chyna even made a nice powerslam and a power bomb. This is one of the better matches Chyna has been in.
* At 9:30, Jarrett sling shot Chyna into the ref and this is where everything gets crazy. Miss Kitty passes Jarrett the guitar and just before he was going to hit Chyna with it, Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young entered the ring and started to pummel Jarrett. They even manage to do some kind of suplex on Jarrett. Well the onslaught didn’t last too long, when Moolah and Young tried to clothesline Jarrett, but Jarrett overpowered them and as well double clothesline them too… I’m sorry, I couldn’t stop myself from laughing at that. I didn’t laugh at Jarrett continuing to beat on Moolah and Young though.
* Eventually Jarrett went back to Chyna and started the motions for the Figure Four. During that time, Debra made her way down and grabs the guitar. Just before Jarrett was going to slap the Figure Four on, Debra smashes the guitar over Jarrett’s head. Chyna got up and made the cover for the win.
* Chyna was about to receive the Intercontinental belt, until Tom Pritchard, the Head of SCAB Referees grabbed the title away. Pritchard called for a video replay on the Titiantron and that showed Debra’s handiwork. So the decision was reversed and Jarrett is rewarded the victory. Of course Chyna isn’t too pleased with Pritchard actions, so she gave him the beating of his life, that included a Pedigree.
* Winner …And still WWF Intercontinental Champion… Jeff Jarrett at 11 Minutes and 51 Seconds.

Dudley Boyz Vs. The Acolytes
* This was a very slow paced match, that included the first match with Jim Korderas the renegade ref. Even the crowd was quiet, I guess they didn’t know who to cheer for or just didn’t care. I’m not too sure about the Dudleys, although the clips that I’ve seen of them in ECW looked impressive, but I don’t see anything close to what I’ve seen in WWF.
* At 7:17, Stevie Richards entered the ring dressed as an Acolyte and Super Kicked a Dudley and Faarooq made the cover for the win. It’s funny, Stevie Richards doesn’t have the same chest paintings at the Acolytes, but he has the UPN (Station that carries Smack Down in the big ol’ USA) logo in its place. After the match Stevie tried to shake Faarooq’s hand a thank you, but gets attacked instead.
* Winner …The Acolytes at 7 minutes and 28 seconds.

Luna(Challenger) Vs. Ivory(Champion)(Hardcore-WWF Women World Championship Match)
* Okay this is a match that I could have lived without seeing. It was totally pointless and senseless, just like the rest of the Hardcore matches.
* At 0:46, Luna had Ivory’s head in a photocopying machine and making photocopies. I guess that’s funny…
* Then at 1:40, Ivory tries to make a cover when Luna is on her stomach… See what I got to work with.
* Later at 2:53, Luna pined Ivory against some boxes with a pole and the ref started to make the count. That sounds alright, but they were both standing! Luna didn’t get the three count.
* At 3:15, Tory who was making a photo shoot, came in and started to attack Ivory, but that went no where. Anyway Ivory pinned Luna for the win.
* After the match, Ivory interrupted an Interview with Moolah. Moolah not too pleased with Ivory in the first place (On HEAT), so Moolah starts to beat on her.
* Winner …And still WWF Women Champion… Ivory at 3 minutes and 37 seconds.

Edge/Christian(Challengers) Vs. The New Age Outlaws(Champions)(WWF World Tag Team Championship Match)
* This is one of the matches that was just made on HEAT. The best thing in this match was Jerry Lawler’s commentary. The best line is when Jerry says to JR, “Is that why you’re a big fan of theirs because you like it doggy style?”
* At 7:02, now this looked a bit painful, both Christian and Road Dogg went for a body slash, but hit each other in the air instead.
* Then at 10:49, The arch rivals of Edge/Christian, the New Brood made their appearance and started to attack Edge/Christian behind the ref. Thus giving Mr. Ass the opportunity to apply the Fame-Ass-Er on Edge for the win.
* Winner …And still WWF World Tag Team Champions… The New Age Outlaws 11 Minutes and 7 Seconds.

Al Snow(Champion) Vs. Big Bossman(Challenger)(Kennel in a Cell-WWF Hardcore Championship Match)
* I thought that this was an Interesting idea at first, but the match was not up to par. The Rottweilers mainly wanted to attack each other, instead of attacking Bossman or Snow. Bossman’s right eye still looks bad, but not as bad as before. Also Al Snow brought a bag of weapons with him.
* At 5:38, Bossman wanting no part of the rotty’s (whom have trainers and leashes on them… scary… right), tries to cut an opening on the ceiling of the Hell in the Cell Cage. Snow puts a stop to that.
* At 8:47, Bossman handcuffs Al Snow to the ring post, then proceeds to climb up to the top of the cage. Al Snow showing his mega superhuman strength, breaks the cuffs and puts a stop to Bossman’s exit.
* At 10:14, Al Snow goes to his bag and brings back Head. The crowd finally reacted to the match and started to cheer for a bit.
* In the end, as Bossman climbed to the top of the cage, Al Snow just walked out the front door.
* Winner …And still WWF Hardcore Champion… Al Snow at 11 Minutes and 25 Seconds.

Chris Jericho Vs. X-Pac
* The second match that was changed during HEAT. Jericho promised to save this boring PPV… he didn’t follow through with the promise. Hey at least Tom Pritchard is back at refereeing.
* At 12:46, after a couple failed attempts at the Bronco Buster, X-Pac catches Jericho in a bad situation. Jericho is hanging up side down at the ring corner with his feet caught on the top turnbuckle. So X-Pac finally manages to get the Bronco Buster while Jericho was hanging there. Curtis Hughes didn’t like what he saw and started to jump the ref and X-Pac. Eventually ran down to the ring to Road Dogg make the save.
* Winner …X-Pac by DQ at 12 Minutes and 57 Seconds.

The Big Show-The British Bulldog-Mankind-Kane-HHH-The Rock(Six Pack Match)(WWF World Heavy Weight Championship Match)
* Winner …And New WWF World Heavy Weight Champion… HHH at 20 Minutes and 24 Seconds.

Total Event Time: 2 Hours and 43 Minutes.