Category: PPV Reports 2004

Victory Road bombs

Oh what could have been. There were high hopes for TNA’s Victory Road, it was necessary for...

Orton survives at Series

Last night the 18th annual Survivor Series took place with the future of Raw for the next month...

Badd Blood a total bore

There have only been three Badd Blood PPV’s in WWE history, and all three have been capped...


Slam Poll

Of these, who do you think has the worst gimmick at present?


Jan 29: WWE Royal Rumble
Mar 26-27: NWA Crockett Cup
Apr 2-3: WWE WrestleMania
Apr 23: Impact Rebellion
May 8: WWE PPV
June 5: WWE PPV
July 2: WWE Money in the Bank
July 30: WWE Summerslam
Nov 26: WWE Survivor Series