Vengeance has been a historic PPV for the WWE. Vengeance saw the crowning of the first Undisputed WWE Champion. Vengeance also saw the PPV debut of such stars as Zach Gowen and John Cena. This Vengeance was a good PPV, which is a relief to the fans who were not impressed by the WWE’s recent efforts. And for Canadian fans, all their boys went over.

Let’s get on to the results.

Match One- The Coach and Garrison Cade vs Tajiri and Rhyno

Rhyno and Cade start off the match with a lock up. Rhyno gets the better of Cade and Cade goes nuts. He yells at the ref and just goes crazy. Rhyno punches him and then sets up for the Gore which is dodged by Cade. Cade starts to mount a comeback but is stopped by Rhyno. Tajiri comes in to work on Cade. Coach then distracts Tajiri and Cade comes back and tags the Coach in. Coach then slams Tajiri and leans over to him and bows only to be kicked in the head. Cade comes in and double teaming plays out. Coach comes in and works on Tajiri’s back. Tajiri comes back a kick and Coach is put in the trantula and then another kick to the Coach. Rhyno takes out both The Coach and the illegal man Garrison Cade. Two count on the Coach and Cade comes in. Tajiri beats on Coach and hits a reverse-springboard elbow on Cade and Coach. Cade then gets the mist from Tajiri, Rhyno sets up and Coach dives out of the way and Cade is gored. Coach then turns around only to be kicked by Tajiri for the three count.

Winners Via Pinfall- Tajiri and Rhyno

NOTES: What’s the deal with Rhyno? He has a new partner every week. Please stick this guy with one person. Judging by JR’s comments we may see Tajiri and Rhyno in serious contention for the tag straps.

We go backstage and see Ric Flair, Batista and Randy Orton asking what the deal with Eguene is. In walks The Game; they question him and he tells him that after Eugene helps him win the title, he’s done. He then asks where Eugene is, but nobody knows. HHH searches for him and finds him outside the Evolution door with Chris Benoit. Benoit tells Eugene he wants to be his friend.

Match Two- Chris Jericho vs Batista

Batista beats on Chris Jericho the entire match with Jericho getting some offense in here and there. Y2J’s biggest bit of offense came at the end when he hit a bulldog, missed the lionsault and hit the ensiguri. Other than that the match was dominated by headlocks and chokes by Batista. Batista wins with a sit down powerbomb and the ref not noticing Jericho’s foot on the bottom rope.

Winner Via Pinfall- Batista

NOTES: What happened with Jericho in this match? He was completed dominated. This match was not as good as some of Jericho’s more recent encounters. It was a basic headlock and wear down match.

We go backstage again and we see Eguene walk into the Evolution locker room all upset. HHH basically tells him that Benoit is a liar and that he has a surprise for him. Ric Flair goes and gets the surprise. It’s a Ric Flair robe. Eguene is asked who is friends are and he exclaims “Evolution!” He gives a woo and struts off.

Match Three- World Tag Team Championship Match – La Resistance vs Eugene and Ric Flair

The Canadian National Anthem is interrupted by the Nature Boy and Eugene. Eugene starts off the match mimicking the Nature Boy and doing all the trademark stuff. Flair goes nuts on the apron. Eugene backs down from Grenier and then gives the thumb to the eye on Conway. Grenier gets beaten down by Eugene. Conway comes in and sends Eugene to the corner, Eugene comes out with chops. Grenier comes back and in and reverses Eugene’s leglock attempt into the post. Flair comes in and takes out the tag champs. Suplex and leg lock on Conway. Grenier comes in and La Resistance gains the advantage back after a struggle. Flair gets worked on by Conway and Grenier. Conway continues to beat on Flair, Grenier swings around and pulls Eugene off the ring apron. Eugene gets real mad and goes nuts on the tag champs, shoves the ref and is disqualified.

Winners Via DQ- La Resistance

NOTES: Very entertaining. Flair sells everything so well and is a riot when he’s mad.

Match Four- No DQ Match – Kane vs Matt Hardy

Another one-sided contest. Kane beats on Matt Hardy in the ring on the ramp and in the crowd. The end comes when Kane goes to the outside and picks up the steel steps. Lita runs down to the ring and tells Kane not to hit Matt. Kane throws down the steps and throws Lita into the corner. He tells Lita to leave which she does. He then picks up the stairs again and is met with a steel chair by Matt Hardy. The steps fall on Kane and he is pinned.

Winner Via Pinfall- Matt Hardy

NOTES: Why? Kane is supposed to be a monster, first he taps and now he’s losing PPV after PPV. Come on, this storyline better swing back into Kane’s favor soon, but something tells me it won’t.

We go backstage and we see Lita with matt Hardy. Matt says she needs to stay away from the ring. He doesn’t want anything to happen to her or the baby since it could be his. He also wants her to stay away from him.

NOTES: Maybe WWE will take a page out of the WCW book and Lita will give birth to a doll similar of Chuckie– he has a new movie coming out you know. Or God forbid, a hand.

Match Five- WWE Intercontinental Championship Match – Randy Orton vs Edge

For most of the match Randy Orton has control with headlocks and such, similar to that of the Batista/Jericho matchup. Edge makes periodic comebacks again the same as Y2J did. The real action picks up when Edge goes for an elbow off the top and hits Orton. Clothesline by Orton, but Edge comes back with a dropkick off the second rope. Neckbreaker on Orton by Edge. The ref makes it to the eight count, but both men are up. Right hands exchanged as they battle to their feet. Russian leg sweep by Edge, two. Orton misses a dropkick and gets slingshot into the turnbuckle, sit out slam, two. Edge is stopped on the top turnbuckle, Orton gets thrown off, crossbody by Edge, rolled through for a two. Orton unbuckles the turnbuckle pad. Edge rolls Orton up, but the ref is distracted, two count. Orton comes back and gets a two. Edge comes back with an impaler. Two count. Two punch count for Edge is stopped and he is dropped on the exposed turnbuckle. Roll up and feet on the ropes by Orton for a two count. Edge misses the spear, Orton goes for an RKO, but is reversed into a backslide by Edge for another two count. Orton is then sent into the exposed turnbuckle and speared for the one-two-three.

Winner Via Pinfall- and NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion Edge

NOTES: Another why, why why? This was a terrible move for WWE to make. Randy Orton was a damn good champ and Edge didn’t need the IC belt. He could have gone for the Heavyweight belt. Orton made a great champion and with all the hype over his reign, I thought he would break Honky’s record and “kill” another legend, but right now that’s not to be.

Match Six- No. 1 Contender’s Match For A Shot At The WWE Womens Championship – Victoria vs Molly Holly

Victoria goes to work on Molly and hits a standing backflip. Molly comes back and puts a headlock on Victoria. Victoria gets out of the headlock and does a moonsault onto Molly Holly. Molly again comes back and throws Victoria to the outside and into the steps. Molly works on Victoria’s arm and puts her in armbars. Victoria fights out and goes for the WidowsPeak, Molly gets out, only to be superkicked and pinned.

Winner Via Pinfall-Victoria

NOTES: Another PPV match between these two just thrown together. They need to build up the women’s division. The matches most of the time are just put together on the fly.

Match Seven- World Heavyweight Championship Match – HHH vs Chris Benoit

These two lock up and go through headlocks and leg sisscors. Benoit makes an attempt at the Crossface, but the Game goes to the outside. Benoit throws HHH back into the ring and these two go back and forth until HHH gained the advantage and then sent Benoit into the turnbuckles sternum twice. They were hard shots. Benoit comes back with chops and German suplexes. HHH gets a slingshot into the turnbuckles and is clotheslined to the outside. HHH comes back and kicks Benoit in his injured sternum area. Two face-first suplexes follow by HHH. Benoit is sent to the outside and thrown into the security wall. After being thrown into the turnbuckles sternum first for a third time HHH can only get the two count on Benoit. Abdominal stretch by HHH, reversed by Benoit and then reversed again by HHH. Sleeperhold by HHH, Benoit fights out, reverses HHH, takedown on the Game. Benoit goes for the Sharpshooter, but his kicked off. Benoit beats on the Game and signals for the end. He goes to the top rope for the diving headbutt, but HHH rolls to the outside. Dive to the outside by Benoit. Benoit throws HHH back into the ring. Benoit ducks a clothesline and out goes the ref. DDT by HHH. He then calls out Eugene. Benoit locks HHH in the Crossface and Benoit tells Eugene to get the ref, HHH is tapping. Eugene walks up to the apron. Benoit breaks the Crossface and punches Eugene. Low blow by HHH and pedigree on Benoit. Eugene gets the ref and the two count is all the Game gets. Eugene gives HHH a chair, but then stops him from using it. HHH then punches Eugene. Chair to HHH’s face. Flair and Batista come down and both get hit with chair shots. Eugene comes in and Benoit low blows HHH. Both men are down and Eugene has a chair. He doesn’t hit anyone. Benoit gets up and grabs the chair, they struggle as HHH gets up, Benoit lets go of the chair and it swings into HHH’s head. Benoit rolls up HHH for the one-two-three.

Winner Via Pinfall-Chris Benoit

NOTES: Good match, good ending. It started out slow, but gained pace and ended off strong.

All in all the PPV was good. Headlock was the favorite move of the night. Matches that were good in my mind included the IC Title, Heavyweight and Tag Title Matches. The rest were all okay. Heavyweight and IC although they started off slow, they were solid. Entertaining, but a lot of mistakes. The PPV seemed predictable, all the predicted endings would make sense, apparently WWE had other plans. The results of the matches were terrible for how the storyline have played out. Orton was supposed to hold the title longer, Kane was supposed to be a strong force. Oh well, lets hope that at Summerslam, one of the four times a year that Raw and Smackdown get together, that they can put together a good card.