All these years and not one PPV out of Portland, Oregon? That all changes tonight as the first ever PPV from Portland takes place. Tonight is WWE Unforgiven 2004! The youngest champ vs “The Game”, a ladder match plus the return of The Icon, The Showstoppa, The Main Event, Shawn Michaels. All that and much more, take it away JR and King.

WWE Unforgiven 2004 from the Rose Garden Arena in Portland, OR

The opening video shows us what led us up to tonight’s HHH vs Randy Orton Main Event. Should be a match to remember. The top heel in the biz today against the top rookie in the WWE.

Match One- William Regal and Chris Benoit vs Ric Flair and Batista

Batista and Benoit lock it up, with Benoit almost getting the crossface on Batista, but the Batista grabs the ropes. Kick to Benoit and a head to the buckle. Batista then follows up with some knees and a shoulder to the mid section of “The Canadian Crippler”. Benoit takes down Batista and tags in the fresh William Regal. The two circle each other and Batista knocks Benoit off the apron. Headlock on Regal, punches to the mid section of Batista and a T-Bone suplex. Batista is down. Regal and Benoit go to work with a double team effort on the mighty Batista. Batista comes back with knees. Falir comes in, CHOP-WOOOOOO, Benoit comes back with some chops … WOOOOOOOOO! Back body drop. Regal comes in and dishes out some punches. Benoit then comes and dishes out some punches. Flair is standing ready to fight, but falls right down in Nature Boy fashion, absolutely the best. You gotta love Flair. Flair comes back with a thumb to the eye. Regal strikes back with an armlock. Flair falls down again. Regal and Batista come in and go at it, European uppercut to the big man. Benoit is back in and fires away with punches, but a Batista clothesline ends all that. Flair comes back on Regal with some punches and a choke, the Ric Flair strut follows. Regal to the buckles, chop. Regal gets knocked down and covered by Batista, but only for a two count. Clubbing shots to Regal by Batista and Flair. Knee shots and a Figure Four is attempted. Figure four attempt is turned into a pin attempt, lots of attempts here folks. That count would only reach two. Phew. Batista suuplex on Regal. By this point in the match, people were tired of the WOOOOOOO, there must have been 100,293,842 chops. Headlock on Regal. Benoit suplexes Batista and Flair. Diving headbutt and a crossface. Batista ends all that with a slam and a spinebuster on Regal. Regal and Batista go to the outside and Regal sends Batista into the crowd. The Crossface is locked in on Flair, there is no escaping and a tap out is forced.

Winners Via Submission- Chris Benoit and William Regal

We go to the back where Trish Stratus and Christian are arguing over who gets the service’s of Tyson Tomko. Trish points out that she could be attacked from behind by the mystery woman, Christian tells her that it wouldn’t be the first time she was hit from behind. Ouch! Trish seduces Tomko and Tomko tells Christian “Good luck.”. Christian then says “She really is a slut.” Somebody call the censors! I love Trish as a heel and Christian is just the man.

Match Two- WWE Women’s Championship- Trish Stratus w/ Tyson Tomko vs Victoria

The ref for this match is Ohio Valley Wrestling’s own Chris Kay. Victoria starts off the match by taking down Trish Stratus. Trish rolls out of the ring. Trish comes back in and puts a rear choke on Victoria. Vicky comes back with a press slam onto her knee. Trish is sent to the outside, Victoria goes to the top rope, but Tyson saves Trish. Victoria goes to the outside and is sent to the turnbuckle post. Trish sends her back into the ring and twists Vicky into a pretzel with a arm leg submission. Victoria comes back with punches, only for Trish to hit a spinebuster on her. Shoulder to Trish and a sidewalk slam for a two count. Standing Moonsault for the two count. Trish pulls off her “Matrix Move”, headbutt by Victoria. High crossbody to the outside by Victoria on Tomko. Tomko chases her and Victoria runs into Stratusfaction for the win.

Winner Via Pinfall and STILL WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus

After the match, Tomko picks up Victoria, the mystery woman comes in and hits Tomko with a DDT and then leaves. Tomko did not sit well with that and challenged the Mystery Woman to a match, in that very ring. The mystery woman comes out and it’s on!

Match Three- Tyson Tomko vs The Mystery Woman

Absolutely horrible. Terrible, terrible, terrible. Worst match of the year. Tyson just beats on The Mystery Woman, who in a shocker, turns out to be … ready … Steven Richards! Gasp, hiss, hiss. The people of Portland started some boring chants. Now if the people in Portland are bored by something, it has to be really terrible. Baa Zing. Anyway, Tyson Tomko picks up the victory with a a spinning neckbreaker.

Winner Via Pinfall- Tyson Tomko

Christian/Chris Jericho Video Recap, what led up to tonight’s Ladder Match for the WWE IC Title.

Match Four- WWE Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match- Christian vs Chris Jericho

Cpt. Charisma himself is back in action. Did I mention he’s the man? Hard slap to Chris Jericho gets this one started. Jericho comes back with punches and an elbow. Suplex on Christian. Punches and chops ensue. Christian is thrown high over the top rope. One of the ladders around ringside is thrown at Christian, but it misses its target as Christian is able to dodge it. Punches and kicks to Y2J. Jericho is then choked. Jericho comes back with his Inseguri. The ladder is again brought into play and used to hit Christian in the mid section. The two then battle it out through the crowd. Christian is then thrown over the barrier. The wires are then used to choke him out. Vitamin C is able to come back with an Unprettier onto the floor. Christian brings the ladder into the ring and hits Jericho in the head. He then sets the ladder up and grabs the belt, but cannot pull it down due to Jericho stopping him. The ladder is then taken to the top turnbuckle by Christian, he sets up, goes to whip Jericho into it, but gets whipped into it himself. Punches go back and forth. The ladder is set up again and Jericho is catapaulted from under the ladder right into it. The two battle back and forth using the ladder as a weapon. The ladder is again thrown at Christian and “Rode” onto him. Kicks to Christian, Jericho is then thrown into the ladder and straddles it. Christian then works on Jericho while he is caught up in the ladder. Christian then sets up the ladder, climbs to the top and is flipped the bird by Jericho. Christian gets off, comes over to Jericho with the ladder, but has it kicked into his face. Bulldog onto the ladder by Jericho. Christian is sandwhich’ed in the ladder. Jericho goes for a Lionsault, but Christian gets out of the way and saves himself. Christian and Jericho climb the ladder and both touch gold. Jericho falls with the ladder and Christian hangs with the gold. The ladder is thrown at him and he falls to the canvas. Jericho sets the ladder up over Christian only to have it shoved forward while he is on it. The ladder is set back up and both men climb. The Walls of Jericho are applied on Christian on the ladder. Christian falls off, but quickly gets up and pushes Jericho off, Jericho falls and rams his backside right into the ladder, nasty. Christian brings a BIG ladder into the ring. Jericho sets up the small ladder. Jericho swings the IC Belt at Christian and then hits a Bulldog of the ladder. Jericho climbs the ladder to success and wins the IC Title for a RECORD-SETTING SEVENTH TIME! AWESOME MATCH!

Winner Via Grabbing The Belt and NEW WWE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION- Chris Jericho

We go backstage to Todd Grisham knocking on Kane’s door. Lita comes out and tells us how Shawn Michaels is going to destroy Kane. Kane comes out and tells us that Lita is soooo supportive. Kane goes on to say that Eric Bischoff has made his match, NO DQ! Kane says since they share everything, whatever happens to Michaels is THEIR fault. Kane then gets a good luck kiss. GET A ROOM!

We then go to The Coach who is interviewing a hurting Chris Jericho. Jericho announces that he is indeed the First-Ever Seven-Time WWE Intercontinental Champion. Edge walks in and says that when he is 100%, he is going to take back the gold. Jericho says he’s waiting. I smell an E&C reunion! That totally reeks of awesomeness! YEAH!

Wrestlemania 21 Ticket’s Go On Sale Sept 25. That’s my birthday as a matter of fact. Anyone want to get me tickets? … Anyone?

Kane/Shawn Michaels Feud, Video Recap

Match Five- No DQ Match- Kane w/Lita vs Shawn Michaels

Shawn comes out of the blocks with punches. Kane is knocked to the outside. The two brawl out there and Shawn Michaels is sent into the ring post. Michaels goes head first into the top turnbuckle and is clotheslined. Two count for “The Big Red Machine”. HBK comes back with punches to Kane, but Kane slams HBK. Elbow drop misses, HBK clotheslines him over the top rope, skins the cat and hits a plauncha. Kane comes back by throwing Lita into HBK. HBK gets slammed on the Spanish Announce Table. HBK is then suplexed through the table. HBK is thrown into the ring. Kicks to Michaels, followed by a legdrop. The beating continues on Michaels who is helpless at this point until finally HBK comes back with a DDT. Chop, punch and a Flying Forearm, Kane is down! Sit up by Kane and a Nip up from HBK. Michaels sent up and over the buckles. Kane grabs and a chair and lays it into Michaels, busting him wide open. Kane continues his beating on a now bloody HBK. HBK to the outside, Kane set’s him up against the turnbuckle, but winds up running into it himself. HBK comes back with an inverted atomic drop. Foot Stomp, we are tuning up the bands for some Sweet Chin Music. Kane comes back with a boot, but can only get a TWOOOOOOOOO. HBK comes back with a low blow and a chair shot to Kane. Kane sits upa nd goes for the chair, Lita grabs the chair, Kane turns around and stops Sweet Chin Music, spins him around, goes for a chokeslam, HBK spins out and HITS SWEET CHIN MUSIC for the three count.

Winner Via Pinfall- Shawn Michaels

“Mr. Benjamin is coming back.” Promo airs. Sounds good to me.

Raw Diva Seattle Slugfest Promo Airs. Carmella should win this, she has experience with beating up women. Ba Zing

Todd Grisham interviews HHH. HHH cuts yet another EXCELLENT heel promo. This guy knows how to work a mic. He says that Orton was a loser before he picked him up. Without HHH, Orton wouldn’t have any of the riches he does. The Heavyweight Title means more HHH than life itself. He also went on to say that Orton spit in his face and that he is going to spit in our face when he wins the Heavyweight Championship.

Match Six- World Tag Team Championship Match- Rhyno and Tajiri vs La Resistance

Grenier starts to sing the Canadian National Anthem only to be interuppted. Has anyone ever sang the full anthem? Grenier and Tajiri lock it up. The two go back and forth with some nice chain wrestling. Rhyno comes in with some punches. Rhyno sets up Conway for the Gore, but Conway rolls out of the ring. Tajiri comes in and takes down Conway and utilizes the infamous Oklahoma Roll. Kick to Grenier. Conway then clubs Tajiri. La Resistance continues to weaken Tajiri until Tajiri comes back with Elbows and Headscissors. Conway sent out. Greiner is knocked down. Spinebuster on Grenier. Resistance comes back with a flapjack on Rhyno. Tajiri kicks the Montreal resident’s Quebec flag to the testicles of Grenier. GORE! Conway puts Grenier’s foot on the rope though. Rhyno is then hit with the flag and pinned.

Winners Via Pinfall and STILL WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS- La Resistance

Randy Orton/HHH Video Recap

Match Seven-World Heavyweight Championship Match- Randy Orton vs HHH

These two lock it up and a series of reversals ensue. Orton slaps HHH TWICE and spits at him. Spitting is a nasty habit. Punches go back and forth Irish Whip and a back body drop on HHH. Headlock on “The Game”. Elbow to Orton. Punches go back and forth once again. HHH sent into the turnbuckles and over the top rope. Uppercuts to HHH. HHH comes back and works on Orton’s leg, using elbow drops and such to soften it up. HHH then locks a Figure Four Leg Lock on the young champ and uses the ropes for some added leverage. On his second rope grab he is caught by Ref Hebner and given the Five Count to break it up or be disqualified. The leg is again taken out of commision. Orton comes back with a dropkick and a two count. DDT by Orton for another TWOOOOOO. Sleeperhold on Orton reversed into a sleeperhold on HHH. HHH takes down Orton and goes to the second rope, only to be booted in the face on his way down. Randy Orton comes back and clotheslines HHH over the tope rope. HHH is sent into the steel steps and is busted wide open. Orton then torques the neck and back of HHH with his version of a backbreaker. Very innovative. Orton motions for HHH to get up, RKO attempt, but Orton is pushed into ref Hebner, knocking him out. Pedigree reveresed into an RKO. This allows Flair to come out, only for him to get knocked down by Orton. Batista sends Orton into the buckles, charges at him and meets the ringpost. Low blow to Orton by HHH. The Coach comes out and puts a referee shirt and counts only a two for “The Game”. Orton knocks out the Coach with punch. Batista comes in and hits a spinebuster on Orton for another two count. Pedigee is reversed into a back body drop, all in one motion, Orton hits The Coach with an RKO. Flair comes in and gets a thumb to the eye and an RKO. Batista is back and gets a low blow for his efforts. HHH comes back with a wicked chair shot to Orton. HHH then pedigrees Orton onto the steel chair and covers him. Batista sends Hebner in and Hebner counts a One… Two …Three. Ding, Ding, Ding.


Evolution carries out the now NINE-TIME HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION

Excellent Main Event. Amazing, amazing effort and skill showcased. Terrific job.

All in all a pretty good show. The Ladder match was just incredible. The Heavyweight Title, excellent, and a nice returning effort from the Heartbreak Kid. Lets wait and see how Sunday’s PPV affects Monday night’s Raw. With that, I send things over to my colleague Nick Tywalk for Monday Night Raw!