Well finally Smackdown! is making me tune in. Putting the belt on Latino Heat is the best thing this dying brand could have done! Not only did Smackdown! give us our money’s worth last night but they also set up what’s probably going to be the best match at Wrestlemania.

Sable and Torrie kick things off in the dumbest promo of the year! Tazz and Michael Cole say that’s how you kick off a Smackdown! Pay Per View but it looked like a kick off for a B- rated adult movie.

Bashams & Shaniqua VS Scotty 2 Hotty and Rikishi for the Tag Team Titles.

Doug Basham starts things off with Scotty. Doug tries to throw out Scotty but he skins the cat and comes back in. Doug whips him into the ropes and Scotty does a sloppy head scissors take down. The tag is made to Rikishi. Shaniqua comes in and tries to interfere and almost gets a stink face for it. Scotty gets the tag and goes for that pathetic, and in my opinion the worst move in the history of wrestling, the worm. Thank God Shaniqua knocks the snot out of him. Once again the WWE tries to erase history by saying the WWE has never seen an Amazon like Shaniqua. Yeah, because we’ve really forgotten Chyna and Nicole Bass. How stupid does Vince think we are’ Rikishi gets the tag and cleans house until Shaniqua jumps on his back. Another stink face set up and a miss. Two count on Rikishi by Shaniqua. Rikishi gives Shaniqua a Samoan drop and drags her to the corner and gets a banzai drop.

Winner: Still Champs, Scotty 2 Hotty & Rikishi

Commercials documenting the feud between Nidia and Jamie Noble

Noble VS Nidia Blindfold Match

To my surprise only Jamie has to wear a blindfold. Nidia stands on the outside and waits for Noble to be off guard. She drop-kicks him in the head. She tricks him to go after her and she slams him down. In a great wrestling move she pulls his pants down then drop kicks him. She continues to humiliate him by dancing behind him and making him trip over her. He finally gets a hold of her and pulls her hair out. She drop toe holds him down, so he’s hung on the second rope. He gets her again and has her tap to a dragon sleeper.

Winner: Jamie Noble

Interview with Josh Matthews and Angle. He asks if Angle would like to explain himself for his actions last Smackdown! He says that he shouldn’t have to explain himself since someone attacked him. Cena comes out and says that it’s all about Wrestlemania and that he would knock out Angle right in front of his face. They scrap.

The World’s Greatest Tag Team VS The APA

Bradshaw and Benjamin start things out. Sleeper, and some punches. Tag to Faarooq. Ron was great in his day but in this match he shows that it’s time for retirement. Benjamin has him down with an armbar submission. Benjamin has him in a leg hold submission while tagging Haas. Haas attacks the upper body until Benjamin lets go. Faarooq gets a spine buster and goes for the tag. Bradshaw starts going wild on TWGTT. Haas throws Faarooq into the post shoulder first. Bradshaw catches Benjamin on the top rope and back suplexes him back to the ring. Haas comes in but gets the clothesline from hell, Benjamin gets a superkick and the pin.

Winner: TWGTT

Bill Goldberg makes his way to the first row. They show what happened with Brock and Goldberg at the Royal Rumble and at Raw last week. Cole announces that match is next’!!! Heyman comes out and cuts a promo on Goldberg. He tells Goldberg that if he gets out of his chair he will have him arrested. Lesnar comes out. Goldberg looks unbelievably unimpressed. The “You tapped out” chants fill the arena. Lesnar tells him to come and get him but Heyman tells him to sit right there.

Goldberg finally gets in because Lesnar called him a B*$#& and they go face to face. Lesnar goes to spear Goldberg but lifts him and puts him in the corner. Goldberg fights him off and then Lesnar tries for the F5 but ends up getting a jackhammer from Goldberg. Heyman calls for the police and Goldberg is taken away in handcuffs.

Holly (why does this guy still have a job’) comes out to get Lesnar but “misses”. Rhyno comes out and apparently there is a scheduled match between Holly and Rhyno.

Bob Holly VS Rhyno

Rhyno has a leg scissors hold on Holly. Tazz starts talking some junk about how Goldberg committed a crime by jumping the guard rail. How is that’ He was invited over for the confrontation, Lesnar attacked him first and he let them cuff him. Just more WWE writing that isn’t consistent or make sense. Back to the match, they’re punching and kicking, nothing technical or exciting. The commentating throws to the Spanish announce team. This basically means expect their table to break at some point. Inverted DDT to Rhyno but a kick out. Please let this be over soon. Spinning spine buster to Holly. Set up for the gore’ BEAUTIFUL!!! Holly rolls out to the floor in pain. Holly back in at the count of 8. Alabama slam and the pin. All agree it was a STUPID and pointless match.

Winner: Holly Loser: everyone that was watching

Shows what happened between Rey Rey and Chavo.

The lights go out and the Undertaker teasers start. In 28 days the dead will rise again. Cole points out that it’s 28 days till Wrestlemania.

Chavo VS Rey Rey, Cruiserweight Championship Match

Jorge Paes accompanies Rey Rey while Chavo Sr. accompanies his son. Arm bar twist on Chavo. Reversal on Rey, then an arm bar drag on Chavo. Headlock on Rey, Rey whips him into the ropes and snap mare and a nip up. Chavo gets thrown to the outside. The “Chavo Sucks” chants start. Slap to Rey, swing to the ropes, head scissors take down. Chavo finally gets Rey down. Top wrist lock submission on Rey. Rey stands out of it. Rey sets Chavo up for the 619 but Chavo Sr. puts a stop to that. Paes clocks Sr. and the referee catches him and sends him to the back. Spring board plancha on Chavo Jr. Spring board leg drop with some great hang time by Mysterio. Chavo was trying to do some back breaker but it got screwed up and on the landing Chavo’s knee goes right into Rey’s ribs. That was ugly! Chavo attacks Rey’s ribs now. Abdominal stretch on Rey. Rey reverses to pin. Kick out at two. Tilta world turned into a gut buster on Rey. Chavo puts on another Top wrist lock. Rey maneuvers out. Rey DDT’s Chavo into the apron. Moonsault off the top rope onto Chavo. It was a little out of position but effective. Rey goes for the pin but Chavo’s too close to the ropes. Spring board on Chavo but he reverses into a single leg crab. Rey gets to the ropes but Chavo won’t let go. Rey goes to the top but Sr. knocks him down. Chavo rolls up Rey and holds the tight.

Winner: New Cruiserweight Champion, Chavo Jr. Best match of the night thus far!

Interview with Chavo. In a horrible promo he basically says he’s better then Eddie and his uncle will be unsuccessful in his quest for the gold.

Cena VS Big Show VS Angle. Three Way for the shot at the title at Wrestlemania.

Show and Angle start things off. Cena stands in the corner and roots them both on. Then Show takes on Cena. After Show tosses Cena aside Angle and Cena confront each other while Show stands back and watches. Angle has him down for a pin and Show breaks it up. Angle looks to be setting Show up for a German suplex off the apron but Cena interferes. Show goes to choke slam him but he gets loose and Angle gives Show a low blow. Angle pulls Cena out and throws him into the stairs. Back inside Angle gets three German suplexes on Cena. Show breaks up the pin and throws Angle out. Show bullying around Cena and walks on his back. (Looked like an elephant walking over a cat.)Cena FU’s the Big Show. Angle comes in to get Cena but he counters Angle and goes for the pin on Show. Show gets to the ropes and Angle throws Cena out. Angle gives Show the Angle slam and then goes for the pin. Show kicks out. Cena back in tries to go for the FU on Angle but he counters Cena into an ankle lock. Show breaks it up by choke-slamming Angle. Cena grabs Show from behind for a pin but Show kicks out and choke-slams Cena. Angle gets Show in the ankle lock. Show kicks him off and then Cena gives Angle the spine buster. Cena then gives the five knuckle shuffle to Angle and sets him up for the FU but Show knocks him down by kicking his knee. Show slams Cena knee first into the turnbuckle. Angle Olympic slams Show out of the ring. Slaps the ankle lock on Cena and Cena taps out.

Winner: Angle, the number one contender for the belt at Wrestlemania

They show clips of Eddie’s Royal Rumble win. You gotta admit the footage of Eddie and Angle at the end of the Rumble is a good set up for Wrestlemania. They continue to show what’s taken place between Lesnar and Eddie.

Brock Lesnar VS Eddie Guererro for the WWE Heavyweight title.

Eddie comes out last to a crazy fan reaction. The “Eddie” chants won’t die but the bell rings anyways. Eddie runs towards Lesnar but Lesnar just shoves him around telling him he’s nothing. Eddie looks up and laughs it off. Brock sends Eddie for the ride and delivers a high impact back drop. Eddie goes for a hurricaranna but Lesnar grabs him and swings him around like a child then flings him aside. Lesnar squashes Eddie in the corner like a bug. Third belly to belly suplex on Eddie. Eddie finally gets Lesnar down to the mat. He drags Lesnar to the corner and raps his legs around the post. On the second attempt Lesnar pulls his legs up pulling Eddie’s shoulder into the ring post. Lesnar about to give Eddie a gorilla press slam but Eddie gets out. Drop kick to Lesnar’s knee, Eddie goes to the ropes and gets cut off with an explosive clothesline. In a break for Eddie, Lesnar goes for a high knee to the chin but Eddie ducks out. Lesnar goes flying to the outside and lands on his knee. Eddie then gets a plancha on Lesnar. Both in the ring, and Eddie gives another drop kick to the knee. Lesnar gets Eddie down and mocks him by stepping on him but Eddie grabs his leg and puts on the STF. Lesnar maneuvers out. Eddie tries to slap the figure four on but Lesnar’s too big. Eddie continues to strike Lesnar’s knee. He finally gets the figure four on Lesnar. Lesnar drags himself and Eddie around the ring until he finally gets to the ropes. Eddie lets go and then goes back to the STF. Lesnar powers his way out. Out of no where Lesnar gets a back suplex on Eddie. Eddie gets up first and goes to the ropes but Lesnar gets a spine buster. Lesnar goes for the pin but Eddie won’t give up. Lesnar puts Eddie into a body scissors/sleeper move. Eddie wiggles his way to the corner and gets a face buster on Lesnar on the middle turnbuckle. Eddie goes for a drop kick off the top rope but Lesnar ducks and Eddie goes sailing over his head. Lesnar’s bleeding from the nose and has Eddie in another submission move. He’s telling Eddie to die! Rolling pins on Eddie but he keeps getting a shoulder up. Eddie gets three suplexes on Lesnar. He goes for the frog splash but misses!!! Lesnar goes for the F5 and lands it but Eddie’s feet get the referee. Lesnar goes for the belt and when he’s setting up to hit Eddie, GOLDBERG enters. He spears Lesnar!!! Eddie goes for the pin and only gets a two count. Eddie sees the belt goes to strike Lesnar but he ducks and goes for the F5 but Eddie reverses to a DDT and Lesnar lands on the belt. Eddie goes for the Frog Splash, a pin and’. YESSSSSS!!!! Eddie wins the belt!!!!!!! This moment is worth the whole stupid PPV!!!

Winner: Eddie Guererro

Finally Smackdown! delivers for me. Plus, we get to see Angle VS Eddie as a main event at Wrestlemania. I’ve waited a long time to see Eddie get a world belt around his waist. The main event was by far the best match of the night. The Cruiserweight and the three way for the title shot were also excellent. I would usually never spend thirty something dollars for a Smackdown! product but this time my throat is still hurting from screaming so loud!