Category: PPV Reports 2003

WWE Armageddon a flop

By NICK TYLWALK & DALE PLUMMER Back in the days when WCW was still kicking around, wrestling...

No Mercy for WWE fans

A family dog is smarter than the entire management and booking staff at Titan Towers. Wanna know...

J-Day just pure vomit

It was only fitting that Raw Co-GM Eric Bischoff \”threw up\” on the fans in...

Goldberg suffers BackLash

If there is something the WWE has been known for in recent years is they can go from best to worst...


Impact: Against All Odds 2023

Slam Poll

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Jun 9: Impact Against All Odds
Jun 10: New Japan Road
Jun 17: New Japan Road
Jun 18: New Japan Road
Jun 25: AEW Forbidden Door
July 1: Money in the Bank
July 15: Impact Slammiversary
July 21: ROH Death Before Dishonor
July 30: NXT Great American Bash
Aug 5: WWE SummerSlam
Aug 27: Impact Emergence
Oct 21: Impact Bound For Glory