Category: PPV Reports 2001

Jericho new WWF World champion at Vengeance

        After walking away as the ‘undisputed’ World Heavyweight Champion from last night’s Vengeance pay-per-view event in San Diego, you just know that Chris Jericho was tempted to call up...

WWF pulls out Survivor Series win

  This year’s edition of the Survivor Series perfectly symbolized the current state the World Wrestling Federation finds itself in. No grand surprises or red hot angles to pique people’s interest. There’s...

McMahons ruin No Mercy

Everything that is wrong with the World Wrestling Federation walked down to ringside approximately eleven minutes into No Mercy’s main event title match. Some call him a brilliant businessman. Some call him a genius...

Austin turns at Invasion

It is the situation Vince McMahon has always feared. One of his own superstars taking the WWF...

Angle and Edge rule King Of The Ring

  Once the brassy and bold wrestling organization that trampled WCW in the ratings for a zillion weeks, the World Wrestling Federation is being humbled right before our very eyes. The wrestling bust that everyone knew would...

Triple H loses, Austin wins at J-Day

How do you kill a good angle? The same way you kill a good match, with a lame run-in. Just ask the booking minds behind World Championship Wrestling’s red hot nWo angle. Following in their footsteps, the World Wrestling...

McMahonMania at Backlash

  When the nWo angle was the hottest thing World Championship Wrestling had going for it bitter and bored fans rightly complained every time Nitro or a pay-per-view ended with an massive run-in. WCW kept on concluding main...

Austin reclaims WWF gold at WrestleMania X-Seven

HOUSTON — Whenever you get 67,925 fans in one place, it’s an awesome sight. But when you get 67,925 fans all cheering in unison for ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin’s victory over The Rock, it’s a...

Triple H & The Rock winners at No Way Out

  A simple question. How do you close come to ruining a perfectly good pay-per-view main event? A simple answer. Have a 7’2″ tall, 500-pound uncoordinated ox carry out a pointless run-in. Such was the case at...

Main event mess hurts SuperBrawl

  You read it here before because I’ve written it a thousand times before. More than anything else, World Championship Wrestling needs consistency. To gain the respect and loyalty of the fans again their product must...

Confusion reigns at Guilty as Charged

  Paul Heyman’s big surprise turned out not to be such a surprise at all. After haggling with ECW about his contract, searching out offers elsewhere and shooting an action flick, Rob Van Dam returned to the ECW roster...


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