You read it here before because I’ve written it a thousand times before. More than anything else, World Championship Wrestling needs consistency. To gain the respect and loyalty of the fans again their product must maintain an even flow from one television show to the next, from one pay-per-view to the next. With SuperBrawl: Revenge from the Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee, WCW is well on its way to gaining back a following after years of a producing an uninspired product which many had turned their backs on.

There is still one major hurdle that WCW must get over to get back in the good graces of wrestling fans though. Their main events are abominable wastes. Case in point, tonight’s WCW World Title match pitting champ Scott “Big Poppa Pump” Steiner against Kevin Nash. This over-booked debacle didn’t serve WCW’s best interest by once again leaving fans, who had been entertained by a decent undercard and mind-blowing cruiserweight bouts, with a really bad taste in their mouth. Reminiscent of that “Canadian rules match” seen at New Blood Rising last year, ridiculous stipulation after stipulation was added turning the main event into a total farce. The worst being Ric Flair guaranteeing that the loser would “leave WCW forever”. Yeah, right. How many times have we heard that one before? Why even bother?

The prelude to the Loser Leaves Town provision was a dressing room meeting between WCW CEO Ric Flair and Steiner earlier in the broadcast. Flair told Poppa Pump not to fret over Nash’s challenge because he had the solution to all their problems. Flair then produced a sealed envelope. Once it was time for the main event, Flair took a seat at the announcer’s table refusing to reveal what was inside the mysterious envelope.

Ushering ring announcer Michael Buffer out of the ring with “Do you think I need you to come out here and tell me how great I am?”, Steiner went over the list of wrestlers he’s put on the shelf. Strangely, the sickening footage of Sid snapping his leg on Nitro was shown over and over again even though viewers could plainly see that Steiner had rolled out of the way and really had nothing to do with Sid’s accident. In what he called an example of “high-style promoting” Flair joined Steiner in the ring to open the envelope and announce the Loser Leaves Town stipulation. Brought to the ring in wheelchair by two scantily-clad nurses, Nash stood up to reveal that the cast on his leg was a fake, grabbed the WCW World Title belt and cracked Steiner in the head with it. In sixteen seconds flat, Nash won the match and the title…or so we thought.

At the announce table, Ric Flair went bonzo. You see, he forgot to say that the bout was also a Two-Out-Of-Three Falls, No DQ contest. Ummm. Okay.

Holding the belt, Nash griped aloud as he continued his attack on a bleeding Steiner. Nash clotheslined Poppa Pump out of the ring and went out after him. Midajah left Steiner’s steel pipe within his reach as she distracted Nash. Steiner hit Nash over the head with it though in doing so he knocked him out cold and couldn’t drag him back into the ring to pin him. Steiner held a mini-conference with Flair who publicly added a Falls Count Anywhere rule so Steiner could pin Nash on the arena floor. To make sure Nash wouldn’t recover so easily Steiner pummeled him with a pair of brass knuckles too. Nash got to his feet bleeding from his forehead.

Midajah and Flair ran interference for Steiner whenever Nash was close to nailing the third and final pinfall. Big Sexy Jack-Knife Power Bombed Steiner and would have easily won the belt but Midajah leapt upon referee Charles Robinson. Tired of her meddling, Nash sidewalked slammed Midajah. As Nash covered Poppa Pump again, Flair yanked Robinson out of the ring and punched him in the chops. Nash attempted to pull Flair into the ring by his hair. Steiner halted that with a low-blow from behind. The Nature Boy slid a steel chair into the ring. Steiner used it to bash Nash’s brains in. A Steiner Recliner, a new official and Big Poppa Pump steals another win. Steiner and Flair gloated from atop the entrance ramp while Nash stood dejected in the ring knowing that once again WCW’s bookers would have to re-write him back into the promotion once his vacation is over.

  • The next WCW pay-per-view is Greed on March 18th.

    WCW FallBrawl: Revenge Results

    Billy Kidman is attacked by Road Warrior Animal backstage as he cuts a promo. You can scratch Kidman from the Cruiserweight match.

    Evan Karagias, Jaime Knoble versus Kaz Hayashi, Yang versus Shannon Moore, Shane Helms (Elimination Match)

  • A shot at the Cruiserweight Title at Greed is on the line. Helms takes Kidman’s place. Another blockbuster of a match from the cruiserweights which begs the question why WCW isn’t building the promotion around them instead of has-beens like Lex Luger, Buff Bagwell and Kevin Nash? Allotting this bout and the upcoming Cruiserweight match almost twenty minutes each on the FallBrawl card is an indication that things may be heading that way. There are so many innovative moves and counter moves I dare anyone to count them all. Astonishing stuff here. The blend of both Japanese and Mexican stylings alone was worth ordering the pay-per-view for. Yang dumps Karagias at 10:26. Knoble pins Yang at 12:54. Moore boots Knoble at 11:57. Moore turns on Helms by hitting him with the Bottom’s Up instead of Hayashi. Helms pins Moore at 15:11 and Hayashi at 17:29 with the Verti-Breaker. Fans stand and cheer for the work done.
  • Winner: Shane Helms at 17 minutes and 29 seconds.
  • Match Rating: 9 / 10.

  • Spy cam footage is shown of Animal, Flair and Guerrero meeting and supposedly putting the hit on Kidman. Isn’t Guerrero fighting Mysterio not Kidman tonight? I know. Ask a stupid question, get a…
  • Flair and Steiner discuss the envelope.
  • Commissioner Storm chats with Kronik. Storm says that Brian Clark must receive medical clearance before he can participate in the SuperBrawl match with Totally Buff.

    The Wall versus Hugh Morrus

  • Stiff match with Morrus utilizing the ring stairs as a battering ram. Still, one half of the match involves The Wall and he sucks. Morrus lands No Laughing Matter for the win and hits another for good measure.
  • Winner: Hugh Morrus at 9 minutes and 43 seconds.
  • Match Rating: 5 / 10.

  • Konnan is a little bit peeved that Animal took out his bestest buddy Kidman so he brawls with The Road Warrior. Security escourts Konnan out of the arena.

    Palumbo and O’Haire (champions) versus Jindrak, Stasiak (challengers) (WCW World Tag Team Championship Match)

  • It’s not bad. It’s not great either. This contest falls somewhere in the middle as a typical, old school tag team bout. Hey, at least they are showing some enthusiasm and Reno is nowhere to be found. Palumbo and O’Haire retain.
  • Winners: …and still WCW World Tag Team Champions…Palumbo and O’Haire at 11 minutes and 33 seconds.
  • Match Rating: 6 / 10.

    Chavo Guerrero (champion) versus Rey Mysterio Jr. (challenger) (WCW Cruiserweight Title Match)

  • Despite a few missed spots by Rey (from which he and Guerrero recovered in an admirable and professional fashion) here and there, a very energetic and resourceful match-up. The best spot being Guerrero swiping a Lucha Libre mask from a fan at ringside and putting it on Rey as he assaulted him. Rey did the same to Guerrero. On the floor, Chavo swings backwards and whacks Rey over the head with a steel chair as he reaches over to pull him back into the ring. A perfectly executed Brain Buster and Rey is done like dinner.
  • Winner: …and still WCW Cruiserweight Champion…Chavo Guerrero at 15 minutes and 51 seconds.
  • Match Rating: 8.5 / 10.

    Rick Steiner (champion) versus Dustin Rhodes (challenger) (WCW United States Title Match)

  • Rhodes battles back from many a devastating maneuver but it is Steiner who comes out on top with the Steiner Driver. Rhodes gives Steiner the Shattered Dreams crotch punt to settle the score.
  • Winner: …and still WCW United States Champion…Rick Steiner at 9 minutes and 16 seconds.
  • Match Rating: 4 / 10.

  • Ric Flair tells Lance Storm to have all of their enemies removed from the building once their matches are over tonight. He also says that a new stipulation for the Totally Buff-Kroink match is future match against whoever is the WCW World Tag Team Champions. DDP gives The Cat some encouragement in their locker room.

    Totally Buff versus Kronik

  • If WCW is looking to save some money and cut their payroll, they might as well start with these four stiffs. Is there any move that Brian Adams can’t screw up? Luger and Bagwell cut a long and boring promo. Adams comes out with who appears to be Clark behind him. While the lights are still dimmed, Bagwell chair-shots Clark to the back of the head. Clark lies face down outside the ring as Adams battles in a handicap match. Clark eventually rises from the dead and German Suplexs Adams down. Clark pulls off the wig and beard to reveal he is really Mike Awesome in disguise! The real Clark hobbles down the ring. He’s too late to stop a Totally Buff pinfall. Someone holds up a sign saying…Lex Luger Can’t Wrestle. Preach on, brother.
  • Winners: Totally Buff at 6 minutes and 39 seconds.
  • Match Rating: 2 / 10.

    Lance Storm versus The Cat

  • The WCW Commisioner’s job is up for grabs. Storm injures and works on The Cat’s knee. Half the time Cat sells the injury. Half the time, he doesn’t. Mike Sanders comes down to ringside. Miss Jones karate kicks him in the head. The Cat kicks both Sanders and Storm to win back the influential title.
  • Winner: The Cat at 8 minutes and 12 seconds.
  • Match Rating: 7 / 10.

    Diamond Dallas Page versus Kanyon

  • Diamond Dallas Page has his working boots on and boy, does he crank it up at SuperBrawl. Jarrett shows footage of DDP challenging Kanyon “anywhere and any time”. Jeff Jarrett has made a pact with Flair. DDP will fight Kanyon tonight. DDP is placed over the ring stairs. Kanyon guillotine leg drops DDP face into the steps from the ring apron. DDP bleeds from a cut on his face. DDP kicks out of the Kanyon Cutter. Jarrett sneaks in giving DDP The Stroke. Kanyon Flatliners DDP for the victory.
  • Winner: Kanyon at 8 minutes and 16 seconds.
  • Match Rating: 7.5 / 10.

    Diamond Dallas Page versus Jeff Jarrett

  • Now, it’s Jarrett’s turn to take on Page. Kanyon plays ring announcer and intros the bout with a two hour time limit. Funny stuff that. Kanyon pulls DDP out as he was about to pin Jarrett. Kanyon whacks him with a steel chair. DDP ducks a guitar shot that hits Kanyon. DDP hits the Diamond Cutter on Jarrett. During the Steiner and Nash bout, DDP is locked in an equipment box by Totally Buff.
  • Winner: Diamond Dallas Page at 8 minutes and 29 seconds.
  • Match Rating: 7.5 / 10.

    Scott Steiner (champion) versus Kevin Nash (challenger) (WCW World Heavyweight Title Match)

  • Winner: …and still WCW World Heavyweight Champion…Scott Steiner at 12 minutes and 16 seconds.
  • Match Rating: 4 / 10.

  • Total Event Time: 2 hours and 50 minutes.
  • Overall Event Rating: 7.5 / 10.