Oh, my God. I love Wade Barrett’s French right now. He actually sounded accurate given I not only speak the language, but it’s my first. I’m still shocked by the fact that there will be some French on display tonight. You have no idea how much of a mess this language is. Ha! Ha!

Bayley, Naomi, Bianca Belair & Jade Cargill vs. Damage Control & Tiffany Stratton – 8-Women Tag Team match

Noami and Kairi Sane start the match off as Damage Control has a pretty good footing as Sane knocks Naomi down in the early goings. Naomi turns the tied with a drop kick in the corner followed up with a vicious kick to the head of Sane. Kairi was on the receiving end ever more once Belair came into the fold.

Asuka tries to help, but she’s quickly sent to the outside without much effort from Bianca. It came naturally. Ha! Kairi catches Belair with a backhand strike that sends her wobbling. When Bayley tagged herself in, Bianca wasn’t entirely pleased. They argued for a moment… That distraction helped Asuka yank Bianca by the ankle. Stratton comes in and takes advantage.

The Kabuki Warriors are rolling as Bayley finds herself cornered numerous times by her former friends. Sane and Asuka’s defense nearly pins the champ. Damage Control and Stratton manage to cut the ring in half to prevent Bayley from making a tag.

That Alabama Slam from Tiffany came close to ending this match if it weren’t for Naomi bulldozing through Stratton’s cover like a bull seeing red, despite the fact that she’s wearing red. Ha!

Oh, damn… Things got even more dangerous. Stratton did have Bayley reeling, but she wanted to add some extra insurance, so she slaps Jade Cargill. Gasp. Gasp. Gasp. Even Belair was shocked. She also uses Bayley as a weapon to knock Naomi as well.

The champ really needed a tag as she finally delivers a belly-to-back suplex. As she crawls over to her corner given Belair was the only one present at the time, there were signs of hesitancy on both sides. You can slightly hear Bianca say “Oh, you need my help?” Bayley doesn’t tag Belair, but Cargill was eager. Oof, oof, oof. Look out.

She made the clear out look effortless and spotless, too. Cargill sets Dakota for a massive powerbomb, then she and Belair play a double team that almost ended this match if the Kabuki Warriors hasn’t interfered. The referee has lost complete control over this fight as every women attacks the other.

The chaos dissipates as Bianca performs a winning KOD.

Winners: Bianca Belair, Naomi, Jade Cargill & Bayley

All I’m going to say is that A-Town Down Under’s appearance made my screen blow a gasket. Ha! Moving on, coming into their Women’s Tag Team Championship match against the Kabuki Warriors tomorrow at Backlash, Belair is sick and tired of talking about wanting to be done with Damage Control. As she says these things, she’s looking straight at Bayley. Cargill does calm her down.

Elsewhere, Carmelo Hayes shoots another shot by declaring himself as the number one pick for the upcoming King of the Ring premium event. Nick Aldis says they’ll talk more in depth about that later just as Bobby Lashley shows up. He offers any form of availability to Hayes if he needs anything, but given last Friday’s impressive match versus Cody Rhodes, he reckons he’ll be fine.

Despite the amazing battle we witnessed, Lashley reminds Hayes that he lost. Carmelo makes a cutthroat comeback as he asks the All Mighty when was the last time he’s made his shot. That hit a nerve, however, Lashley remained composed as he advices Hayes to be careful who he disrespects around here.

New Catch Republic vs. AoP – Tag Team match

At the beginning of the match, Pete Dunne is caught in a choke hold and shoved towards the main floor by Akam. Dunne returns inside the ring with a series of drop kicks, which none were able to bring Akam down. So, New Catch Republic team up with to deliver various clubbing blows.

The big strong boy, Tyler Bate had Akam momentarily trapped, but that didn’t last long as AoP explodes out of the corner with a thunderous clothesline turning Bate inside out. There needs to be multiple attempts at double teaming from Dunne and Bate to even deliver a fraction of a dent to AoP.

Rezar picks Bate up in the air, then rams him into the turnbuckles. The poor thing slides off the corner like splat of mud on the wall. AoP continue to cut Bate’s chances at reaching help since the ring has been cut in half.

A lifesaver clothesline by Bate gives him the breathing room he needed to tag Dunne. Later on, Bate was finally able to hoists Rezar on his shoulders as he initiates the Helicopter maneuver.

Scarlett makes her presence known while witnessing the near fall of her companions, she interferes. It wasn’t enough as Bate suicide dives Akam. Because things were becoming dim, Karrion Kross ploughs through Tyler. A choke slam from Rezar was only the start of the end for Pete, awarding AoP the victory.

Winners: AoP

Backstage, Nick Aldis denies Paul Heyman’s request to pull Randy Orton and Kevin Owens from their tag match against Solo Sikoa and Tama Tonga for whatever happens to either of them will no longer be on his conscience. It will be on Nick’s.

Aldis makes a joke by saying “Is this an order from the Tribal Chief?” Heyman doesn’t find that funny as he makes it comical by exposing himself informing us that he hasn’t been in contact with Roman Reign since WrestleMania. Ooh. He acted like he was in sporadic contact with the man, only to be lying. Gasp! Are we shocked?

It gets even better when Heyman narrates that he pulled Roman out of the Draft, not the former Champion. The Wise Man did that because he couldn’t subject Reigns to the chaos within The Bloodline, so he handle it. Since Heyman took it upon himself to pull people out, Nick suggests he tries his luck with Orton and Owens on the first edition of The RKO Show up next. “Bon courage, Monsieur Heyman.”

I adore Owens’ French as he welcomes everyone to the show. It’s nice to hear the language sometimes when it has nothing to do with school. A blessing.

Anyway, Randy wasn’t fond of the fact that Heyman ASKED to be a guest on the show, despite Owens not wanting to invite anybody on. What peeked some intrigue was that Heyman had something very important to tell them. What Orton wants is to introduce Heyman to the three most dangerous letters being RKO. Ha! We can dream…

But like the man who marches to his own drum, Heyman didn’t wait to be introduced. He heeds the warning of being RKOed if he comes into the ring, so he remains on the apron. Ha!

Heyman practically begs Orton and Owens to back out of this match given that the rules and implications of pain are the not the same with Tama Tonga and Solo Sikoa. With Roman, it was different.

Randy was so flabbergasted that he called Heyman “trash”. Ha! Ha! He begs the question that we’ve all been wondering, who’s the real Tribal Chief? A leader hasn’t been made clear since Roman lost. Heyman attempts to explain that there’s only one Tribal Chief, yet he gets cut off by a sudden attack by Tonga and Sikoa.

Owens and Orton hold their own regardless of the incoming wave of officials and security guards. And if we’re being honest, they’re incredibly unsuited for the job.

At the end of this, Heyman was right when he said there will be no RKOs tonight.

LA Knight vs. Angel of Legado del Fantasma 

Angel gets his footing back as he mocks LA Knight’s Yeah movement before getting his pound of flesh off his opponent. The Megastar fires out of the corner with a sudden clothesline followed by a swinging neck breaker.

Angel barely got his edge going since LA Knight dominated the majority of the early goings. Garza does manage to stay within the game knowing his allies are stalking outside the ring. They kept trying to distract LA Knight from his task. So, Angel damages Knight with a headbutt.

The Megastar makes a comeback with a flying clothesline, a power slam and a striking elbow to the chest of Angel. LA Knight was looking for the BFT, but Humberto diverts his attention. Angel attempts to steal one, but Knight fights back twice as hard with a successful BFT.

He also makes the announcement that he’s officially entered the King of the Ring, much to Santos Escobar’s dismay. Ha!

Winner: LA Knight

After last week’s reveal of who attacked Dragon Lee finally came to light, Carlito explains why he committed those actions. He’s been away from WWE for a while, and all he wanted was a WrestleMania moment with his family. He couldn’t tolerate the fact that Dragon Lee got to partner with Rey Mysterio for the match against Santos Escobar and Dominik Mysterio.

According to Lito, Dragon Lee was just a boy, so he took matters into his own hands by disposing of him. Lee didn’t take too kindly to that hence the surprise jump he delivered long enough to be stopped by Rey.

The Street Profits vs. A-Town Down Under (c) – Tag Team Championship match

The official kept screaming “ring the bell,” but the person with one responsibility wasn’t paying attention. Ha! Ha! A kafuffle in-ring orchestrated by A-Town Down Under catches the challengers off guard. Theory traps Dawkins in their corner as he and Waller work together to inflict carnage.

The Street Profits turn things into their favor as they dent Waller with a drop kick, then Theory with a face plant. The champs had to regroup on the main floor a few moments later knowing they were receiving too much of a beating.

The Profits have been giving Theory and Waller a run for their money since they really haven’t harmed their opponents too severally. Ford ploughs Austin down with a mid-air back elbow.

Unfortunately, A-Town Down Under manage to climb back in the game by knocking Dawkins with a right hand. Waller performs an out of nowhere coast-to-coast drop kick that I believe even he didn’t think he’d make it.

Austin attempts his rolling DDT, but he was blown out of the sky by Angelo. He continues that same momentum with Grayson into a powerbomb. The Profits nearly won the gold with that blockbuster to Theory.

Ford and Dawkins were indeed rolling, but once Theory jabbed Angelo in the eyes, then caused Montez to become off balance on the ropes, the official didn’t see the roll up pin attempt Angelo initiated against Theory. Ford was hurt, so… A flatliner by Waller flips things over in A-Town Down Under’s way.

Winners: A-Town Down Under 

Tomorrow at Backlash, The Kabuki Warriors defend their Women’s Tag Team Championships against Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair. Hell will be crying at the sight of the confrontation match between The Bloodline’s Tama Tonga and Solo Sikoa versus Kevin Owens and Randy Orton.

The WWE Women’s Championship Triple Threat match involving Naomi, Bayley and Tiffany Stratton will be a task for the champ. Let’s not forget my long-awaited match where Jey Uso fights Damian Priest for World Heavyweight Championship. Yay! Also, Cody Rhodes will be facing AJ Styles for the Undisputed WWE Championship in order to keep it in his first title defense.

As we conclude the night, AJ Styles wants to make something perfectly clear to Rhodes that he needs to focus on the journey ahead standing in front of him ready to do his hardest to retrieve that title. Styles just had to bring the fact that many people helped him finish his story because he simply couldn’t do it alone. Everyone welcomed Cody, but not AJ. Their paths are different, which is why Styles doesn’t appreciate being told they walked the same way.

Cody is aware of the mistakes and challenges he had to endure to get to where he is now, holding that title. Discounting his accomplishments just because Styles wants to get back on top will be his biggest regret. Rhodes isn’t looking at Styles as Phenomenal, rather than his first sweet opponent.

Styles slapped Rhodes’ ramble, clearly not caring in the slightest. Also, backstage, there weren’t any RKOs, but a brawl broke out between Orton, Owens, Sikoa and Tonga. They couldn’t even wait a couple of hours? Ha!


TOP PHOTO: AJ Styles and Cody Rhodes. Courtesy of WWE