There is an art to doing a backstage interview with celebrities and wrestlers alike. None have navigated the role better than May Valentine of the National Wrestling Alliance. We last spoke to her about her writing and getting involved in professional wrestling in 2021, and it seemed like a good time to catch up with her on all things backstage, books and being a bombshell.

Given her busy schedule, this interview was conducted via email, but Valentine (also known as Mayra Diaz Gomes) shared her experience in the NWA.

“Working with the NWA has been incredibly rewarding,” she told “With Billy Corgan as a mentor, who of course brings vast entertainment experience into our wrestling world, I’ve had the chance to refine my skills on and off camera, particularly in hosting, producing engaging promos, and working with a diverse roster.”

Some of those moments included a brief romance with Aron Stevens that led to … well, an attempt at marriage on a live NWA broadcast that led to a very bad breakup.

She recalled the moment in vivid detail. “What a horrible day! There I was, in front of a full house in Knoxville, Tennessee, ready to marry Aron Stevens, only to have him leave me at the altar and embarrass me in front of the entire industry and my friends and family who came all the way from Brazil.”

“That moment turned from fairy tale to mayhem in seconds,” she continued. “In true wrestling fashion, my heartbreak fueled a spectacle where I unleashed all my frustration. Tearing apart the wedding decor, punching the cake, breaking a champagne bottle on [Blunt Force Trauma member] Damage — it was chaotic and emotional.”

May Valentine withe her then fiancée Aron Stevens

That was the work answer. As for the shoot portion of that day, Valentine opened up. “That day was not only the most fun I’ve had on the job but also a fantastic opportunity to stretch my acting skills,” she said. “I got to be a Bridezilla and destroy my own wedding! What can top that? But every day at the NWA is filled with new challenges and opportunities for growth.”

Valentine has grown into her role interviewing with the stars of the NWA since her debut at the Back for the Attack PPV. There has been an evolution.

“When I started working with the company, I was quite new to the world of wrestling and had a steep learning curve in both wrestling and on-camera hosting,” she said.  “My background was primarily in journalism as a writer, although I did have some on-camera experience from my time with MTV and interviews on movie junkets. This mix of writing and on-screen work provided a solid foundation but diving into wrestling required quickly adapting to a whole new set of skills and knowledge. It’s been a crazy journey, and I’ve embraced every opportunity to learn and grow in this exciting and dynamic environment.”

Considering her boss is Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan, the owner of the NWA, one wonders what their talks are like if it involves wrestling, music, or a combo of the two. “Outside of work, I consider Billy a great friend. Billy and I have in common the fact that we both came from the music industry into wrestling. And of course, I was a fan of his music and in his music video before he gave me the opportunity to work in the industry.”

The music video Valentine was featured in was for the Smashing Pumpkins song for “CYR”.

But lest we forget, Valentine has trained to wrestle with the Future Stars of Wrestling promotion based in Las Vegas, and she once faced Natalia Markova in a match on an episode of NWA USA. Would she step into the ring again? “I’m very comfortable in my role as a backstage interviewer, but wrestling is crazy and unpredictable, so I could maybe end up leaving my comfort zone sometime soon.”

But Valentine has done a lot outside of the squared circle, as she is an accomplished best-selling writer. As for her books, which as mostly in Portuguese, she has been trying to keep that up.

“I have been working on a new novel for a couple of years but have also been battling against a super busy schedule and my ADHD,” she explained, “so as of now, I can’t say when it’s going to be finalized. However, I really want to find the time and focus to dedicate myself to writing novels again.”

Mayra Dias Gomes shows off one of the books she has penned.

As for the other projects that take up her time, Valentine has been featured in photo shoots for magazines like FHM and Playboy.  “I’ve always been comfortable being photographed, as I started modeling really young,” she said. “I enjoy modeling and expressing myself through photos. Both Playboy and FHM were incredible experiences. Playboy really opened up a number of doors for me and I’m very grateful.”

The other project she is currently involved in is the show Music Mayhem on AXS TV, which debuted on April 15, and is hosted by Matt Pinfield of MTV fame.  The show, according to its website, explores “the scandals, untimely deaths, and shocking scandals that shook the music world.”

The gig came together oddly. “Katie Daryl, who is the VP of programming and also a host on AXS TV was the one who contacted me about being on the show. Which is hilarious because I’m next-door neighbors with Matt Pinfield, but he only found out about it when I told him I had been asked by Katie to be a part of it.”

Of course, her experience in the NWA tied in nicely with the show. “I’ve worked in the music industry, particularly within the rock scene since my teenage years. Although my music journalism background primarily centered on writing, it was my wrestling experience that truly prepared me for on-camera hosting.”

“Wrestling taught me the quick thinking and adaptability needed for television,” Valentine explained, “while also instilling the confidence to handle red carpet hosting with ease, for example. All of that, topped with the many experiences I’ve had in rock’n’roll are what play a crucial role in this new venture.”

When asked if she has anything else planned for 2024, Valentine responded coquettishly, “Follow me and you will see!”