It was time for Block B to shine at night four of the Best of the Super Juniors tournament. Veterans Kushida and Taiji Ishimori remain at the top and undefeated in the tournament at six points each.

Francesco Akira thought he had Kushida beat until Kushida muscled him off the top rope into a Hoverboard Lock.

Ishimori managed to escape the Ron Miller Special to drop Robbie Eagles with a Bloody Cross.

Best of the Super Juniors Standings

Best of the Super Juniors A Block


Best of the Super Juniors Block B


Best of the Super Juniors – Night Four Results

B Block: Taiji Ishimori versus Robbie Eagles

Winner: Taiji Ishimori

B Block: Hiromu Takahashi versus Dragon Dia

Hiromu defeated Dia with the Time Bomb.

Winner: Hiromu Takahashi

B Block: Ninja Mack versus SHO 

Sho pushed the official into Mack. Sho kicked Mack in the “lowe abdomen” rolling him up for the pinfall.

Winner: SHO

B Block: Drilla Moloney versus DOUKI

Drilla escaped the Douki Chokie and pinned Doukie with a spike piledriver.

Winner: Drilla Moloney

B Block: Francesco Akira versus Kushida

Winner: Kushida