Will Ospreay has announced that he is making changes to the way he wrestles after Bryan Danielson was legitimately injured at AEW Dynasty.

At the end of their match, Ospreay executed a Storm Driver on Danielson. Danielson appeared to land squarely on his neck. Danielson can immediately be seen grasping at his neck in agony. As Ospreay plays to the fans, the official calls for medical assistance. Ospreay hits Danielson with The Hidden Blade for the three count. Once the official completed his count he furiously waved the medical team into the ring. Ospreay walks over to Danielson after posing for the crowd. He is still in pain with medical officials and the referee around him. Ospreay can be seen asking Danielson if he is okay. Danielson can be heard on camera yelling in pain.

At the press conference after the event Ospreay apologized for what happened.

“A little bit of a dampener after all the dust has settled now. I have reviewed the footage myself. It seemed like Bryan (Danielson) got hurt on the Storm Driver. I didn’t see the doctor called over. The referee called for the doctor and I didn’t see it. I want to apologize for that…I feel awful about this,” he said solemnly.

He announced that he will no longer be using that move again.

Will Ospreay checks on Bryan Danielson after their match at AEW Dynasty. Courtesy: AEW, Thriller TV.

“Ninety per cent of the time that move has been absolutely fine seeing the damage that it has kind of done I am going to retire using the Storm Driver ’91. I don’t think it is right for me to continue using it after seeing what it did to Bryan. I have huge amount of respect for him. This was a dream match. This is something I have wanted since I was a kid. To see the outcome, although I am happy everyone enjoyed the match, I am kind of disappointed in myself,” he said.

Ospreay then made more apologies.

“Once again I apologize to Bryan. I apologize to AEW medics. I apologize to Tony (Khan),” he said.

“It was a great match, Will. Congratulations! Thankfully, I think Bryan is going to be okay. The match was tremendous and really tonight was a triumph in every way,” Tony Khan replied.

As of the publication of this story the extent of Danielson’s injury is unknown. There has been no announcement by AEW.

Danielson has a history of concussions and has retired from in-ring action because of them. Danielson announced earlier this year that he is winding down his full-time wrestling career.