Sunday Night’s Main Event radio’s Donnie DaSilva was recently joined by former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas. In the chat they discuss how Jimmy spent WrestleMania weekend, meeting up with old friends, the art of taking a referee bump  and more. This is a conversation you cannot miss out on as Donnie and Jimmy have known each other for almost 30 years and they don’t have much to hide about the business.

Highlights from the conversation are below:

Jimmy Korderas on seeing people he never thought he’d see again at WrestleMania weekend:

CM Punk. There’s somebody who’s been away from the business for so long, and then went to go work for AEW, and, of course, things didn’t work out there,  and he came back to WWE. And just by happenstance at the talent hotel, he was there having something to eat, and I didn’t want to interrupt him while he was eating. So I waited till after he finished and I kind of walked over behind him and said “Excuse me, excuse me, sir. Do you mind if I have a moment of your time?” and he turned around? He goes, “Oh, come on, man!” and he got up, you know, it was like two old friends. He gave me a big hug, and we were just chit chatting a little bit and I let them to do his business.

On learning from Ted DiBiase and how the younger generation should seek advice from the previous generations:

Ted was one of the first ones who sat me down and said, “Listen, here’s what you need to know. Here’s how you can do your job better,” and he gave advice, because that’s the kind of guy he was. I’ve always learned to this day, even watching today’s product, always be a sponge, always learn, you never know everything. Because you’ll something and you’ll go, “Oh, I never thought of that.” Or somebody will say something to you, and whether you’re listening to whatever show it is, and they’ll say something and you’ll go, “Oh, that kind of makes sense.” And I hate to harp on the this generation, but it seems like a lot of the younger generations are not taking advantage of those times that are available to them. Because they’re thinking, Ah well, these grizzled old vets, they’re just the guy screaming “Get off my lawn!” No, they’re trying to help you. You know, they think that criticism is negative, but it’s a learning tool.”


Jimmy Korderas at the launch of his book, Three Count, in March 2013. Photo by Mike Mastrandrea,

Jimmy Korderas at the launch of his book, Three Count, in March 2013. Photo by Mike Mastrandrea,

On referees today taking bumps:

I think some of the younger referees nowadays have to understand the psychology and the logic behind taking that kind of a bump. Yes, it is different. You are going to land different. When I see a referee take a flat back. Let’s say he gets punched or accidentally clotheslined, whatever the case may be. No, that was wrong. And people say, “Well, you know everybody does it.” No, You’re not supposed to look like you’re a trained wrestler. You’re supposed to take it awkwardly and try to protect yourself as best you can. But at the same time, you’re running the risk because you’re not flat backing and tucking your head, your chin so to speak. It has to look natural. I’ve always done this. Where if I were to get, let’s say, punched by a wrestler, and me being a referee, I’m not a fighter. So I shouldn’t be able to to absorb that that impact like a wrestler would.

On what drives him nuts when watching today’s referees:

When you get that perfect shot of the two guys who your antagonists and your protagonists and they get that face off in the middle of the ring, and they’re looking angry, and they’re staring daggers at each other and the crowd is starting to go, Ooh, and they’re getting with this, and you see this head in between them looking at both back and forth. No, get out of the shot. It almost feels like they’re intentionally trying to get themselves noticed and I’m not gonna name names.

You can listen to the entire interview by listening to the latest episode of Sunday Night’s Main Event here.

TOP PHOTOS: Jimmy Korderas with, left, Ted DiBiase, and, right, Nick Nemeth/Dolph Ziggler on WrestleMania XL weekend in April 2024. Facebook photos