Four matches from All Elite Wrestling have the makings of starting a new Dynasty for this pay-preview.

To wit: Thunder Rosa wants to reclaim the women’s championship she never lost, currently held by “Timeless” Toni Storm. The Young Bucks and FTR will settle in a ladder match who is the best tag team of all time (no matter what the footage shows). Samoa Joe defends the AEW World title against Swerve Strickland, and we will see if this is Swerve’s House. But the big highlight is that Will Ospreay has the opportunity to lock up with Bryan Danielson to see who is truly the best in the world in the squared circle.

That is a lot in addition to the other matches on this PPV. 

Before we get to that, allow me a quick…

(Author’s Note:  Once again, your humble Lucid Luchador is faced with what I am going to call a Princess Bride Situation™.  As much as I want to explain everything in detail, there is way too much, so I will sum up only when necessary.  Due to the Booker Monkeys™’ unwillingness to trim the fat on some matches that could’ve been an email, or an episode of Rampage and/or Collision (you pick which is which), I need to abbreviate this beast so I can put it to bed.  But only on the matches that need it.

That said…)

We come to you from the Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis, Mo. Excalibur, Taz, and Tony Schiavone have the call as it’s time for the…

Pre-Show Zero Hour

And here is the first of many abbreviations.  You wanna watch it?  Well, don’t let me stop you.  Please to enjoy!

Did you get the gist?

Cool, so let’s continue, as Jim Ross takes over at commentary at the start of…

AEW Dynasty

And it’s Sunday, so you know what that means? No, it’s not the start of the hush money trial (that’s Monday). This is your first match of the night…

AEW Continental Championship: Kazuchika Okada (c) vs. Pac

This is the first PPV in a long time for The Bastard Pac, and there are a lot of “Oh-Kah-Dah!” chants early on in the match.

They respond tit for tat, and neither man backs down. At one point, Pac nails him with a German suplex and Okada responds with a shotgun dropkick for the first “This is Awesome!” chant of the night.  A big elbow by Okada and he soaks in the adulation of the crowd before signaling…a one-finger salute to St Louis.  From there, “F*** Okada!” chants ring out and Pac plants him with a superkick and he follows with a deadlift suplex for two.

Pac attempts with the Black Arrow and he belly flops, which gives Okada a chance to land with the tombstone piledriver and ripcord Rainmaker clothesline, but he is blocked twice as Pac attempts to pin for near falls.    He cinches the Brutalizer, and Okada gouges the eyes to break the submission, and Pac reverses to his tombstone piledriver.  As he climbs up top, Okada grabs the ref by the pant leg until Pac climbs down from the top rope and stomps him.  Another Black Arrow by Pac is caught by Okada’s knees and now he delivers The Rainmaker to retain the title.

Your Winner, and Still AEW Continental Champion: Kazuchika Okada

Fans praise Pac for a valiant effort with “He’s our Bastard” chants.

Now for some trios action between…

Adam Copeland, Eddie Kingston, and Mark Briscoe vs. The House of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King, and Buddy Matthews)

The House of Black is running like a well-oiled machine, but Kingston, Briscoe, and Copeland get their licks in, too.  One big spot has Briscoe stepping on a steel chair set up on the apron and he lands a somersault senton on King on the floor.

The match devolves as all six men leave everything in the ring, including Kingston nailing King with a backfist, Copeland with an Impaler, and Briscoe finishing up with the froggy ‘bow.  Copeland covers but the count is broken up by Black.  Copeland attempts the spear on the House leader, but King spits the Black Mist into his eyes.  He delivers the Black Mass to cover for three.

Your Winners via Pinfall:  The House of Black.

Once again, the House wins again, as Briscoe tries to grab some water to wipe the Mist remnants from Copeland’s eyes.

Now it’s time for women’s action, and this is a…

House Rules match for the AEW TBS Championship: Julia Hart (c) vs. Willow Nightingale 

Both The House and Kris Statlander are barred from ringside, yet Stokely Hathaway is at commentary.  Eh, a minor quibble.

Hart is in the driver’s seat throughout the match, as Mercedes Moné looks on from the monitor in the back.  Nightingale fights back and lands a spinebuster on Hart for a two count.  The champ cinches the Hartless submission but Nightingale powers out and covers for a count of two.  Hart is still in control and goes up top for a moonsault but she gets the raised boots of Nightingale.  She follows up with a lariat and the Willow Bomb wins it.

Your Winner, And New TBS Champion:  Willow Nightingale

Statlander and Hathaway come in and hug her, and Moné makes her presence known. The CEO takes the spotlight from Nightingale and gestures broadly that she has her eyes on the TBS title.

Let’s move on as your next match is for the…

AEW International Championship: Roderick Strong (c) vs. Kyle O’Reilly

I will say this: Strong has the best trash ‘stache in the business. Matt Taven and Mike Bennett step away to allow their Undisputed Kingdom member to handle business, but let’s see how that goes. 

There’s no sign of ring rust by O’Reilly as he and Strong are evenly matched, but it’s apparent that the Canadian’s MMA/Kickboxer style kicks are no match for the Messiah of the Backbreaker.  The best moment has Strong taking O’Reilly into a Tiger Driver, but it gets reversed to a guillotine choke until he gets dropped on the ropes to break the submission.

Wardlow makes an appearance before the ref gets involved and heads him off.  That allows Strong to connect with a lariat to a brainbuster for a two count, and then he finishes off O’Reilly with the End of Heartache for the pin and the win.

Your Winner, and Still AEW International Champion:  Roderick Strong

Adam Cole rolls out in his wheelchair for an appearance and WALKS to the ramp to the rest of the Undisputed Kingdom to celebrate Roddy’s win.

Next, we have an…

FTW Rules match for the FTW Championship: Hook (c) vs. Chris Jericho

Again, this could have been an email…or the beginning of Zero Hour.  Either way, You gotta love the “Fozzy Sucks!” chants.  Heh.

In any case, to make a short story shorter, this is a hardcore match that has some plunder involved, including a spot where Jericho is wearing a trash can, and Hook whacks at it with a kendo stick before giving The Learning Tree a Trash can suplex.

A Judas Effect misses as Hook goes for a leg bar, but it gets reversed to the Walls of Jericho. Hook manages to crawl away and go for a pin to make Jericho release the hold.  Hook goes for a German suplex but receives a mule kick and now the Judas Effect for one, two…kick out.  Jericho winds up again and says, “I’m sorry!” to Hook, a la Shawn Michaels/Ric Flair, and delivers another Judas Effect and he still gets another two count.  He goes under the mat and pulls out Floyd the bat.  Jericho tells Hook to stay down, but he chooses to flip him off and the bat lands flush on the side of his head for the win.

Your Winner, and New FTW World Champion:  Chris Jericho

Taz gets up from commentary to check on his son.  Jericho tries to check on Hook, but Taz yells at him to step away.  That brings Nigel McGuinness to step in at commentary as Taz trends to his son.

But we have a show to cover, and your next match is for the…

AEW Women’s World Championship: “Timeless” Toni Storm (c) (with Mariah May and Luther) vs. Thunder Rosa

Rosa comes down to the ring wearing a luchador mask instead of her Dia de Los Muertos makeup.  It almost looks like her Kobra Moon get up from Lucha Underground.  Once she unmasks in front of Storm, we see her face sans makeup and it’s The Timeless One versus La Mera Mera.

There is a head scissors takedown by Rosa as Storm rolls out of the ring, and she follows after them with a top rope tornilló to the floor.

Back in the ring, there is a snap suplex float over by Rosa covering for a two count and she clubs at Storm’s chest.  The champ fires back up and works over Rosa’s back.  They battle up the top turnbuckle and Rosa manages to land a powerbomb and stacks her up for another two count.  She follows that with a top rope missile dropkick then a Samoan Drop, and then a crucifix bomb with a pin by Rosa gives her another near fall.

It’s all La Mera Mera as she connects with a running dropkick and then nails Storm with a Death Valley Driver on the apron edge. She brings Storm back in to cover and still can’t get the three count.  The crowd has dueling, “Let’s go Ro-sa/ To-nee Storm!” chants, and The Timeless One gets a tornado DDT on Rosa, and covers for a count of two.  Both women are trying to hit their finishers but can’t put the other away.

May gets on the apron to cause a distraction and Deonna Purrazzo runs out to put a stop to it, and they battle it out to the back.  The champ lands a German suplex and follows with a hip attack and now she delivers Storm Zero for one, two…kick out.

Storm locks in Texas cloverleaf and Rosa refuses to quit. She crawls and reaches the bottom ropes to make her break the hold.  A backstabber by Rosa and she locks in a cobra clutch variation but Storm gets under the ropes to break the submission.  As the ref is dealing with Luther on the outside, Storm gets Rosa with a low blow and another Storm Zero stops her for good.

Your Winner, and Still AEW Women’s Champion:  “Timeless” Toni Storm

Luther carries off The Timeless One as she celebrates her victory.

Don Callis joins at commentary for the dream match of the night between…

Will Ospreay vs. Bryan Danielson

Yes, Virginia, this is The Aerial Assassin versus The American Dragon.  As things settle, they have a stare down for a “Holy S***” moment.  Once the bell rings they put on a wrestling clinic with neither man gaining an advantage.  They go to the Test of Strength and that soon leads them into the ropes as they go to their respective finishers and each comes within inches of connecting with the other.

Danielson catches him with an ankle pick and works Ospreay over with a cravat laced on the neck.  A snapmare reversed to a shotgun dropkick by Ospreay.  The veteran Danielson wrestles his style of match before Ospreay kicks him out of the ring and launches himself over the top rope to The American Dragon on the floor.  Danielson catches him with a kick to the side and targets the kidney/ back area of Ospreay.  He backflips over Ospreay but The Aerial Assassin nails a springboard-spinning kick.  A twisting corkscrew by Ospreay on Danielson to the floor.  Back in the ring, he signals for the Hidden Blade but gets caught, and The American Dragon punts.  Now he lands a  Tiger suplex and Danielson follows with hammer and tong elbows to the side of his head, followed by the Cattle Mutilation until Ospreay gets a boot on the bottom ropes to break the submission.

Ospreay hits the Tiger driver but only gets a two count.  Now he climbs up top for a high-risk maneuver and Danielson pushes him off to lose his balance.  He connects with a Tiger superplex and Ospreay clutches his neck in pain.

Danielson kicks away and Ospreay shows his fighting spirit as he blocks his offense and hits the Oscutter to Danielson on the apron edge.  As the ref checks on both men, Ospreay unleashes the Hidden Blade on Danielson.  Back in the ring, he nails another kick for a two count, and then hits Danielson with a backheel kick.  Ospreay attempts the Oscutter but it gets scouted and the American Dragon attempts The Lebelle Lock, but he escapes the submission.  Danielson focuses and finally cinches in the Lebelle lock, and Ospreay fights out and gets a foot on the bottom rope.

Danielson backs up and rushes for the Busaiku knee, but it gets blocked and Ospreay reverses into the Styles Clash but that gets reversed into a Code Red for a two count.  Now the Busaiku knee finds its target and Danielson covers for one, two…no such luck.  Danielson is fired up and shouts at Ospreay that he will “kick his f***ing head in!”   He stomps and goes to the Lebelle lock.  Ospreay reverses to forearm strikes and Danielson transitions into a triangle choke with elbow strikes.  Ospreay lifts up Danielson and gets him in the Styles Clash to cover for another near.  Both men are going for broke and neither man can gain the advantage.  Now they back up to opposite corners of the ring, and Ospreay takes off the elbow pad signaling for the Hidden Blade.  Danielson fires up the crowd for another Busaiku Knee.  It’s High Noon in St. Louis as they rush at each other, but Ospreay was faster on the draw.

Sensing victory, Ospreay grabs Danielson and delivers the Storm Driver ’91.  He bounces off the mat and Danielson clutches his arm.  The ref signals for the doctor at ringside to check on him.  Ospreay is running on adrenaline and the last Hidden Blade finishes the American Dragon in three.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Bryan Danielson

The doctors rush to the ring and check on Danielson who’s writhing in pain.  Ospreay finally realizes what happened as he leans in and starts apologizing.

Will Ospreay checks on Bryan Danielson after their match at AEW Dynasty. Courtesy: AEW, Thriller TV

(Author’s Note:  Ospreay discussed the matter during the media scrum after the match, and after apologizing to Danielson, Tony Khan, and the AEW Medical Staff, he announced that the Storm Driver ’91 will be retired.  You can read it here if you missed it.)

The show must go on, folks, as the next match is the…

Ladder match for the vacant AEW World Tag Team Championship: The Young Bucks (Nicholas Jackson and Matthew Jackson) vs. FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler)

You can tell the crowd is more somber and subdued given what just took place. Excalibur announces that Danielson managed to walk backstage but with help from the medical staff.  There’s no escaping the fact that it does cast a pall throughout the night.

In any case, this is a Pier Four brawl and there’s nothing flashy here.  The ladders quickly get involved on the outside and both teams attempt to utilize them to their advantage.  The Bucks climb and Harwood yanks them down. Nicholas and Matthew slam FTR to the ladder and then clothesline Wheeler with the same ladder.  Harwood lands on the ladder, and Bucks set up for a double-team move but Harwood backdrops Nicholas on the ladder followed by Matthew.

Wheeler is propped up on the ladder and Nicholas connects with a somersault senton.  Harwood is showing crimson as the EVPs lay a beating with chairs and ladders (oh, my).  The Bucks throw Harwood into a ladder but when they do the same to Wheeler he ducks and pushes the ladder into them and nails an impressive moonsault. 

He goes for a powerbomb on Nicholas, and Matthew trips him up and Wheeler gets crotched on the ladder rung.  The Bucks get up and nail the EVP Trigger on the ladder.  Wheeler climbs up the ladder in the ring and he and Matthew jockey for position until Harwood gives him a bulldog from the ladder.  He then traps Matthew in the sharpshooter and Wheeler sets the ladder on his back to add more pain.  Nicholas knocks him off the ladder but Harwood gives Matthew a powerbomb and Nicholas is speared by Wheeler to a table set up on the outside.

Now all four men are on ladders slugging it out up top until they drop like flies.  Matthew is left standing until FTR delivers the Shatter Machine.  Nicholas sets the ladders in corners and climbs again but Harwood catches him and he and Wheeler on the other end give him good old-fashioned Power and Glory.

Wheeler is limping as he climbs back up the ladder but gets knocked off again for his trouble.  Nicholas connects with a 450 splash to Wheeler on a table, and Harwood nails a piledriver to Matthew but the ladder gives before the spike and there’s concern we may have another wrestling injury tonight.

Nicholas and Harwood battle up top until the FTR member is left, and that’s when a hooded fan in a Sting mask runs in the ring and he gets knocked down from the ladder.  Security is swift to corner then and…it’s Jack Perry smirking, as Nicholas has the path cleared for him as he unhooks the belts.

Your Winners And New AEW Tag Team Champions:  The Young Bucks

The SCAPEGOAT is led off by security, as the Young Bucks bask in their new titles and FTR is left bloodied and battered.

Now for the Main Event and it’s for the…

AEW World Championship: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Swerve Strickland (with Prince Nana)

Strickland enters with some Black Panther/Killmonger-inspired ring gear. The chants of “Whose House?/Swerves House” by fans are almost as deafening as “Joe!” Chants. 

This leads to the boxing-style intros by Justin Roberts.  The bell rings and Joel pushes Strickland to the corner to show that he can.  They lock up again and Strickland shoves Joe back to the corner.  The champ lands a knee to Strickland’s midsection and whips him into the corner.  He goes for a high-risk maneuver and Joe walks away from a crossbody, but Strickland lands on his feet and dropkicks him out of the ring.   He follows with a tope and Joe catches him and nails Strickland with a uranage on the commentary desk.  Joe is livid and tears up the protective covering to expose the concrete floor.  While he’s doing this, Strickland connects with a moonsault on the outside of the ring.  Joe goes for the musclebuster on concrete, but Strickland escapes the finisher.  He rushes but ends up with a powerslam by Joe to the exposed concrete.

Now Joel takes his time in the ring and the offense favors him.  Strickland tries to fight back and Joe sweeps the leg. Joe lands with an elbow drop and gets a two count.  The Samoan submission machine is dominating, but can’t put Strickland away.  Strickland rolls out of the ring and Joe follows with body shots until he makes a mistake and a clothesline catches the ring post hurting his arm.  Smelling blood in the water, Strickland rips the pad off the ring post and tries to hyperextend the arm/ shoulder of the champ.

Strickland picks apart Joe and hits a German suplex for a two count.  Joe goes for the Coquina Clutch but Strickland gets out of the submission quickly and nails a flatliner for another count of two.  Strickland keeps working the left arm and slams it to the mat from up top.  He attempts an armbar but Joe blocks it, and Strickland transitions to a triangle choke but Joe powers up and places him up the top turnbuckle and now connects with the musclebuster but gets a two count.

Left in disbelief, Joe grabs the title belt and heads to the ring. After being distracted by Nana, Strickland lands a House Call as Joe climbs to the ring, and then follows with a guillotine leg drop between the ropes and then lands the Swerve Stomp to cover but only gets a count of two.  Joe goes for the belt, but Strickland knocks it away. He swings and Joe ducks and cinches the Coquina clutch.  He starts to fade until Strickland grabs his thumb.  He takes control of his arm and then snaps it back.  Strickland goes to the corner and another House Call connects.  He covers for one, two… oh, so close.  Strickland is up the top turnbuckle, but Joe cuts him off at the pass.  They battle up top until Strickland leaps over Joe and then hits a powerbomb and delivers another Swerve stomp for a cover of one, two, and three.

Your Winner via Pinfall, and New AEW World Champion:  Swerve Strickland

Joe walks away as Strickland is elated at not only winning the big one but becoming the first African American champion in AEW. St. Louis recognizes this is Swerve’s House as the PPV fades to black.

AEW Dynasty 2024 - The Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis, MO.

Final Thoughts:


The last two hours of the pay-per-view delivered and proved it was worthy of a new Dynasty in AEW.  Most of the other matches could have been shown on Dynamite/Rampage/Collision, but it wasn’t my decision to make.

It’s awesome that Strickland is getting his moment to shine.  The ending to Danielson/Ospreay does take some of the wind out of AEW’s sails, sad to say, but here’s hoping The American Dragon is healthy once everything is said and done.

I guess Jack Perry’s suspension is done for now.  Kinda curious about what Khan/the EVPs will do with the SCAPEGOAT, but those are questions for next Wednesday.  Time for bed, and see you soon!