Stand and Deliver is in the record books and now a new era dawns for NXT.

Alicia Taylor introduces the new NXT Women’s Champion, Roxanne Perez.

The crowd cheers: You deserve it!

She tells them to shut up. She “deserved it” over a year ago.

The crowd chants: Shut the hell up!

Roxanne: I will keep talking because I am the champion!

Roxanne dares anyone to challenge her. She says if she is drafted to Raw or Smackdown she will take the belt with her.

Lyra Valkyria interrupts. The fans chant: You tapped out!

It seems like this whole Roxanne heel switch ain’t working very well.

Lyra: You are too good for NXT now? You can go to Raw and Smackdown but that championship stays here with me! She challenges Roxanne to a title match tonight.

Tatum Paxley comes out. She will challenge Roxanne if Lyra isn’t cleared to go.

Lyra wants to take on Perez. The friends argue. Tatum throws Lyra into a steel post hurting her arm even more. Security removes Tatum.

Roxanne laughs: I guess you won’t be seeing a championship match after all. Sorry NOT sorry.

Natalya’s music hits. She challenges Roxanne to a title match tonight. Roxanne laughs at that notion. Natalya stops Roxanne from leaving the ring.

GM Ava comes out and makes the match. Roxanne turns around to punch Natalya. Natalya almost puts her in the Sharp Shooter. Roxanne flees the ring.

Earlier today, Trick Williams and the tag team champions arrive. Separately, of course.

Nathan Fraser and Axiom chat backstage about their rematch for the NXT Tag Team Championships tonight. Fraser knows they can beat the champions and they are destined to hold those titles. Axiom says their team was formed because they are great friends and rivals. Frazer explains that they will go their separate ways if they don’t win tonight.

Jayne drops a bombshell. Courtesy: NXT.

We head to Chase U.  Kelani Jordan and Fallon Henley are presented with honorary degrees from Chase University. Jacey Jayne ruins the special moment. She came to ask the professor if he will reveal why Chase U was in such trouble to begin with and that was all Thea Hail’s fault. Jayne says it because Chase bet on Hail’s match at the Great American Bash against Tiffany Stratton but he threw the towel in because he cared more about Hail than Chase U.

“Isn’t it ironic that all this time YOU are the problem,” says Jayne to Hail. Chase gets down on one knee to apologize To Hail. An upset Hail scampers out of the classroom.

Izzi Dame and Kiana James versus Fallon Henley and Kelani Jordan

Dame and James attack before the bell can even be rung. The announcers push Jordan as the “fastest rising female star” in NXT. Kelani uses her speed to outwit Dame. She flips onto her back putting her in a sleeper. Fallon and Kelani try to double team Dame. Dame shrugs them off. Fallon kicks James into the announce table. Kelani leaps onto Dame knocking her down on the floor. James and Dame cut Kelani off from Fallon punishing her for minutes on end. Kelani finally flips her way to Fallon who cleans house. Her suplex out of the corner gets her a two count. Fallon saves Kelani from getting booted by Dame. She takes the hit herself. A 401-K to Fallon from James picks up the win for the heels.

Winners: Izzi Dame and Kiana James

Je’Von Evans hype video. He claims to be “bouncy”.

Scrypts and OTM say that boy is about to be bounced.

No Quarter Catch Crew talks about Charlie Dempsey’s match at Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport X over the weekend. The D’Angelo Family stops by. A war of words quickly erupts.

Scrypts versus Je’Von Evans

Scrypts looks small compared to Evans. Lots of gymnastic moves. Evans bounces off the top rope and hurricanranas Scrypts. Scrypts chokes Evan over a bottom rope in a corner. Scrypts’ standing shooting star press gets him a two count. Scrypts stomps a mudhole in Evans in a corner. Evans bounces off the middle rope nailing Scrypts with a cutter. Scrypts kicks out. Scrypts is pulled out of the ring by his buddies in OTM. Evans leaps over the top rope onto them all. After a suplex Scrypts heads to the top rope but misses a moonsault. Evan nails a twisting splash off the turnbuckles on Scrypts for the win.

Winner: Je’Von Evans

Karmen Petrovic wishes Natalya good luck backstage as she heads out to battle Roxanne Perez.

Gacy surprises Ridge. Courtesy: NXT.

Ridge Holland is stopped backstage by Kelly Kincaid. Holland says he blacked out at Stand and Deliver. He wants to apologize to Joe Gacy. Joe Gacy ducks his head out of a curtain. Everything is okay. He understands Holland was ticked after going from a competitor to a panelist. lwO stops Holland. They aren’t buying his apology tour. Holland bumps into or slams a door on Cruz injuring his hand. It is hard to tell.

Natalya versus Roxanne Perex (c) – NXT Women’s Championship Match

Perez rushes over as soon as the bell rings and shoves Nattie.

There are competing: Let’s go Nattie! Nattie sucks! chants.

Backing Nattie into the ropes Perez slaps Nattie in the face. Nattie returns fire.

Nattie steps over Perez and then kicks her in the face. Perez flees to the floor. Nattie drop kicks her through the ropes. Nattie drags Perez around the ring by the hair chopping her up against the barricade.

Nattie smashes Perez’s head off the announce table while reading her the riot act for being disrespectful. Nattie puts Perez in a bow and arrow. Perez fights out but eats a clothesline. Perez shoves Nattie into the steel steps and suplexes her on the arena floor. Perez bounces Nattie’s head off the announce table a couple of times before choking her over the bottom rope back inside the ring. Nattie clocks Perez with a series of haymakers. Perez turns a Sharpshooter into a crossface submission. Perez slithers to the bottom rope to escape a second Sharpshooter. The battle goes to the floor. Lola Vice attacks Nattie. Perez pins a distracted Nattie with Pop Rocks.

Winner: …and still NXT Women’s Champion, Roxanne Perez.

The tag team champs joke around in their locker room. Corbin gets Bron to admit their tag team is a good thing but he won’t just because Corbin wants him to. Wah. Wah.

Nattie is a little angry. Courtesy: NXT.

Lola Vice is asked why did she ruin Nattie’s match. Natalya attacks Vice. They have to be separated.

The Family versus No Quarter Catch Crew

Myles has Luca at his mercy until he gets suplexed. Stacks goes to work on Myles laying the boots to him. Luca gets tagged in laying him some knees. The Family shoves Myles into the corner then turn around and busts Damon Kemp in the mouth. Charlie Dempsey pulls Myes away from getting cannonballed by Stacks. Luca pulls Dempsey into the ring. Luca and Stacks pulls off the win in all the confusion.

Winners: The Family

Oba Femi, the NXT North American Champion, comes down to the ring. He tells the NXT crowd that he knew he was going to come out on top and hold onto his championship. He gives props to Dijak and Briggs though. He predicts his reign will last a very, very, very long time.

When Ivar talks Femi listens. Courtesy: NXT.

The Viking Raiders music sounds. Ivar comes out…dressed in regular gear. He actually cuts a promo.

He says when he saw Oba’s match at Stand and Deliver. He loved the chaos. It was the type of fight that he lives for. Oba asks Ivar what he wants. Ivar admits he is jealous. He wanted to be in the fight. Ivar knows he is the man who can chop Oba down. Oba: We shall see. Ivar stops Oba from leaving the ring. Oba head butts Ivar. Ivar puts Oba down with a flying body splash. Ivar holds up the championship belt as Oba lays on the mat.

Meta-Four is lounging backstage. Dar wonders why Oro Mensah has a long face. They have lollipops and bonus money on the table. Dijak appears. Dar admits it was him who suggested the Dijak skit on Stand and Deliver. Dar says he knows why Dijak is in such a bad mood all the time. He needs to get out for more sunshine. Dijak gives Dar one warning as that is all anyone gets.

Jaida Parker versus Brinley Reece

Reece flips her way out of an arm bar. Parker lays in some chops and a stomp to Reece in a corner. Parker put her knee in Reece’s back in the middle of the ring. Reece elbows her way out. Parker pounds her to the ground. Reece ramps up slamming Parker to the mat. Her flippy clothesline gets her a two count as does a spinebuster. Parker hits Reece with a running hip check to pin her.

Winner: Jaida Parker

Arianna Grace is giving Sol Ruca beauty tips in the locker room. Grace claims to the best kept secret WrestleMania weekend. As Grace leaves Lola Vice appears. She doesn’t understand why Nattie snapped like that. Roca points out that Vice cost Nattie the NXT Women’s World Championship.

Axiom and Nathan Frazer versus Wolf Dogs (Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin) (c) – NXT Tag Team Championship Match

The crowd is cheering for the War Dogs before the bell can even ring. Booker T disagrees with Ava’s decision to give them a rematch so soon. Bron runs the ropes and runs over Axiom. Axiom has to tag out to Frazer. Frazer drops kicks Bron into a corner. A stunned Bron tag in Corbin. Corbin grabs Frazer by the neck throwing him across the ring. Axiom and Frazer splash Corbin and Bron numerous times in succession on the floor. Bron slingshots Axiom into Corbin who powerslams him. Frazer dives off the ropes drop kicking both Bron and Corbin. Axiom hits a frog splash on Bron. Frazer follows with a 450 Splash. Corbin saves the match and the titles for his team. Corbin holds Frazer in a sleep hold as Bron slams Axiom down. Axiom kicks out. Corbin holds up Frazer in an electric chair. Steiner hits a Steiner Line. Axiom kicks Bron in the head stopping the pin. Corbin catches Frazer’s dive throwing him into the steel steps. Bron almost hits Corbin with his spear. He apologizes profusely. Bron is double drop kicked out of the ring. Golden Ratio and a Phoenix Splash pin Corbin.

Winners: …and new NXT Tag Team Champions, Axiom and Nathan Frazer.

Akam and Rezar of The Final Testament attack the new champs and easily lay them out as Karrion Kross directs traffic. Akam and Rezar stand over them with the belts in hand.

Trick Williams heads to the ring. Let’s hope The Final Testament is gone by the time he arrives.

Vic reports that Josh Briggs suffered two cracked ribs in the Stand and Deliver match against Femi and Dijak. He will be out for some time.

Next week we will see:


Trick Williams is welcomed by “Whoop that Trick!” chants. Trick is proud that 16,000 broke a record for NXT WrestleMania weekend. Trick gives some props to Carmelo Hayes for his ride to stardom. “Carmelo Hayes is still HIM,” he says. Trick says he wants to slay the “Mad Dragon” for the NXT Championship.

Ilja comes out hoisting the title up high. Ilja says he is proud of Trick Williams and nobody has his charisma. Ilja wants another title shot. Ilja sees the hunger in Williams’ eyes. Ilja’s answer is no.

“You had your chance and you failed. Another superstar needs to have their chance,” says Ilja simply.

Ilja knows Trick is a risk taker. He demands higher stakes if he does give Trick his rematch. He says he can have the match in two weeks at the Spring Breakin event but if he loses Trick must leave NXT.

Trick agrees to the terms.

Carmelo has a message to deliver. Courtesy: NXT.

Carmelo Hayes hits the ring punking Williams and The Mad Dragon from behind. Hayes says that Williams won’t make it to the big title match because they are fighting in a steel cage match next week. He parades around with the NXT World Championship.