In a rare interview, Martha Hart, the widow of Owen Hart, had a lot to say about the allegations made by Janel Grant against Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis.

Hart, a philanthropist and researcher with degrees in psychology and sociology, spoke as a guest on NewsNation’s Banfield.

She has this to say about the lawsuit in general:

“No, I was not surprised when I heard there was yet another lawsuit. Over the years, the WWE, they’ve had many lawsuits and they’ve had a lot of bad press. I read all of the 67 pages in that complaint and it is absolutely horrific. I have to say that the level of wickedness that’s described is beyond the pale in that complaint and anyone with a shred of humanity would find the indignant acts just incomprehensible, frankly,” she said.

As a psychologist she spoke about the situation Grant has laid out in her lawsuit:

“I’m a doctor in mental health and I’m also the founder and director of the Owen Hart Foundation so no matter what hat I’m wearing I always work with at-risk people. I can tell you that anyone that takes advantage of a vulnerable person is the most despicable type of person because these are people that need to be supported and protected, not exploited. By Janel Grant’s own admission she was a vulnerable person. She was unemployed, her parents had passed away, she was suffering with grief and she was also just on the cusp of financial collapse. So these are all the makings of a very vulnerable person,” she said.

Hart also had these words for Grant:

“I would say to just stay the course and her claim is very credible.  I would be steadfast in my convictions and don’t back down.”