The X feud between Tony Khan and Eric Bischoff has escalated, moved to another platform: Bischoff’s new YouTube show.

On X, Khan took a swipe at Eric Bischoff announcing that he was cancelling his YouTube show, Strictly Business for a new one: Wise Choices.

Bischoff fired back in kind:

Bischoff then went on his new show to further respond to Khan’s dig at him.

Bischoff explained that it took him years to be comfortable with the nickname “ATM Eric”, the idea being Bischoff had a blank check back in the day to offer talent exorbitant contracts.

“I have been called worse. You are basically the money man. I don’t mind that,” Bischoff chuckled.

Bischoff then gave his assessment of what is going on in AEW and why they their television ratings are stagnant or dropping.

“He is giving multimillion dollar contracts to people nobody even knows. Nobody unless you are a fan of Dave Meltzer and live in a dirt sheet universe and you live to rate matches with stars than of course you have heard about some of these people. Nothing against the talent by the way. The talent is NOT the issue here. The issue is that Tony Khan couldn’t book his way out of a bathroom. The guy is completely incompetent. He has no clue how to produce a television show and he is too stubborn, from what I hear, to work with anybody who does have experience,” said Bischoff.

Bischoff dug into Dynamite’s recent numbers. This week the show only averaged 747,000 viewers and 0.23 in the key demos. Last week, Dynamite scored 891,000 viewers. That equals a loss of 144,000 viewers in one week’s time. The key demos were also down from 0.33 to 0.23.

“He has a show that goes all the way to Canada which is historically one of the hottest wrestling markets in North America. The crowds are INSANE in Canada. They LOVE their wrestling. Their ‘A’ show, AEW Dynamite, goes all the way to Canada with some of the biggest names ever in AEW. Needle movers. Change makers. People who are going to revolutionize the business. And what do they do? They maintain residency in the sub-one million category for 55 freaking weeks,” he said.

There has been no response as of yet from Khan himself.