Months ago Jade Cargill jumped ship from AEW where she was the longest reigning TBS Champion the promotion’s history. Tonight she debuts on WWE’s real flagship show Smackdown while The Street Profits, A-Town Down Under, The New Catch Republic and Legado del Fantasma battle for a spot at WrestleMania’s Six-Pack Ladder Title Match.

  • We get a replay of The Rock’s controversial and brutal assault on Cody Rhodes.
  • The Bloodline enter the stadium…without Roman Reigns.
  • Dakota Kai and her minions, Bianca Belair are shown arriving earlier, separately, of course.

Kevin Owens and Randy Orton versus Pretty Deadly

Orton catches Paul. Courtesy: WWE.

On his way to the ring Randy takes a fan’s RKO sign, holds it up and signs it for him. Randy certainly has been in a great mood since coming back. He’s showing a lot of personality too. I actually like and look forward to this friendlier version of The Apex Predator. Perhaps that’s what happens when your livelihood is almost taken away from you. That I totally get.

Orton and Owens bump fists as they wait for Pretty Deadly. Word is that Pretty Deadly want to play WrestleMania spoilers and ruin Orton and Owens’ WrestleMania dreams by taking them out.

Owens attacks like a rabid dog immediately overwhelming Kit. This forces Elton to tag in rather quickly. Orton lines Prince up in a corner nailing him with like seven shots to the head. Kit attacks Orton from behind driving him into the steel ring steps. Pretty Deadly puts one over on Orton slamming him on the announce table. Turnabout is fair play I guess.

Orton hot tags in Orton. His clothesline almost takes Elton’s head right off. Elton puts his knees up to stop Owens’ swanton. Kit pulls Orton off the apron. Orton clears off the announce table. Pretty Deadly swarm him. Logan Pail sneaks into the ring. He punches Owens with the brass knuckles and goes back under the ring. Owens is pinned. Orton has no idea what happened. He demands answers from Owens who is still in Dreamland. Orton watches the replay footage on the Big Screen. He figures everything out.

Orton asks the fans if Paul is still under the ring. They point him in the right direction. Orton drags Paul out punching him in the head, slamming him off the announce table and then Pretty Deadly save Paul. Owens lends Orton a hand. Owens and Orton drop Pretty Deadly with an RKO and a Stunner.

Paul taunts Orton who chases him backstage. Owens, feeling a little worse for wear, follows slowly. Paul commandeers a Corvette and drives away  leaving Orton and Owens in the dust.

Winners: Pretty Deadly

In a prerecorded promo, Iyo Sky questions Bayley’s motives in forming Damage Control. Sky says she just wanted all the glory for herself. Sky is disgusted by the crowd’s hypocrisy in feeling sorry for Bayley. According to Sky, Damage Control just outgrew Bayley. Sky regrets being Bayley’s friend because she is just an embarrassment to the company. Bayley attacks Sky once she is done. Bayley bashes her with a light stand and spears her through the set.

Smackdown GM Nick Aldis is in the ring to conduct an “important piece of business”. He said his only goal was to make Smackdown the number one wrestling show. He thinks the next superstar will help do just that. He introduces Jade Cargill.

Cargill is introduced with lasers, clouds and falling snow. She is heard saying “A storm is coming!” obviously in reference to her love for X-Men’s awesome Storm, especially when she is sporting that mohawk.

Cargill signs Aldis’ contract.

Cargill: “It’s about damn time!”

Cargill says nobody on the WWE women’s roster cannot compare to her.

She says: “The storm has arrived.”

Damage Control chats with Kayla backstage. Kai promises that Belair will pay the price tonight for getting involved in Damage Control’s business once again. They had thought Belair had learned her lesson.

Aldis is cornered by Isla Dawn. She demands changes to The Unholy Union’s music, etc. Alba Fyre has to drag her away.

Styles stops Aldis. He wants Aldis to promise him that LA Knight is not at Smackdown tonight. Aldis: I ASKED him to stay home. Styles: You should have TOLD him.

Bobby Lashley and B-Fab already have victory champagne ready for The Street Profits in their locker room. The Profits are pumped.

The Street Profits versus A-Town Down Under – A chance to join the Six-Pack Ladder Match at WrestleMania

Waller punches Montez so hard he flies out of the ring. The Profits though take out Waller on the announce table. Montez takes out both Waller and Theory slamming them all around the ring. Profits hit the assisted blockbuster. Waller saves the match for his team.

A video plays on the BIG screen. The Final Testament has attacked Bobby Lashley backstage nailing him with the champagne bottle. Dawkins leaves the ring, heads off to help Lashley. Montez is pinned while Dawkins is gone. Dawkins heads back into the ring to assist Montez. AOP blindsides The Street Profits. Karrion Kross makes his way down to the ring. Lashley stumbles after him. He can barely see…due to the champagne?¬† Lashley takes down Kross but AOP pounds him into the mat. The Final Testament spike Bobby Lashley.

Kross to a fallen Lashley: Now nobody goes to WrestleMania! You failed them (The Street Profits) and you failed yourself!

Winners: A-Town Down Under

Rey has something to say. Courtesy: WWE.

Santos Escobar in the ring with Legado Del Fantasmo. He wants all the kids with Rey Mysterio masks to remember that he was the one who put Mysterio on the shelf for months. Santos says Mysterio WAS the greatest luchador of all time. The crowd give Santos the “What!” treatment. Santos says all it took was one phone call to someone who hates Mysterio as much as he does. Out comes Dominik Mysterio.

Santos apologizes for the crowd booing Dom. Santos to Dom about Rey: “You were right!

Dom promises to do everything in his power to make Rey’s “life a living hell”. Santos says Mysterio is a “deadbeat dad”.

The lWo and Rey Mysterio arrive on the scene. Rey Mysterio takes the mike. He calls Don a “shame”. Rey: I thought I was done fighting you, son.

Rey says he is glad the men he hates the most are in the ring so he can beat some sense into them. He challenges Santos and Dom to a tag team match at WrestleMania. Rey gets to pick his own partner though.

Dom asks: Which one of these dorks will it be?

Rey: It is the newest member of the lWo. Dragon Lee!

Lee comes out wearing an lWo shirt. It becomes one big brawl after Elektra Lopez insults Zelina Vega. Dom tries a 619 on Rey but Carlito pitches him out of the ring.

Naomi pumps up Bianca Belair in the locker room for her match against Dakota Kai. She tells Bianca she has her back. Hmmm. Something seems odd about this. Could Naomi be joining The Bloodline?

The Judgment Day are confused backstage. They feel that Dom went into business for himself. Priest asks Rhea if she knew about Dom’s plans. Dom interrupts. He needs to see a doctor. Priest says WrestleMania is important for Judgment Day and also them as individuals. Rhea asks Priest if there is something she should know. Dom heads off to medical.

The New Catch Republic versus Legado del Fantasma – A chance to join the Six-Pack Ladder Title Match at WrestleMania

We cut back to the match. It is already underway. The Republic takes out Legado del Fantasma on the floor. Legado just cannot get out of the block. Barrett blames that on the brawl they were just in.

Alberto is spiked with a DDT. The New Catch Republic put away Angel to claim their spot at WrestleMania.

Winners: The New Catch Republic

We review everything that led up to and The Rock’s actual attack on Cody including him being whipped with the weight belt afterwards.

Paul Heyman claims that Reigns is the one who ordered the attack on Rhodes. S0lo Sikoa warns Jimmy Uso he has been ordered to take him out.

AJ Styles cuts a promo in the ring. Styles claims that the fans are the one who he holds responsible for Knight showing up at his house. He will expose Knight as the fraud he is at WrestleMania. Styles calls Knight out. He knows he is in the building. Styles isn’t fooled. Styles starts shoving a cameraman around. It isn’t LA Knight. A hooded man jumps the barricade. Security grabs him. He isn’t LA Knight either.

Styles to Knight: Are we done with the games? I won’t be playing any games at WrestleMania and if I run into you tonight I will ram your teeth down your throat.

LA Knight jumps Styles. He has been a security guard the entire time. Knight grabs a steel chair. Styles takes off into the crowd.

Knight says he will teach Styles “whose game this is” at WrestleMania.

Tiffany Stratton is by a pool in a red bathing suit. She begs for our sympathy as she bears the burden of success. “Everyone is going to find out what Tiffy Time is all about,” she promises.

Bianca Belair versus Dakota Kai

Jade strikes a pose. Courtesy: WWE.

Belair spears Kai in a corner and just throws her across the ring. Bianca suplexes her three twice. Kai dodges Belair kicking her to the arena floor. Belair spears Kai in a corner and lays down 10 haymakers down on her skull. Belair bounces Kai’s head off the canvass again and again. Kai dodges a splash. Kai kicks out of a moonsault. Kai flips Belair into a corner and stomps her in the ropes. Kai toys with Belair kicking her in the face. They get into a slugfest in the middle of the ring. Kai misses her big corner kick and accidentally kicks the steel post. Belair suplexes her from the apron into the ring. Spear. KOD. Bianca wins.

Damage Control attacks Belair. Naomi makes the save. The faces fight side by side but the numbers are just too much. The crowd cheers for Bayley but instead…

Jade Cargill’s music hits. Jade strolls down to the ring. She kicks Asuka in the face. She gives Kai a pop-up powerbomb. She drops Sane with Jaded. Cargill, Belair and Naomi stand together in the ring as Damage Control licks their wounds on the floor.

Winner: Bianca Belair