Welcome to one the most sadistic structures in MLW, War Chamber! I’m here watching the event for the second time in a row where I’ll get to witness two rings rather than one like last year.

Janai Kai (c) vs. Unagi Sayaka – MLW World Featherweight Championship match

Am I the only one who finds it funny when Salina de la Renta comes out simply to point at one of her Promociones Dorado wrestlers? Ha! I don’t know why, but I find it hilarious.

Unagi went for a side chop, Janai quickly avoids it by attempting a spin kick that her challenger also evades as well. Sayaka nearly pinned Kai with that sudden roll up from the corner.

Unagi manages to flip Janai off her feet with a clothesline off the ropes. Kai returns fire with a round hound kick to the sternum followed by multiple kicks to the back of Unagi’s spine. It was brutal to watch to be honest.

All of Kai’s strikes were well placed and meaningful every time that it seemed like Sayaka is at the Champion’s mercy. Sayaka fights out of the Dragon sleeper hold Janai has placed around her neck.

We haven’t seen Janai in a position that’s on the receiving end of people’s attacks rather than the one inflicting them. Unagi sends Janai against the mat face first. Luckily, Kai creates some separation with a heavy boot to Unagi’s jaw.

I’m amazed that Unagi nearly got Janai multiple times that she almost won the Championship. But don’t disregard the champ as she delivers one hell of a takedown followed by a thunderous kick that retains her gold.

Unagi did a spectacular job nevertheless. She put Kai through more than all her previous opponents mixed together. I can see why she thinks it’s easy to overlook them.

Winner: Janai Kai

AJ Francis vs. Alex Kane

Prior to the match, Francis kept instigating Kane to come out as he continues to trash talk him. AJ called Alex “scared”, which eventually forced the Suplex Assassin to reveal himself with a few people I don’t know right behind him. Of course, I recognize Mr. Thomas.

Anyway, the moment Kane marched to the ring, he swiftly went after Francis. Never mind the introduction… Ha! Kane body splashes on top of Francis laid on the apron.

AJ reserves Kane into a suplex, countering Alex. Now, Francis seems to be the one with the upper hand in this match. He crushes Kane in the corner of the ring… Tennessee Whiskey is at it again.

Francis took too much time, so Kane managed to fight back for a little while until that abrupt powerbomb on the apron raptures his momentum cold. The way Kane fell off the apron was mega weird and concerning to see. AJ is fine with a count-out win, but Kane slides back in.

Alex was on the receiving of dozens of Francis’ blows, yet he manages to spear AJ into oblivion since he never saw that coming. Ha! Those suplexes almost took AJ out.

Just when I thought Kane was the one gaining traction here, somehow, Francis ends up victorious after that choke slam. But that wasn’t the strangest part, it’s the fact that the referee’s three count was done very quickly to favor AJ. He’s been bribed…

When Francis mentioned there was disloyalty within the Bomaye Fight Club, he wasn’t entirely wrong. Those unknown bastards I talked about earlier rose their hands in solidarity towards AJ. That made MSL all too happy.

“That ref is a hoe.” is Kane’s reaction after all that. Ha! Ha! I like the fact that he can still walk away from this with snark in his voice.

Winner: AJ Francis 

I’m not sure what the living hell was going on backstage, but Akira was making his way to ring for a special interview and got assaulted by The Calling. It got crazy real fast…

Mads Krugger vs. “Bock Shot” Bryan Bock?

Well… a guy named Devin Diaz was supposed to debut tonight, but Bryan Bock cut him off and issued an open challenge that, regrettably, got answered by Contra Unit leader, Mads Krugger. Yikes.

Naturally, Bryan thought he should get the jump on Krugger first, however, Mads makes great work out of Bock as if he was never affected.

One of Krugger’s men tried to get in on the assault and manages to hurt Bock a little bit, but Mads pulls him back to form. He demands a steel chair, gets one and destroys Bock with it. Now, Krugger has ordered his men to retrieve some weaponry from under the ring such a wooden door.

Mads didn’t think he was going to get sent through, did he? Ha! Ha! Ha! Bryan managed to escape momentarily. But what happens later is unholy. Mads gets hit over the head with the remains of the door and doesn’t move. He choke slams Bryan as a return fire.

Krugger claims another victim by planting Bryan on his face. The pleasantries weren’t over yet as the Contra soldiers are motioned to carry Bryan’s lifeless body to God knows where at the behest of Mads.

Wow… I love how we just carried an entire body away, and we simply move on like “Okay, a body was just taken, but the next bout is…” Ha!

Winner: Mads Krugger

Richard Adonis vs. Bad Dude Tito

Adonis looks to shock some people in his debut match against a fighter presented by Salina de la Renta, Bad Dude Tito. Oof. I won’t jump to conclusions, but you better be careful Richard.

Due to the fact that Tito arrogantly threw his shirt in Adonis’ face, Richard saw no choice but to go after him early. He hardly made a dent… Tito, however, he made sure to make him pay with a belly-to-belly overhead suplex.

The final nail in Adonis’ coffin was the Tequila Screwdriver ending him as I knew it would. After the fight was finished, Tito announces that he isn’t here to “stand here and look pretty,” he wants gold. He doesn’t care whether it’s Kojima or Rickey Shane Page.

Winner: Bad Dude Tito

Matt Riddle (c) vs. Kosei Fujita – NJPW World Television Championship match

Both men jacking for position as they attempt to get a handle on other’s movements. Fujita can see that the champ he’s facing isn’t average, and so can Riddle as they stare at each other from a distance.

Riddle and Fujita exchange slapping blows to the other’s chest as it echoes across the arena. The match really begins after that. Matt inflicts his striking kicks to the stomach.

Riddle was able to get underneath Fujita and initiate a surprise suplex. It was soo quick that Kosei didn’t see it coming. The champ nearly pins Kosei with that bridge cover. Luckily, Kosei fights back by putting his knees up in time then follows that up with a standing Huricarana.

That springboard Senton from Kosei hurt Riddle badly, but the game wasn’t over just yet. A near fall is all Fujita got. However, he continues on the attack with the Guillotine sleeper hold in the middle of ring.

Matt slips through and delivers a knee to the stomach of Kosei, breaking the hold. This match has been stellar to watch.

It gets even more insane when Kosei blocks Matt from going high rick by grabbing him from the waist and flipping him onto the mat, right on the temple of Matt’s head. That could have ended him right there, but Riddle had great ring awareness to grab the bottom rope.

Riddle squashes Kosei’s momentum with a flying knee then ends the fight with a Brostone. Kosei may have lost, but he did so amazingly. Riddle recognizes that, too. He wants to challenge for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship again and become king.

Winner: Matt Riddle 

Backstage in Cesar Duran’s office, he congratulates Salina for signing Bad Dude Tito and having Janai Kai retain her title despite calling her a “cretin”. Although, he reckons that if Delmi Exo was in the ring, she’d be Champion.

Duran challenges Salina to bring her best Luchadores and his best Luchadores to Azteca Lucha like he mentioned before, but now, he added a bonus. Whoever wins the most Lucha matches will be awarded the key to all power in the Lucha business.

On April 20, we’ll be getting a part two to War Chamber with matches such as the Death Fighters vs. The Calling.

Elsewhere, Mads Krugger reminds us that he’s been waiting for over two years for revenge, so now, it’s time for to deliver on that promise. Commentary seems confused and claustrophobic…

Mistico (c) vs. Angel de Oro – MLW World Middleweight Championship match in Mexico City

Oof… that went fast. The flip Mistico did on Angel caused a dent as he lays there slightly hurt. It was a damn whiplash. Mistico soars through the ropes and lands on Angel like a human missile.

The second time going, de Oro stops him from executing a suicide dive. As we continue to delve into this Championship match, Angel is the one with the upper hand. It’s only later that Mistico gains some strength back in order to sling Angel over.

Mistico is a sight to see every time he’s on screen. Both men were amazing to watch as one tries to retain his title while the other attempts to snatch it away.

Mistico retains his Championship with a ring-a-round arm bar, La Mistica, that Angel taps to immediately, just like Rocky Romero. Ha! The only difference is the sportsmanship between de Oro and Mistico.

Winner: Mistico 

CozyMax & Second Gear Crew vs. WTF – War Chamber match

We’re not waiting until they get into the Chamber, Matthew Justice and Josh Bishop start brawling on the main floor. Bishop whips Justice into the steel steps. My God… Matthew gets some breathing room after one of his associates throws a chair at Josh before slugging into the cage.

Things got crazy before anything significant even began as you hear the wailing cries of Bishop. All of a sudden, Josh has the upper hand. He uses a chair, a kendo stick and a wooden door. Matthew counters back with a spear before he gets powerbombed into that door.

3, 2, 1, the second entry for the World Titan Federation is Tom Lawlor. Although, he’s momentarily outnumbered, Matthew does everything he can to fight back from two fronts until help comes.

Luckily, as Justice was getting mulled, 1 Called Manders is here to even the score. Manders hammers down on Lawlor as Justice takes on Bishop. The Second Gear Crew seem to have the upper scale here, but that was before Davey Boy Smith Jr. made his entrance.

Justice and Manders meet Davey at the door prior to anything happening, yet that doesn’t last long once Lawlor and Bishop get back on their feet. Oof, the nonsensical spills occurring inside the ring were not in Manders and Justice’s favor, so happily, Shigeo Okumura has arrived.

Okumura holds his own with a DDT/Stunner combination on Lawlor and Bishop before sending a beautiful exploder suplex to Davey. Shigeo was alone for a little while as he applies the Figure 4 submission on Tom. Justice and Manders finally get back in the game.

Matthew smashes that war helmet right on the skull of Josh. Oof. Ouch. The wind of change took root when Richard Holliday came into the fray, but that didn’t overstay its welcome once the final entrant for Okumura, Manders and Justice’s team arrives to officially start the match. Satoshi Kojima.

Matthew leaps from the top of the Chamber and bulldozes through everyone. Holliday is suplexed on the hard surface between the rings. Bishop throws Justice into a wooden door. Davey soon follows suit against Manders.

Justice and Manders team up to deliver a high risk tornado DDT to Lawlor off the top of the Chamber. Wow-wee. MSL is shocked! Ha! Something else that’s funny is when Laurent’s plan didn’t work.

He passed a bag of powder to Holliday, so he could blind Kojima. Luckily, Satoshi saw that coming and knocked Holliday out for a victory!

Although, that’s all good and well, something else seems to be taking place backstage. Flashing images of Contra stomping to the ring. This has nothing to do with them, and yet they’re here again. Swarming the squared circle.

Mads is seen pacing. He orders his men to cut open the cage door as they overflow the scene. CozyMax and the SGC are fighting them off in one of the messiest brawls I’ve ever seen…

Fire was thrown… Mist was sprayed into Justice’s eyes… Bodies, bodies, bodies….

The one comical thing I can say to lighten the mood is that I saw one of the Contra soldiers trip over one of their victims. Ha! He probably thought no one saw that.

Winners: CozyMax & Second Gear Crew 


TOP PHOTO: Contra decimating the winners. Courtesy of MLW