Our show gets right to the action with a grudge match with Stand and Deliver ever present and looming on the horizon. Which reminds me. Why doesn’t NXT have its own Stand and Deliver logo hanging above the ring? Come on, Shawn. Get with it.

Tatum Paxley versus Roxanne Perez

Perez takes her jacket off staring menacingly at the entrance way. Perez attacks Paxley before she can even enter the ring swarming her at the entrance way. Perez kicks, punches Paxley in a corner. Paxley ducks a punch drop kicking Perez in the face. Perez works over Paxley’s arm with submissions, arm bars, wrapping it in the ropes and just yanking the crap out of it throughout the match. Perez even steps on Paxley’s arm trying to pull it right out of its socket. Perez ducks out of the way. Paxley rams her own arm into a turnbuckle. Paxley taps out to a Perez’s crossface.

Perez calls for the microphone. She demands that GM Ava come down to the ring and award her the NXT Women’s Championship since Lyra Valkyria cannot compete or defend it with her injured arm. The championship Perez never lost, according to her. Instead of Ava, Perez gets Valkyria who has one arm in a sling. They get into a slugfest at the entrance way. Perez shoves Valkyria into Paxley then knocks her on her ass with a haymaker. Perez rips Valkyria’s arm out of the sling targeting it with elbow smashes and a crossface submission. Officials pull Perez off of Valkyria. Perez stand with the title belt mocking Valkyria. 

Winner: Roxanne Perez

Meta-Four meets backstage. Dar cannot wait until his gets his hands on Williams. Lash Legend fanning herself: “After that kiss last week I cannot wait to get my hands on him either.” When Meta-Four has a freak out Lash clarifies that she wants to get her hands on him so she can thrash him for what he did. Alpha Academy walks into frame. We have Otis, Tozawa and Maxxine Dupri. Otis says he is jealous of Trick Williams because of the loving he got last week. Lash is disgusted.

Lyra is receiving medical attention in the back. Ava checks in on her. Lyra demands to put the title on the line and face Perez at Stand and Deliver. Ava: “If that’s what you want.” Ava makes the match.

Josh Briggs interrupts the announce team. He walks off with a microphone demanding that Oba Femi meet him in the ring. He has something to say to him. Femi obliges. Femi says in the ring there is no room for emotion. Briggs tells Femi he has just met his match in him. He challenges Femi to put the title on the line at Stand and Deliver.

Oba Femi and Josh Briggs have a meeting of the minds. Courtesy: NXT.

“Josh, don’t say I didn’t warn you,” says Femi smiling.

Out comes Dijak to spoil all of the fun. Dijak reminds Femi that he challenged him last week. Briggs calls Dijak a “wannabe Shaft”. Dijak reminds Briggs that he is white and Shaft is not.

Briggs shoves Dijak into Femi. A brawl breaks out with no one getting the upper-hand.

Shawn Spears has been watching the entire situation playout backstage. “Pride always comes before the fall. Such a shame,” he says with glee before leaving the locker room. Joe Gacy peaks out from underneath one of the benches.

Carmelo Hayes arrives at the arena with his security in tow.

Nathan Frazer and Axiom versus No Quarter Catch Crew – No. 1 Contender Qualifier Match

Charlie Dempsey and Myles Borne are NQCC’s choices to compete in this match. Frazer and Axiom switch in and out confusing Dempsey. Dempsey suplexes his way out of the ring but Frazer lands on his feet. Axiom makes the blind tag. Axiom clobbers Borne from behind. Frazer clotheslines Borne out of the ring. Axiom and Frazer fly onto their competition on the floor. Dempsey suplexes Axiom out of his boots. Axiom lands at the feet of the rest of NQCC. They don’t give him a moment to catch his breath. They throw him back into the ring. Axiom and Dempsey get into a chopping match in the middle of the ring. Frazer pins Borne with his splash off the top rope as Axiom takes out Dempsey.

Winners: Nathan Frazer and Axiom

NXT Anonymous records Von Wagner and Robert Stone arguing backstage last week. Stone is furious Wagner carried him out of the ring like baby after his match with Lexis King. He thinks Von made a fool out of him in front of his kids, family. “I don’t care what the hell you do,” says Stone throwing up his hands and storming off.

Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker are interviewed backstage. They argue over who should have paid for dinner last night. Corbin says that when it was time to pay Bron bailed. The Alpha Academy is baack. They want in on the tournament. Otis and Tozawa challenge the champs to a match next week. If they win, they solidify their place in the tournament.

Sol Ruca versus Brinley Reece

Before the match begins Reece does some push-ups to warm up. Reece arm drags Ruca. Ruca flips over landing on her feet. It quickly becomes more of a gymnastics contest than a wrestling match. Ruca catches Reece in a corner sending her out with authority. Reece misses Ruca and hits the steel post. Ruca puts her away with her Soul Snatcher finisher.

Winner: Sol Ruca

Blair Davenport attacks Ruca from behind after the match KO-ing her with a knee strike.

The Don and The Family are in the arena.

Gigi Dolin and Wren Sinclair chat about Gigi’s loss last week. Gigi cannot believe the official caught her “low blow” but failed to see Arianna Grace’s. Grace enters. She calls Gigi “Georgina” and gives her a present. It is a sash which reads: Miss NXT In Training.

We are shown Ridge Holland’s Instagram post in which he says he is “going to do what everyone wants him to do”. He doesn’t clarify what that means but I am sure we will find out soon.

The Family has something to say and it isn’t about Luca Crusifino’s goofy shoes and missing socks either. Gross. Courtesy: NXT.

The Family walks out to the ring. Tony says the Family is going through a boom and is experiencing “aggressive expansion”. Tony has respect for Ilja Dragunov and what he has been doing for his family. Tony claims he will “break the unbreakable”. Ilya appears on the big screen. Ilya states the NXT Championship is beyond Tony’s reach. Tony announces that Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo has a match against Ilya next week. “I will see you at Stand and Deliver but what shape will you be in?” asks Tony. He promises Ilya will be “buried” at Stand and Deliver.

Thea Hail apologizes to Riley Osborne for the way she treated him during their date. She just wasn’t feeling like her true self. She wonders if they can still be friends. Osborne forgives Thea and they head out to the ring with the rest of Chase U.

Riley Osborne versus No Quarter Catch Crew – NXT Heritage Cup Match

Chase U turns their attention to some uninvited guests. Courtesy: NXT.

Round One

NQCC puts Drew Gulak against Osborne. Riley’s flippy-flips have Gulak playing catch up at the start of the bout. Riley’s arm drags have him backpedaling. Gulak carries through putting Riley in an arm bar. A big chop from Gulak lights up Riley. Riley pins Gulak with a Shooting Star Press though.

Round Two

Gulak rolls out of the ring. He is distracted by Chase U. Riley splashes him. Riley is almost pinned by his own crossbody when Gulak reverses things on him. Gulak catches Riley with a quick roll-up. One of NQCC super kicks Riley in the face.

Round Three

Riley’s kick to the head puts Gulak down. Gulax puts Riley in a body scissors, Gulak. Riley doesn’t submit as the bell rings. Jacy Jayne and Jazmyn Nyx wander down to ringside.

Round Four

Gulak and Riley are locked up trying to flip each other over. Riley stops Gulak in his tracks with a chop to the chest. Gulak fires back. Chase U and Jayne start arguing. As the official is distracted by Hail and Jayne fighting Nyx knock Riley off the top rope. He is pinned by Gulak.

Winner: Drew Gulak

Fallon Henley tries to talk some sense into Brooks Jensen in the parking lot. Jensen has had it with everything, including NXT. He walks away in a huff. Kelani Jordan runs into Henley. She is STILL huffing and puffing over what happened last week. Henley offers to be Kelani’s partner going forward.

Riley Osborne and Thea Hail meet with GM Ava. Ava signs a match between Hail and Nyx next week. Ava says she has had her eye on Riley and if he wins his match next week he could be in the hunt for the North American Championship.

Hank Walker and Tank Ledger versus Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson – No. 1 Contender Qualifier Match

My. My. How The Good Brothers have fallen. One of the greatest tag teams in the world is slumming it in NXT. Perhaps they too are one step out of the door of the WWE. Gallows has to be tagged in order to level the playing the field ad Tank and Hank are just two brutes. Gallows bounces Hank off the ringside barricades and a steel post. The OC separates Hank from Tank doling out punishment. Hank and Tank bowl over Gallows with a double shoulder tackle. Gallows and Hank battle on the floor. Gallows throws Hank into the steel steps. Spinebuster by Anderson and Magic Killer for the win.

Winners: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

Roxanne Perez is caught before she has left the arena. “If Lyra isn’t going to do the right thing and hand me the NXT Women’s Championship I am going to rip it out of her hands at Stand and Deliver!” growls Perez. Now, get out of her face.

Kiana James, Izzi Dame, Jacy Jayne and Jazmyn Nyx meet backstage. They have a good laugh about how Kelani Jordan got punked last week. Kiana cannot believe that after all Jacy did for Thea, Thea has treated her this way. Kiana calls what Jacy did “charity work”. When Jayne and Nyx leave Fallon Henley and Kelani Jordan jump James and Dame. Officials have to be called in to break things up.

Noam Dar versus Trick Williams

Williams is all over Dar slamming him again and again and again. The two hit shoulders in the middle of the ring. Dar puts Williams in arm bar. Williams rolls out of it. Dar leaps onto Williams with a guillotine. Williams responds by breaking loose and landing some uppercuts. Dar kicks the rope out from under Williams. He falls hard to the mat. Dar charges in with a drop kick for a near fall.

We go backstage where Melo’s bodyguards knock on his dressing room door saying: “It is time, Melo.”

Dar gets clocked and rolls to the floor. Dar whips Williams into the steel steps. He breaks out of another submission by Dar. Nothing as far as submissions are working for Dar. Dar and Williams get into a slugfest. Williams hits Dar with a flying clothesline. Dar counters with a DDT for a two count. Dar puts Williams in a knee bar. Williams reaches the ropes to break things up. Dar lays in kicks and haymakers on Williams in the ropes.

Williams hits a Rock Bottom on Dar. Williams unleashes axe kick after axe kick. Oro Mensah tries to interfere. Williams blasts him. Lash leaps up on the apron. She tries to slap Williams distracting him. Williams grabs her hand. This allows Dar to hit a German Suplex from behind. Williams counters the Nova Rolla with a Trick Shot.

Winner: Trick Williams

Williams takes to the mike to call out Hayes. “Hayes, we don’t have to wait until Stand and Deliver. Bring your punk ass out here now!” he says.

Melo or not? Courtesy: NXT.

Melo’s bodyguard come out and surround the ring. Then and only then does Hayes come out. He just stands in the entrance way. Suddenly. one of the bodyguards rips off his mask. It is Hayes!

Hayes hits Williams from behind. He pounces on a fallen Williams punching and kicking him. The bodyguard drag Williams to his knees holding him prone for Hayes. Hayes punches and punches Williams as he screams in his face. Hayes calls his bodyguards off. They drop a destroyed Hayes who slumps to the mat.

Hayes looks Williams in the eyes, waves at him then nails him with a running knee strike as the crowd boos.

Vic Joseph: “Carmelo has silenced the hype.” Melo kneels over Williams pointing in his face as the credits roll.