Tiffany Nieves has been making waves in the National Wrestling Alliance and “La Princesa” wants the women to know their place, including Ruthie Jay.  Thrillbilly Silas Mason will have a chat on the show, and Blake “Bulletproof” Troop will face Bryan Idol in the main event that will have incentives heading into Hard Times.

This leads to a vignette from when Nieves had the Fujiwara armbar on Jay on a recent episode of NWA POWERRR.

We’re back at The PowerrrStation as Joe Galli and Danny Dealz have the call, and they throw it to Kyle Davis.  He’s with “Thrillbilly” Silas Mason, and he he tells Davis, “Quite frankly, the biggest man who’s ever lived.  It’s almost like an eclipse; like when the sun is hidden by the moon in the light of this National title, man.  To think, man, when I was just born in the bathroom of a Waffle House in Tupelo, Mississippi having ascended to the top of all professional sports on all the blockbuster lists.” 

Now Thrillbilly humbly compares himself as greater than George Washington, Genghis Khan, and Jesus Christ, and before he can get to the nitty-gritty, out comes his “third cousin” Bruiser Bob (imagine Bruiser Brody if he was shorter and had a faux hawk) who claims Mason owes him a title shot. Mason apologizes and admits he was drunk when he made that offer, and that prompts Bob to proclaim his time in Hollywood made him a snake in the grass.  Mason then mentions his second favorite movie with Cuba Gooding and Ben Affleck. It was Pearl Harbor and that’s when Alex Taylor and Kerry Morton attack. Devan Dixon comes in for the save and we learn William Patrick Corgan made an executive decision that this is the First Match of the Night.

“Bruiser” Bob and Devan Dixon vs. The Southern Six (Alex Taylor and Kerry Morton, with “Thrillbilly” Silas Mason)

Dixon is slamming everyone left and right onto the mat with abandon.  He tags in Bob and double team with a gut shot to the bread basket of Morton.  As soon a Bob takes over, Morton lays on the hurting and then sends Dixon crashing from the apron to the floor.  Now he and Taylor double team on Bob Southern Six Style, and the Bruiser is in Peril.  Bob manages to fight his way out, gets the hot tag to Dixon and he is a Dangerous man who’s En Fuego.  Things look good for the big man until a distraction by Mason on the outside allows Morton to connect with the Kiss It Goodbye and then The Showstopper secures the win.

Your Winners via Pinfall:  The Southern Six

After the match, Mason lays “The Natty” in the center of the ring and makes it clear he’s coming for EC3 and the Ten Pounds of Gold

“Thrillbilly” Silas Mason makes a statement laying down the NWA National title that he is coming for the Ten Pounds of gold.

Vampiro with another promo as he tells this mysterious someone that he wants them to fail, but hopes they prove him wrong.  That leads to a wide shot of Alex Misery grinning like a loon.

In the wake of Mason’s Abdication of the National title, William Patrick Corgan announces there will be a fast track of wrestlers who want to vie for the belt and will compete over time for a spot in a fatal four-way match at Hard Times in Dothan, AL to crown a new champion. 

Uhh, me likes.  Also, one of those spots will be featured in the main event tonight.  

But it’s time for women’s action and it’s the rubber match between…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

“La Princesa” Tiffany Nieves vs. “The Five Star Athlete” Ruthie Jay

La Princesa easily shows dominance early in the match and it almost looks like we will get a repeat of her debut match as she keeps Jay grounded.  The Five Star Athlete responds with a head scissors takedown to Nieves and then a running crossbody in the corner.  She trips up Nieves and nails a slingshot Meteora in the corner to cover for a two-count.  Jay proceeds with chops to the chest and gets cute which allows Nieves to catch her mid-air in the corner and sends her into the top turnbuckle for snake eyes.  She props Jay up top and channels her inner Sonya from Mortal Kombat and she gives a handstand huracanrana and covers for a count of two.

She quickly gets her in body scissors and Jay pushes back in a pin attempt to make her release the hold.  She goes for another head scissors takedown but Nieves is prepared and she reverses to a spinning side slam and covers for another two count.  Jay isn’t down and goes back with chops followed by a thrust kick to a dropkick, and then a front facebuster however, it only gives Jay a two count.  She picks up Nieves in a fireman’s carry, but La Princesa elbows her way out and gives a spinebuster.  She locks Jay in a modified Texas Cloverleaf, and she tries to fight out.  Nieves pulls her into the center of the ring and The Five Star Athlete has no choice but to submit.

Your Winner via Submission:  Tiffany Nieves

May Valentine with Burchill and Bobby Fulton. Burchill places the roster on notice and confidently states he will be in the fatal four-way at Hard Times and emerge as the NWA National champ. Fulton says he will step in and be a second to AJ Cazana, as his dad Joe Cazana was suspended due to his actions against Anthony Andrews on POWERRR. and he’ll make sure he wins the match.

Burchill talks with May Valentine, alongside Bobby Fulton on his prospects in the NWA.

Kyle Davis now has Eric Smalls, and the Half Pint Punk claims he has always been the underdog. That brings out Trevor Murdoch and Mike Knox.  Murdoch is a little aggravated after being kicked in the nethers at Samhain and wants to know why.  Smalls points out “Prison Rules” and that he needed to attack the biggest guy in the yard.  Murdoch respects that and that proves he has some big brass between his legs.  That brings out the “Biggest Brother” Rolando along with Spencer.  He calls BS and says when he did the same thing to Murdoch, he didn’t get the same respect.  Murdoch points out it’s because he doesn’t have the same brass as Smalls.  This leads to a six-man challenge as The Spectaculars 2.0 want to face Murdoch, Knox, and Smalls in six-man tag action.  

Valentine now has The Immortals, and they are both bruised after dealing with Blunt Force Trauma last week on POWERRR.  Kratos talks about Aron Stevens’ “offer” that they need to drop their NWA US Tag Team titles for a shot at the NWA World Tag Team belts.  Kratos says he is all too familiar with Steven’s chicanery and says only when he stares at him across the ring will he and Odinson even consider their offer.

Odinson (left) and Kratos talk to May Valentine on Aron Stevens’s offer from the last NWA POWERRR.

Let’s head back to the ring because it is time for The Main Event with…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

Blake “Bulletproof” Troop (with Chris Silvio, Esq.) vs. Bryan Idol (with Natalia Markova)

Galli lets us know this is the first of many matches for a spot at the fatal four-way for the National title.  The bell rings and Idol and Troop lock up.  They go hold for hold until Idol misses on offense and Troop connects with Muay Thai-style knees to the head. Silvio gives a helping hand to his client, who’s currently distracting the ref, as he trips up Idol and stomps him on the floor.  Markova kicks up a fuss and then Silvio throws him back in the ring.  Troop takes his sweet time softening up Idol with a gutwrench suplex.  He pulls the pin and is about to launch a hand grenade at Idol, but he ducks at the last minute and Troop goes out of the ring to the floor.  Idol dives to the outside, and things are starting to look up his way.

Back in the ring, Idol goes up the top turnbuckle and Silvio distracts him long enough for Troop to land a superplex to crash to the mat.  Now Markova and Silvio get in the ring and they start to mix it up.  He pie faces and disrespects the Crush by shoving her to the mat, and Markova returns the receipt to Silvio with a punt to his…err, little esquires.  Once order gets restored in the ring,  Troop goes for the hand grenade and Idol quickly ducks out of the way and connects with a neckbreaker.  He follows with a knee to the chest and Idol climbs up the top turnbuckle and nails with a springboard moonsault for a two count.  Troop quickly gets behind Idol and reverses to a bulldog choke.  He struggles but quickly fades as the ref calls it, and that means…

Your Winner via Submission:  Blake “Bulletproof” Troop

Troop has punched his ticket as one of four entrants for the National title, as the show goes to the credits.


NWA Powerrr: 03/19/2024

Final Thoughts:


A lot of shakeup in the National title picture, and Mason facing EC3 was bound to happen sooner or later.  Looks like it’ll be sooner.

Nieves is proving her mettle in the women’s division, and Troop clinching the win will mean more title opportunities for “Bulletproof” in the future.

Until then, see ya next Tuesday as I recap from The CW.