Once Upon a Time in New York, Cesar Duran announces the biggest upcoming premium event on May 11, Azteca Lucha, promoted by El Jefe himself is going to Chicago. He challenges Salina de la Renta to bring her best Luchadores to engage in battle with one of his, if she has any after Rocky Romero lost his MLW Middleweight Championship to Mistico at Intimidation Games.

Duran notes that de la Renta still has the Featherweight Championship in her procession, hoping that his Luchadoress can take it from Janai Kai. Those intentions encourage Zayda and Brett Ryan Gosselin to make an appearance.

Later tonight, Zayda will be going one-on-one with Delmi Exo in a number one contenders match, and she doesn’t believe that Duran’s Luchadoress should cut the line.

Cesar dares her to disrespect him again, which she doesn’t fully, but still asks why are Lucha promoters shady? Despite how annoying she is, Zayda asks a good question. Duran replies by informing her that they don’t deal with “babies”. Zayda finds that offensive as she tries to take a potshot at Salina by calling her a “Smurf b*tch,”, however, de la Renta shuts her and Brett up real quick.

Salina accepts Cesar’s challenge and promises to cancel him like his Underground series while Rocky Romero is seen beating a Azteca henchman in the background.

Brett Ryan Gosselin vs. Love, Doug vs. Ichiban vs. Marcus Mather vs. Dyln McCay vs. Cannonball – 6-man Scramble match

I feel bamboozled… Ha! Just as Cannonball makes his entrance as the last participant, Akira attacks him with a baseball bat. Sami Callihan and Rickey Shane Page come out of nowhere to jump the Death Fighter, who’s momentarily outnumbered as Jake Crist evens the odds.

Two security members were hit by that baseball bat attempting to control the brawl. Ha! Because of this kafuffle, you slightly forget there’s a Scramble match happening. Everyone, except for Cannonball, pounce on Brett Ryan Gosselin, rightfully so.

Marcus Mathers battles with Love, Doug while Ichiban takes on the other half of Wasted Youth, Dyln McCay. Cannonball’s ass is still struggling to get in the ring. Ha! God knows where BRG is after that overwhelming assault.

Doug climbs back into this match by delivering a Bulldog to Mathers. He drove a right hand on McCay, too, the moment he crawled back inside the ring. McCay impresses with a tornado DDT from the second rope.

BRG enlists assistance from his best friend, Zayda, as she delivers a kick to McCay’s jaw just as Gosselin side Russian sweeps him against the main floor. Cannonball is still slugging his butt to the fight.

When he makes it, he turns Gosselin’s arrogant self inside out with a whiplash of an uppercut. I swear Brett’s eyes went to the back of his head. Ha! The atmosphere of this match changes the second Cannonball choke slams Ichiban and Doug at the same time.

He even wastes both members of Wasted Youth so effortlessly. Gosselin prevents Cannonball from securing a victory, but to what extend? Idiocy. Well, Zayda saw he needed help, so she climbs on the apron and starts screeching like a banshee. That distracts Cannonball from being attentive towards Brett, who issues a low blow.

Ichiban, Doug and Mathers perform a triple Super Kick to Brett. The tied turns as Marcus and Ichiban collide in the middle. Then Doug and Dyln follow suit.

During the fight, glitches erupted on the screen. Mads Krugger kept coming in and out. I was only able to understand one word, instructions. Hmm?

Gosselin tried to cheat by using the second rope as leverage against Doug, but the referee was able to catch him. McCay nearly got Brett down, yet Gosselin reverses and pins Dyln for a victory. Life is sad…

Winner: Brett Ryan Gosselin

Anticipation is coming with War Chamber looming. The Death Fighters consisting of Akira, Jimmy Llyod, Jake Crist and Raven take on The Calling’s Sami Callihan, Rickey Shane Page, Cannonball and Doctor Cornwallis.

Azteca 66 vs. Bad Dude Tito – Azteca Lucha vs. Promociones Dorado

Tito bulldozes through Azteca 66, all the way to the corner of the ring. He misses with a chop, but Tito hardly budges when 66 ineffectively hits his jaw.

Tito delivers a beautiful exploder suplex that would have ended this match if he hadn’t stopped the three count of his own volition. He decides to prolong the fight just a little bit. 66 tries t0 fight back, yet I don’t see the point as Tito finishes him off by driving his head against the mat.

Well, bye.

Winner: Bad Dude Tito

MLW is happy to welcome Unagi Sayaka to debut at War Chamber, March 29. Also, CozyMax, 1 Called Manders and Matthew Justice versus WTF’s Josh Bishop, Richard Holliday, and the World Tag Team Champions Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Tom Lawlor come to a head.

Matt Riddle versus Timothy Thatcher will be a sight to behold. Concerning the World Featherweight Championship, Janai Kai defends it against Unagi Sayaka. Alex Kane and AJ Francis meet in middle of War Chamber. Virus of Promociones Dorado fights Star Jr. of Azteca Lucha.

Back at Intimidation Games, AJ Francis claims that some within the Bomaye Fight Club aren’t as loyal as they seem to be. It got inside Alex Kane’s head, but the rumor hasn’t been confirmed. Mr. Thomas faces Francis of the World Titan Federation next.

Mr. Thomas vs. AJ Francis

I adore the nonsense that was going on prior to the fight.

Francis may have stunned Kane by showing his disappointment in him for losing the World Heavyweight Championship during Black History Month. Oof. Luckily, Mr. Thomas is eager to beat AJ’s ass as he marches into the ring.

Francis called Mr. Thomas a “Ninja Turtle looking ass,” before getting cut off by Thomas’ incoming strikes. Ha! Francis was getting whipped around like a chew toy with no head. Clearly, he wasn’t using it. Ha!

Francis catches Thomas in mid-air and slams his ass on the mat. AJ delivers a running knee to Thomas’ face then flips over the ropes to bask in the roars of the audience. Yeah, he actually went over the ropes this time, even though, it looked like an accident. Ha! AJ calls that Tennessee Whiskey.

Thomas counters with Huricarana followed by a splash in the corner. But what happens later baffles me. I didn’t expect that small distraction from MSL to destabilize Thomas so badly that that move from Francis called the Cash Out would actually keep him down.

Winner: AJ Francis

Delmi Exo vs. Zayda – Number One Contenders match for World Featherweight Championship

Salina de la Renta joins commentary during this fight, but not before she sprays an 82 dollar Dior parfum in Joe Dombrowski’s face. Ha! Ha! Apparently the booth smelled “putrid”.

What came as a shock to Salina was witnessing Cesar Duran standing side-by-side with Delmi Exo, who has officially joined Azteca Lucha. Given the months of cryptic gifts sent by those Azteca henchmen, I’m not surprised to see this development taking root.

After a few tussling movements, Delmi delivers a knee strike to Zayda’s face causing her to wobble a little bit. Zayda reverses by yanking on Exo’s hair and dragging her down. WTF’s Federette hits a Code Red that nearly puts Delmi away.

Another note from Contra’s leader, Mads Krugger comes glitching in.

We hit a stalemate between Zayda and Delmi as we find them both down on the mat, rolling around for dear life. The referee counts to three before these ladies finally get back on their feet.

I’m disappointed, to say the least, that Exo was able to win with the Delmi Driver off a distraction from an Azteca henchman. That’s… definitely not how I wanted her to get back on top.

Salina also finds this ridiculous. Zayda is seen having a tantrum… Yikes. She makes the mistake to name drop Janai Kai as the “wannabe Karate kid,” Ha! So, Kai makes her pay with a knockout slap.

Cesar attempts to orchestrate a title match between Kai and Exo, but Salina thwarts that real fast. “So classy, as always. A ten dollar word for a two dollar whore.” Duran counters. That sends the fans flying off their seats… Jesus punches Cesar at the behest of Salina.

Janai and Delmi are also throwing hands as security arrive to break up the fight. Well, they try, anyway.

Winner: Delmi Exo

Matt Riddle vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Matt spins Davey into an attempted arm bar, but Smith Jr. manages to block it and pins Riddle for a two count. Both men are muscling for position with grabbling maneuvers. The match kept pausing for a moment because Davey was seen whispering to Josh Bishop.

Bishop trips Riddle while the referee isn’t looking as they discussed, I presume. Davey is now on top due to loads of cheap shots and backhanded retorts. Riddle is on the receiving end.

Matt is able to place some separation with a high knee kick to the jaw of Davey. Riddle may have removed Josh, but Davey delivers a headbutt. Matt does make a comeback with his impeccable MMA background.

Davey seizes the moment while Riddle was distracted by Bishop again with a superplex that nearly got Matt.

So many switch-a-roos. Ha! Davey places Matt into a tight Sharpshooter. Riddle slips out, so Smith Jr. had to re-adjust with a crossface. Luckily, Matt was able to grab the bottom rope.

Davey had Matt pinned for a moment, but Riddle reverses into a cover of his own long enough to secure a victory that shocks Davey. Even Riddle was surprised. Look again, you’ll see that was a three count.

Bishop tried to jump Riddle, but Matt knocks his ass out with a high knee strike.

Winner: Matt Riddle 

Just as Court Bauer was about to make an announcement, the music of Contra starts playing. In the background, flashing moving images of multiple struggles is being broadcasted. The Sentai Death Squad are seen mobilizing the officials then one of them attacks Bauer.

The cameramen could barely keep up.

We see Marcus Mathers, Love Doug and Ichiban coming to the aid of their boss, but to no avail. Mads Krugger wants blood on water. His target was Bauer as he gets crushed out silly to the point he needed help getting moved since he couldn’t do it on his own. Medical is on its way.

An age of cruelty is upon us.

Magnus vs. Star Jr. – Azteca Lucha vs. Promociones Dorado

You know what I’ve noticed? Azteca versus Promociones Dorado has nothing to do with its respectable wrestlers. This is strictly between Cesar Duran and Salina de la Renta. No one else poses any threat since they’re mainly here for Duran and de la Renta to channel their anger into.

A Power of egos battle royale. If the fighters weren’t also implicated then it would make no difference to feud. Don’t you think?

Magnus delivers a massive back elbow strike to Star Jr.’s face as he hits the mat harshly. He’s seen flexing his arrogance as one does. Star Jr. fights back by sending Magnus into the post like a bull attracted to red. Junior went flying, avoiding the post, so he could land on Magnus on concrete.

Magnus connects Junior’s spine with the guard rail, so he counters with a crossbody inside the ring. Magnus is sent into the fans after Junior successfully delivers a baseball slide kick.

Junior lands in the crowd as he flies over the ropes. “Holy sh*t” indeed. Luchadores are crazy. Junior nearly wins with the Destroyer. Later on, both men engage in a slapping competition. Big DOUBLE boot stuns them.

A double stomp to Magnus’ chest ends this bout in favor of Salina de la Renta. Cesar didn’t like the way it ended, so Magnus knocks the official out. Plus, Rocky Romero is seen laid on the floor with coins on his eyes at the hands of Duran. Ooh, freaky.

“Silver or led, Salina? You choose.”

Winner: Star Jr. 

So many people were found hurt tonight at the hands of Contra, some of which were taken to the hospital. Damn, I’ve never seen this amount of bodies on the floor.

CozyMax & Alex Kane vs. WTF – Trios match

The day that Kojima was getting a newly designed World Heavyweight Championship belt and Kane came to congratulate him, Satoshi’s knee was a target for further damage. It’s banged up. It could play a facture in this bout.

A scrambling collision between all six men starts the bell of this match. Holliday handles Okumura. Lawlor brawls Kane while Bishop squishes Kojima. The roles are switched as Kane, Okumura and Kojima are now the ones inflicting pain with dozens of chops.

A triple Cozy Cutter almost finishes the fight.

Richard Holliday attempts to shoulder tackle Okumura, but Shigeo remains on his feet. However, that quick elbow off the ropes knocks Okumura down. Luckily, Shigeo reverses with a nice deep, deep ass arm drag.

Once Kane and Lawlor are tagged in, Alex tries to get a grip on Tom, who continues to avoid him as best he can. Lawlor kicks Kane down to size. Alex turns things around with a belly-to-belly takedown.

Okumura and Kane team up for a suplex on Tom. Unfortunately, Shigeo finds himself trapped in the WTF corner, chocked on the second rope. Holliday sends Okumura face first against Lawlor and Bishop’s foots.

Shigeo hits a suplex in order to create some space to tag Kane as Holliday brings in Lawlor. Kane practically pinned Tom to point he couldn’t get his shoulder up, but he saved himself by grabbing the bottom rope.

Kojima hasn’t gotten in the fight yet, and anytime he could, he gets bulldozed by the opposition. Okumura helps bail Kane from an attempted suplex. Bishop choke slams Kane thinking this will be over, but he didn’t notice the tag Kojima made earlier. Satoshi comes in rams Josh for a three count.

But, that’s not what’s important. BRG and Davey Boy Smith Jr. were watching and came to assert dominance. They weren’t the only ones. Akira and Jake Crist are still fighting with Callihan and Rickey Shane Page on the rooftop.

What the hell is going on?? Madness… The Second Gear Crew join the hostility as well as AJ Francis.

Winners: CozyMax & Alex Kane 


TOP PHOTO: Court Bauer injured. Courtesy of MLW