A report by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service obtained by Wrestling-Online.com states that they closed the Ashley Massaro case back in 2020.

The investigators concluded in their report that: “An unsuccessful attempt to locate the alleged crime scene was conducted. All logical investigative leads have been exhausted. To date, no subject, scene, or witnesses have been identified. The reported victim is deceased, and no prosecutorial venue exists within the NCIS RU Corpus Christi, TX area of responsibly. This case is closed.”

As he been reported previously, Massaro claimed she was sexual assaulted at a Naval Clinic aboard Camp Life Support Area (LSA) Kuwait. Massaro alleged that she was taken to a medical facility to be treated for dehydration and/or and was subsequently “raped” and “sodomized” by an individual she believed to be an active duty military physician while an unknown female stood guard.

Through the course of their investigation they were told that “no personnel assignment records for medical personnel with respect to overseas deployments” and the personnel they did interview didn’t recall any WWE superstar being treated at the facility.

They also stated that there were inconsistencies with Massaro’s statements.

For example, “Massaro insisted on attending a photo shoot with troops after her release from the medical clinic which is inconsistent with the narrative in her affidavit wherein she reports being taken to her hotel room where she went to sleep and remained until it was time for the tour to move to the next destination on the tour schedule”. The photos were examined by the investigators who found that the dates they were taken coincided with the photo shoot she participated in.

There was also an interesting piece of information. The investigators say multiple attempts were conducted to interview a civilian who was a supervising physician in Kuwait in 2006 but they declined to be interviewed via their attorney.

Massaro passed away in 2019.