The resurrection of perfection came to NXT, dropping the 10 and wielding a steel chair instead. Weeks of cryptic messages led to the return of Shawn Spears, who familiarly appeared hooded inside a spotlight to blindside Ridge Holland.

NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov opened the show to call out Carmelo Hayes, who obliged behind a line of security and requested an official contract before “talking business.” Jaida Parker and Gigi Dolin argued over place in line in NXT General Manager Ava’s office, and afterwards, Vic Joseph welcomed back Booker T to the announce desk – not faltering on his erratic energy one bit.

Kehlani Jordan vs Kiana James

“Wouldn’t be the first James to be jealous of a Jordan,” says Joseph about match predictions. Jordan’s flashy offense takes down both James and Izzi Dame before picture-in-picture, and she makes a comeback after break. Dame interferes pulling Jordan down from a springboard, and James capitalizes with an uninspiring facebreaker.

Winner: Kiana James


A tantrum-throwing Roxanne Perez runs into Jakara Jackson in footage from last week, and the former throws hands after hearing Meta-Four backtalk.

The Good Brothers vs Edris Enofe and Malik Blade

Booker T mentions both the IWGP Heavyweight and WWE Tag Team Championship wins of the veterans. They stifle the upstarts’ athletic style with meat-and-potatoes brawling until Enofe gets a hot tag, but Magic Killer from the Good Brothers puts it away. 

Winners: The Good Brothers


Andre Chase and Duke Hudson, followed by Nathan Frazer and Axiom, call their shots at a chance for revenge. But meanwhile, Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro of LWO sneak attack the winners and join forces with the others. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson feel like big dogs for once, but not quite like NXT Tag Team Champions The Wolf Dogs, who spectate from the podium.

Ava’s office gets busy with North American Champion Oba Femi and NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov. “We need to talk,” says the latter after a precursory stare down for a future war.

Jackara Jackson vs Roxanne Perez

Jackson and cornerwoman Lash Legend emit natural charisma, contrary to Perez who continues putting on a mean-streak schtick. Perez’s in-ring translates much more, but Jackson gains control after Legend is ejected. The former eventually cinches a Crossface for the submission victory while Booker T sides with her contempt for Shotzi getting an NXT Women’s Championship match before her.

Winner: Roxanne Perez


Jacy Jayne calls the old Thea Hail a loser and Fallon Henley a moron, leaving her fellow student for Kiana James and Izzi Dame. The Chase cinematic universe is unfortunately amidst its own phase four.

The NXT tag division might be cooking with Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin squaring with The Good Brothers. Corbin brings up AJ Styles slapping Karl Anderson, and Breakker enjoys his time doing side quests.

Dijak vs Luca Crusifino

It’s justice versus the law, and “The Legal Eagle” gets a few moments of shine in his blue slacks. They light each other with chops, but Dijak is brutal on another level. The big man rarely misses, and a spinning boot and Feast Your Eyes gives him the winner in a surprisingly exciting match.

Winner: Dijak


Joe Gacy appears free from his straitjacket, allowing Crusifino to blindside Dijak with his own nightstick. Tony D’Angelo watches from the monitors and orders Stacks to “go get him.” Taping or not, Gacy was apparently held hostage in that jacket for a hot minute.

Noam Dar celebrates close wins for Meta-Four and doesn’t sweat any member of No Quarter Catch Crew – not even “Charlie and his chocolate factory.” 

In-ring, NXT Women’s Champion Lyra Valkyria wishes Shotzi a speedy recovery and shows Lash Legend her respect. And keeping her promise, she rewards Tatum Paxley with a prize: a WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship match against the Kabuki Warriors at NXT Roadblock.

Ridge Holland impatiently kicks them out to start his own segment, to deserved jeers, and offers an apology for previous actions against Gallus. But the lights go out with a message: “Truth will ultimately prevail, but there is pain bringing it to light.” In the shadows, a hooded chairman blindsides Holland and reveals himself as Shawn Spears – as announced by commentary through censored “holy sh-” chants.

Brooks Jensen steps up to Oba Femi and vows to bust him up. Mullets give men an unwarranted confidence, but Jensen in particular is an underdog worth getting behind.

Kelly Kincaid is allowed to interview Carmelo Hayes after getting clearance from his security team. “Tell Ilja, ‘No contract, no Melo.’”

Lexis King vs Von Wagner 

“NXT is hot, and it’s the place to be,” says Booker T about the return of Spears. Headliners of the so-bad-it’s-good category in King and Wagner compete, and the former gains control by targeting his opponent’s left knee. He inadvertently runs them into Mr. Stone ringside, who comes back with a distraction for Wagner to win with a roll-up. King retaliates, hits the Coronation on Stone, and referees are forced to separate them.

Winner: Von Wagner


A package highlights the black-and-gold careers of Asuka and Kairi Sane in the heydays of NXT, fast-forwarding to their current tag title reign. The women’s locker room watches on, and Jaida Parker says Lyra Valkyria and Tatum Paxley will be embarrassed by them. Ariana Grace plays peacemaker like it isn’t a wrestling locker room – which granted, doesn’t come across on NXT anyway.

Gacy camouflages as a cameraman, sneaking up on Dijak and Ava backstage. They brawl yet again, and Ava scolds, “You cannot keep doing this!”

Gigi Dolin vs Jaida Parker

Parker looks big time flanked by Bronco Nima and Lucien Price – and Scrypts is still there too. She hits her signature moves that went viral on X, on normal feeds at that. Grace wanders ringside pleading to stop the fighting, and Dolin satisfyingly headbutts her before Parker gets the win with a running forearm. “We need to come together!” insists the failed peacekeeper.

Winner: Jaida Parker


Hovering over a beach, “see you seen” is written in the sand during an NXT Roadblock vignette. Speaking of, the rematch between Dijak and Gacy is made official in an Asylum Match next week.

Charlie Dempsey vs Noam Dar (c) – Heritage Cup Championship

Dempsey is revealed as the No Quarter Catch Crew challenger to a nice reaction, definitely inspired by his recent Japanese excursion. He smoothly executes a technical pin for the first point in round one, and Damon Kemp gets a cheapshot in on Dar before picture-in-picture. The brawl into round three where they trade submissions to the bell, and Drew Gulak vehemently tries waking up Dempsey from a spinning elbow. Dar evens the scores with Nova Roller, but the numbers game from No Quarter Catch Crew allows a German from Dempsey to bring the cup home.

Winner: Charlie Dempsey


Shawn Spears explains himself in the parking lot: “I like Ridge Holland, but he’s been lying to himself for far too long… The truth can bring you to your knees, and that’s why Shawn Spears is now in NXT. See you next week at Roadblock.”

Ava conducts the contract signing between Ilja Dragunov and Carmelo Hayes, but before long, Tony D’Angelo inserts himself into the equation. “There’s only one don,” says D’Angelo as all of Hayes’ security head to the back. He commands the table with a returning bravado, announcing a number-one contender’s match against Hayes next week. Dragunov accepts with one request: “whoop that Melo!” Hayes shoves “The Don” into the champion, sends him through the table, and signs the contract standing tall before Roadblock.


NXT 2/27/24

Orlando, FL

Shawn Spears picked up by NXT, not as Tye Dillinger, speaks volumes about WWE’s new outlook on outside wrestling. If Spears can return with that kind of autonomy, so can many others. The episode in general had sparse highlights, but they were surprisingly intriguing ones at that.