Monday wasn’t a good day for WWE superstar The Miz.

During Raw, Miz would appear with Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa for an intervention segment involving their mutual friend R-Truth. They held the backstage meeting to convince Truth that he was never part of Judgement Day and they were never his friends.

The Miz though didn’t have an easy time making the segment and almost missed it. Before the show went live he was trapped in a room backstage.

“I am legit stuck in a room right now. I am not panicking but it is a very small room that we are stuck in,” said The Miz in a six-minute video in which he details his awkward situation.

The Miz and the person he was trapped with had tried everything from their end to open the door and couldn’t.

While The Miz is commentating on his situation we can hear someone trying to smash the steel door down but…it ain’t happening.

“Try to kick in it. Good luck!” laughed The Miz making light of his situation saying they had tons of water to survive.

The outside help eventually had to unscrew a vent at the bottom of the door and began handing The Miz tools to aid their escape but nothing worked on the lock itself so The Miz crawled through the open vent.