Carmelo Hayes vs. Grayson Waller

Carmelo may have delivered a chop to Theory’s chest, but it hardly stunned him. So, Hayes continues on the pursuit. Melo drops Austin with a kick. He impresses us even more with that incredible DDT on the apron.

Theory was in charge of this matchup at some point during the commercial break, yet Melo manages to turn things to his liking with a few elbows to the gut of Austin.

Hayes’ offence has Theory reeling off his feet. It’s been mostly Carmelo the entire match with that flying clothesline.

Melo was looking for the First 48 maneuver, but he got caught mid-air and pushed towards the corner. He does manage to ward off Austin by defending himself while tied up.

I think both wrestlers were hurt when Theory performed an effective, but damaging Spanish Fly from the first rope. It’s not clear who got the worse of that exchange since they couldn’t continue.

I hope they’re okay soon.

Winner: Referee stoppage 

Next week, the Women’s Tag Team Champions Kayden Carter and Katana Chance take on Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn for the gold. Also, the contract signing for the Fatal 4-Way Undisputed Championship match will take place as well.

The Bloodline vs. AJ Styles, Randy Orton & LA Knight –  6-Man Tag Team match

I shouldn’t be surprised, but I was for a moment when Jimmy and Solo jumped Randy while he was making his entrance. Typical nonsense as usual.

I’m not worried for Solo, I know that, but I am for Jimmy. He’s the only who might need to the most help. Because of that Samoan Spike, Randy took himself out of the equation.

Presently, this has become a two-on-two Tag Team match just like Sikoa and Jimmy wanted. Knight and Styles have to be able to work together for at least tonight. Alas, we’re off to a even worst start as they’re seen arguing, so Jimmy takes advantage.

Luckily, Knight quickly counters with a twisting neck breaker to Jimmy. The Megastar tags his partner in as they play a double team on their challenger.

Styles delivers that massively impressive running forearm to Jimmy, who’s still on the receiving end of multiple assaults. The human punching bag if you will. Jimmy was being battered around for a while since this fight started then he crashes onto the main floor.

Sikoa angrily enters the ring and catches both men in a choke hold, yet it’s vastly defused when they send him colliding with the ground.

It’s now Sikoa who changed the direction of the tied by pressing AJ down to the mat, really digging his nails into the skin of this one. The Bloodline play a double team of their own when they almost snap Styles’ legs off.

AJ reaches to make a tag to Knight, unfortunately, Solo pulls him away. LA Knight aggressively shoves Sikoa into the stairs. That’s well and done, but Styles was pissed when Knight wasn’t where he was supposed to be. They argue again, which results in Jimmy Super Kicking the Megastar in the face as AJ ducks.

A double crossbody collision in the middle of the ring happened soon after. But here’s another surprise, Randy came back as he power slams Jimmy onto his spine plus a vintage DDT.

Orton delivers a victorious RKO to poor little Jimmy Jim. The night isn’t over just yet as Solo looks to decimate Orton, fortunately, AJ with the Phenomenal Forearm stops that from going any further. LA Knight delivers a BFT to Sikoa as well.

As Solo is seen wobbling like a noodle while Knight and Styles are arguing AGAIN, Orton sends an RKO to Sikoa then pursuits Jimmy. Havoc was at an all time high right now as they put Solo through the commentary table.

Winners: Randy Orton, LA Knight & AJ Styles

TOP PHOTO: AJ Styles, LA Knight and Randy Orton attack Solo Sikoa. WWE photo