The National Wrestling Alliance not only has great tag team action but also men who are at the upper tier of their sport like Tim Storm, Jax Dane, and Trevor Murdoch. Burchill wants to be considered among those names and they will meet in the Main Event.

But let’s dive in a bit deeper into the aforementioned wrestlers, as narrated by Joe Galli:

Now we come to you from the Skyway Studios in Nashville, TN. Joe Galli and Danny Dealz have the call, and we start the action with your Firat Match and it is for the…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

NWA Television Title Match: Big Strong Mims(c) vs. Carson Drake

Drake, one of the many Exodus Pro wrestlers making their debut, starts talking smack to the fans.  As always the match is contested on the Television title rules with a 6:05 time limit.

As the bell rings, Mims is big and strong and easily overpowers The Golden State God.  He nails a bodyslam at 4:36 remaining and Drake rolls out to recover.  Mims goes after him and Drake yanks on his arm against the top rope and starts the beat down at 4:10, following with a single-arm flatliner.  He continues to focus on the bad wing and forces Mims down with a top wristlock at 3:30, but Mims powers up to a vertical base, and he gives a headbutt to Drake, followed by a tackle and finishes it up with a  flying clothesline at 2:50.  Mims reaches and Drake stuns his arm again, however, he manages to deliver the Big Strong Slam at 2:24 to end it decisively.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Big Strong Mims

It’s another victory for Mims, and another moment he’s closer to reaching the Lucky Seven wins to cash in a title shot for the Ten Pounds of Gold.

At The Podium with Kyle Davis is “Thrillbilly” Silas Mason. He brings out Devan Dixon who’s traveled with him in the past. Mason says he helped him when he snapped his leg and got him back on his feet. He mentions he has three goals; to make money, to get gold (which he has in the form of the NWA National Championship), and not only to get Dixon in the NWA but also to give him a shot at the NWA National title on NWA Powerrr. Dixon appreciates it, and tells Mason, “It’s on, baby, and I’m coming to win.” 

“Thrillbilly” Silas Mason (left) gives Devan Dixon a shot at his NWA National title.

They both shake hands and I believe this will be a Thrillride.

But let’s head back to the ring for tag team action, and it is an intergender match between…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

Thom Latimer and Kamille vs Bryan Idol and Natalia Markova

Huh.  So, no longer “Mercurio?” “That’s his cousin,” explains Dealz on commentary.

Okay, then, I’ll play along.

Markova and Kamille reignite their feud from NWA 75 until the men step in to break it up.  Now Latimer and Idol tag in, and Idol gets the better of the King of all Evil with a sling blade and a knee strike and follows up with a nice vertical suplex.  He and Markova double-team on Latimer as they send him to the ropes, but he pumps the brakes and tags back in Kamille.  She gets ready to face Markova, but then she punches Idol.  The ref tries to control the parties involved, and then Latimer snaps Markova back to the mat by her hair to allow Kamille to pin for a two count.  Tag and Latimer goes for an elbow drop that misses the mark.  Kamille tags in and resumes the offense as Markova is a Crush in Peril.  There is miscommunication between Latimer and Kamille that allows Markova to crawl to her corner and get the hot tag.  Idol is in the ring is en Fuego with a springboard moonsault for a two count, and it’s a Pier Four Couples Brawl.  Once the dust settles, Latimer attempts an inside cradle on Idol for a two count.  He comes back with a suplex to a neckbreaker on Latimer, and Markova follows up with a missile dropkick to the Beautiful Disaster kick in the corner.  She covers Latimer, but the ref did not see her tag.  Once again, the ref tries to restore order but Kamille punts Idol in his nethers and gives a rollup to a distracted Markova for the pin and the win.

Your Winners via Pinfall:  Thom Latimer and Kamille


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