St. Louis, MO.-It is a dark and stormy night outside The Chase Park Plaza, and the thunderous crowd in the Khorassan Ballroom is tremendous as The National Wrestling Alliance is back for its signature NWA 75.  There are tons of title matches on the line, but none as important as Kamille putting The Burke on the line in a No Holds Barred match against her persistent rival, Natalia Markova.

The next two nights will be live pay-per-view recaps as we get to wrestling as it’s meant to be in St Louis.  But we start off tonight with Joe Galli and a returning Velvet Sky, who have the call one the

NWA 75 Pre-Show

And your First Match is…

Robert “Ego” Anthony vs. “Magic” Jake Dumas

As Anthony unrobes, the Ego reveals tights adorned with Dumas’ face all over,  a la Rick Rude.  The contest is in Anthony’s favor until the Magic Bastard tries a magic trick, but…silly ref.  Tricks are for wrestling rings.  Anthony delivers with the rolling DVD to take the magic out of Dumas.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Robert “Ego” Anthony

M95 cut a promo with new backstage star Sam Laterna.  Basically, Madi and Missa Kate are ready for anything on Night Two of NWA 75.

Next, Laterna interviews Kamille about Markova beating her in the main event.  She respects The Crush,  even though she makes fun of her and her stripper pole pics.  But she is the champ for a reason and promises to still reign as the One-Time champ.

Next is the…

NWA US Tag Team Title Contendership match: Daisy Kill and Talos vs. The Fixers (Jay Bradley and Wrecking Ball Legursky) 

Talos is tough for The Fixers, but Kill is easy pickings once he tags in and at one point is a Daisy in Peril, but Bradley and Legursky can’t put him away.  He gets the hot tag to Talos, and he is on fire, yet The Fixers manage to chop down the big man.  Before they can finish him, interference by Kill on Bradley allows Talos to deliver the choke slam on Legursky that shook the ring and dashed their dreams.

Your Winners and New Number One Contenders for the NWA US Tag Team titles:  Daisy Kill and Talos

That brings The Country Gentlemen out to show them who are still the US Tag Team champs.

Laterna is with Father James Mitchell on Max the Impaler challenging Kenzie Paige for the NWA Women’s Television championship.  Mitchell promises us the Non Binary Nightmare and will be Warlord of the Wasteland once she takes the belt from Paige.

Laterna next has Pollo Del Mar and why she sticks with him, despite has past transgressions.  She’ll stick by her man no matter what.

Again, to quote the philospher Taylor Tomlinson, “Love is blind.  Lust is Helen Keller.”

The next match is…

Jordan Clearwater vs. Zyon (with Austin Idol)

This serves as Clearwater breaking ties with Idol and his mentorship, and Zyon starts strong on the Golden Boy.  He turns the tables and Clearwater has momentum and the crowd on his side, but Xyon then sends him to the outside as Idol works him over with a walking cane. He tosses Clearwater back in the ring as Zyon locks in his Koji Clutch variation and he passes out.

Your Winner via Submission:  Zyon

Laterna talks with La Rebellion and Vampiro about their upcoming tag title match.  Vamp basically says there is a reason they’ve been dominant and they will still be champs after they deal with Blunt Force Trauma.  As for Violent J, Vampiro tells him in so many words he needs to stay in his lane.

The final match of the pre-show is…

Alex Taylor (with Danny Dealz) vs. Eric Jackson vs. Jack Cartwheel vs. Koa Laxamana (with Kallies) vs. Matt Vine

This is a spotfest from the start, with Cartwheel getting the majority of the cheers from the fans.  Cartwheel at one point lands an impressive tope onto all four men on the outside, and then he displays impressive core strength by balancing vertically between the ropes and then swinging around in a tiger feint at the bottom to trip up Taylor’s legs.  The end has Laxamana nail Taylor with a superplex, but Cartwheel delivers a shooting star press to gain the win.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Jack Cartwheel

That closes the pre-show and then we get stills in remembrance of Terry Funk and Windham Rotunda aka Bray Wyatt, and that officially kicks off…

Night One of NWA 75

That leads to the official broadcast team of Galli, Sky, and Danny Dealz filling in to Tim Storm, and they have the call to tonight’s actions.

The next match is for the…

NWA Television Championship: Kenzie Paige(c) vs. Max the Impaler (with Father James Mitchell)

This is just a one-sided affair as Max just ragdolls the champ.  Paige fights valiantly and goes for a dive to have Max waiting to catch her and the Non-Binary Nightmare slams her back hard on the apron edge.  Paige stages another comeback and goes up top to land a flying facebuster to Max and still gets a two count.  She goes for her Kenzie Cutter, and Max blocks it and deals Paige a clothesline for the decisive three count.

Your Winner And New NWA Women’s Television Champion:  Max The Impaler

Already one title change is in the books.  Now let’s go to ringside and this will be a…

Three-way match for the vacant NWA National Heavyweight Championship: JR Kratos vs. Odinson vs. “Thrillbilly” Silas Mason (with Pollo Del Mar)

All three men bring out the big guns early in the match.  Right away, Odinson is bringing the thunder with Asgardian uppercuts until Kratos comes back with his patented suplex across the ring, and then Mason with a flying shoulder tackle to The Most Feared.  Odinson and Mason take turns beating him down until Kratos returns with a double flapjack to both men and dumps them out of the ring.  He targets Mason and lands a somersault senton on the Thrillbilly.  Mason and Kratos battle it out when Odinson launches a tope to both men that leaves Del Mar breathless.

Back in the ring, Kratos flattens Mason but Odinson comes back with a diving uppercut to cover Kratos for a near fall.  Mason recovers and gives him an airplane slam but only gets a two count.  The tape is off and he mounts him in the corner with punches but Kratos gets him with a powerbomb for a close two count.  Del Mar gets in the ring to help her man, and Kratos shoves her into Mason who sends her on a Thrillride, and that romance is as dead as Dillinger.  Odinson comes back and clips Kartos with the National title, but it is Mason who sends Odinson on a Thrillride for a three count.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  “ThrillBilly” Silas Mason

After the match, Mason goes to greet his mom and give her a kiss after that hard-hitting match.

Now let’s move from that warm and fuzzy feeling to…

Homicide vs. Joe Alonzo

Alonzo is in faux Homicide gear with a “Nelson” Pink T-shirt, referencing Homicide’s real name.  Homicide for his part wears red and black striped shorts and a Terry Funk-style “Forever” T-shirt, complete with a “Funk U” towel.  It isn’t long before Alonzo learns why he is The Notorious 187. 

Credit: Tommy “Milagro” Martinez

Alonzo manages to hold his own and nail him with a cutter for a two count, But Homicide gives him the Koji Cutter for a near fall.  Alonzo comes back with a full Nelson facebuster but it only gets him a two count.  Now Alonzo gets a steel chair and he swings and misses, and that allows Homicide to get a clothesline.  He props the chair in the corner and sends Alonzo to meet the steel, but he reverses and Homicide gets the brunt of the metal.  Alonzo covers for another two count.  Homicide comes back and now lands the Koji Cutter, followed by a Funk-style piledriver and Alonzo is out.  The ref wants to count out Alonzo, but Homicide has other plans and wants to deliver the Cop Killa.  However, a series of reversals allow Alonzo to regain his senses and he rolls up Homicide for the lucky pin.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Joe Alonzo

Afterward, Homicide takes off the shirt and lays it in the center of the ring, where the fans clap and cheer on the memory of Terry Funk.

And now for something different…

The Brothers of Funstruction (Yabbo and Ruffo the Clown, with Violent J) vs. Magnum Muscle (Dak Draper and Big Strong Mims)

Early in the match, Mims is experiencing trouble countering the clowns’ hijinks like an extending handkerchief when he goes for an Irish whip.  Draper comes in and the Brothers have fun with the Mile High Magnum.  More interestingly, the fans are solidly behind the Brothers as Mims and Draper finally work over Ruffo, who is a Clown in Peril.  Once he gets the hot tag to Yabbo, he is a Funstruction en Fuego.  When Mims regains control and kicks him in the sternum, Yabbo blows up a balloon until it blows right out of his mouth.  They look ready to put the Brothers away until J gets on the ring to distract the ref and Yabbo gets a crucifix bomb to Draper who rolls out of the ring.  That leaves Mims alone and the Brothers deliver the backbreaker/leg drop combo for the three-count.

Your Winners via Pinfall:  The Brothers of Funstruction

Yes, America.  St. Louis is Faygo Country.  Whoop Whoop, indeed!

Kyle Davis is on the ramp with Thom Latimer on getting attacked by Chris Adonis at the end of the final NWA POWERRR this past Tuesday.  He says that Adonis should remember this is Strictly Business as he will put his NWA Television title on the line on Night Two of NWA 75.

But we have another title match up next, and this is for the…

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship: Kerry Morton (c) vs. Colby Corino (with Jamie Stanley)

No sign of his dad backing him, and Morton’s Southern Six brothers take a back seat as it starts.  Once the bell rings, both men display some amateur wrestling takedowns and they are evenly matched.  Corino comes back with a clothesline and follows with a somersault senton for a two count.  He goes for a Tiger feint kick to Morton who ducks away, and Corino dives onto the Future Legend and then sends him back in the ring for another near fall.  Morton takes Corino to the outside and he drops him hard on the apron edge.  Back in the ring, he chops away but Corino reverses and goes for a tornado DDT, but Morton crotches him on the top rope and clotheslines him off.

Kerry Morton looks down on Colby Corino. Credit: Tommy “Milagro” Martinez

Morton is in control and gives him a slingshot suplex from the top rope to cover for another two count.  He hits the ropes for a corner splash, and Corino reverses to a Spanish Fly for a cover but gets a count of two.  The action spills out again to the floor and Morton dives on Corino, and he reverses into a Canadian Destroyer. At one point he goes for a dive to Morton but hits Stanley instead.  Back in the ring, Morton says stay down but Corino continues to pop up.  He manages to get back in the driver’s seat and hits the Tiger feint kick between the ropes, and follows up with an elbow drop for a close two count.  Corino is busting out all kinds of innovative offense but Morton catches him with a high knee.  They battle up top and Corino attempts a running powerbomb but reverses to a huracanrana and then the Kiss It Goodbye for another two count.  Morton is frustrated and tries to put him away until Corino delivers an avalanche Findlay roll that gets the three count.

Your Winner, And New NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion:  Colby Corino

Corino is elated by the win and redeems his loss at Hard Times 3.

Colby Corino is your NWA Junior Heavyweight champion. Credit: Tommy “Milagro” Martinez

Now for a big matchup of two NWA originals.  This is your…

No DQ Match: Tim Storm vs. Jax Dane (with Chris Silvio, Esq.)

Storm shows no signs of ring rust, but Dane brings the fight to him and he catches the Perfect Storm from behind with a clothesline.  Storm is down and Dane deliberately stalks his prey, until the ref calls the match and it is announced that…

Your Winner via Referee Stoppage:  Jax Dane

(Author’s Note:  While I do not know how it was handled on the broadcast, it was clear something went awry in that last spot.  While the “X” was not thrown by the refs, everyone including the EMT rushed to the ring to oversee Storm.  He did manage to move and crawl under the ring ropes, where guys like Tyrus, Trevor Murdoch, and Pat Kenney checked on his status, and he was helped by those same men to the back.  The fans clapped as Storm looked to be okay.  As of this writing, there was no official word on his health status.  We may get something tomorrow.)

Tim Storm is helped out by Tyrus and Trevor Murdoch to the back at NWA 75. Credit: Tommy “Milagro” Martinez

Now for your next match of the next and this is the…

Burke Invitational Gauntlet 

This gauntlet is to earn a spot for an NWA World Women’s Championship Match on Night Two of NWA 75.  The first two entrants are Kenzie Paige and Taylor Rising.  Paige is still sore from her beatdown as the two women lock up.  The next combatant is Ruthie Jay, followed by Heather Monroe.  Now Samantha Starr is out and she eliminates Rising with the Starrstruck DDT.

The next entrant is Allysin Kay and the former NWA Women’s champ receives a big pop from the crowd. Monroe is eliminated as MJ Jenkins enters the gauntlet next in and rolls up Starr for the pin to eliminate her.  Now CJ enters and she performs magic in the ring until Kay sends her over the top rope in the corner and back elbows her out to eliminate her just as quickly.

CJ has magic in the Burke Invitational. Credit: Tommy “Milagro” Martinez

The next entrant is Labrava Escobar, but Paige eliminates her by tossing her over the top rope.  That brings out the WOAD and her ample derriere manages to lay out the competition.  The next combatant is Sierra, but you can hear the record scratch when the final entrant is Max the Impaler.

Once Max is in the ring, she tosses Paige on Jenkins and pins them down to eliminate her, and Max does the same to WOAD and then Sierra.  Kay puts the Non Binary Nightmare down with a clothesline and all the remaining women dogpile to ensure MAX is eliminated.  With Paige, Kay and Jay left in the ring.  AK tosses Jay out of the ring to eliminate her.  Paige comes back with a huracanrana into a crossface but Kay reverses to a pin and she releases the submission.  Paige then sends Kay over the top to finally become…

Your NWA Burke Invitational Winner:  Kenzie Paige

Laterna is backstage with Murdoch and Knox preparing for Night Two of NWA 75.  Murdoch says they plan on leaving it all out in the ring that night, and whoever wins they have no choice but to face them. Knox adds they are fresh, and while it was hard to hear over the crowd, it basically means the Crockett Cup winners are the ones to beat and they will take the tag titles.

Now we have your…

Matt Cardona Open Challenge Invitational

Cardona returns after a long absence and cuts a promo that he is the real NWA champ and St Louis Sucks!


Matt Cardona says St. Louis sucks! Credit: Tommy “Milagro” Martinez

He’s got the crowd riled up and wants to face whatever young talent wants to step in the ring with him.  That brings out Ricky Morton, and Cardona is nonplussed.  He wants him to lay down for him, and Morton obliges.  As Cardona is lackadaisical, Morton almost pins him for two.

Morton is crafty but Cardona is Alwayz Ready and manages to come out on top over the Rock and Roller.  That brings out Kerry and Taylor to defend the elder Morton, and Kerry has strong words for Cardona.

But let’s get to the next match of the night for the…

NWA World Tag Team Championship: La Rebelión (Bestia 666 and Mecha Wolf) (c) (with Vampiro) vs. Blunt Force Trauma (Carnage and Damage, with Aron Stevens)

Going in as NWA Tag Team Champions: La Rebelion. Credit: Tommy “Milagro” Martinez

Stevens takes on the intro duties for his team as a manager of champions, and after the boxing-style intros, this is a Pier Four brawl.  La Rebelion finally regains control and nail stereo topes on the masked men and then  Bestia with the elevated knee in the corner to Carnage.  But Blunt Force Trauma manages to isolate Bestia in the corner and he soon becomes a Tijuana Gremlin in Peril.  Bestia gets a desperation enzugiri to Carnage and crawls to his corner for the hot tag to Mecha Wolf, and he a Rebelion in Peril.  Wolf is on a tear as he dives to Damage and then Carnage on the outside.  La Rebelion then delivers the Mark of the Beast to Damage but Stevens pulls out the ref and climbs in the ring with his loaded glove until Vampiro superkicks him out of the squared circle.  Bestia is sent out of the ring, and Carnage lands a spinning heel kick to Wolf, and Damage is in prime position to cover for the pin and the win.

Your Winners, and New NWA Tag Team Champions:  Blunt Force Trauma

And New NWA Tag Team Champions: Blunt Force Trauma.

As BFT celebrates, Vampiro tries to attack Stevens, only to be held at bay by the refs as they head up the ramp to celebrate.  Dejected, Rebelion and Vampiro also head up, where Violent J and the Brothers of Funstruction taunt them some more.  Clearly, Vamp and Violent J have more to say and this might be a feud that has added weight.

Speaking of, Kyle Davis is on the ramp for the official weigh-in of EC3 and Tyrus ahead of their Heavyweight championship.  EC3 comes out wearing a mask styled on his latest tattoos.  Tyrus comes out with the bullrope and the Ten Pounds of Gold.  EC3 comes in at 231.7 pounds, whereas Tyrus is at 325.1. As Davis asks both men for last words, EC3 stands mute and walks off, but Tyrus says he will dedicate his win to Windham Rotunda.

The weigh in between EC3 and Tyrus at NWA 75. Credit: Tommy “Milagro” Martinez

Nuff said, indeed.

That leads to the Main Event of Night One, and it is a…

No Limits match for the NWA World Women’s Championship: Kamille (c) vs. Natalia Markova

Before the match, we get a ten-bell salute for Terry Funk, then Kyle Davis provides the boxing-style intros.  This is 812 days Kamille has held The Burke, and Markova wants to Crush that streak once and for all.

Markova enters with a Singapore cane, and Kamille follows suit as she ducks under the ring and pulls a can o’ plunder for an “E-C-Dub” chant to get her own cane.  That leads to a lightsaber duel (in your face, Ahsoka) and a roundhouse kick by Markova gets her a two count.  The match spills out of the ring, and Kamille throws her to the ring post and then to the guardrails.  She chops Markova so hard across the chest that she knocks the wind out of the challenger.  On the stage, Kamille viciously canes Markova’s back until she misses the last mark and it ricochets back in her face.  There is a suplex on the hardwood and Markova covers for another two count.

Kamille and Markova battle back to the ring, and now she has a chair.  She swings and misses Markova, but then Kamille throws the chair in her face.  She goes into the trash can and grabs a keyboard and smashes it across Markova’s face until it explodes into pieces, and then a cookie sheet lays The Crush out.  Markova comes back with a knee to the champ’s face that gets a two count and she grabs the cane to bash away at Kamille.  She follows with a missile dropkick for another near fall.

The champ nails Markova with a cookie sheet, followed by a Mafia kick into a DDT, but gets a two count.  Then Kamille throws the cookie sheet at her head and she goes up the top turnbuckle but Markova pushes her off into the referee.  She goes for a high-risk maneuver, but Kamille is ready with a spear and a cover but the ref is slow to count and just gets to two.

Natalia Markova comes down the top rope, but Kamille has her primed for a spear. Credit: Tommy “Milagro” Martinez

Now Kamille shows that 3-D Academy training by bringing out a table and attempts to give her a powerbomb into it, but Markova reverses with a Jazz Stinger for one, two…so close.  Now Markova is on roller skates on the apron edge and Kamille delivers a spear to Markova through the ropes into the table, and the ref is in position to count one, two, and three.

Kamile with a spear through the ropes to Markova into a table. Credit: Tommy “Milagro” Martinez

Your Winner, and Still NWA Women’s Champion:  Kamille.

Kamille celebrates her hard-fought win and that brings out Pretty Empowered and Kenzie Paige motions the title will be hers tomorrow, and that closes Night One of NWA 75.


Final Thoughts:

There were a bunch of title changes and tons of action, and this was just Night One of NWA 75!  Kamille and Markova tore the house down with their No Limits match, as did Blunt Force Trauma/La Rebelion and Corino/Morton.  Kudos as well to Mason getting the National title, as well as Max the Impaler’s Television title win.

Until then, see ya for Night Two of NWA 75!