Brian Cage hits the ring. Took him long enough, eh? Cage powerbombs Page, bucklebombs him and drops him with The Machine. Cage pulls out a table from under the ring. The crowd chants: We want fire!

Cage lifts Page up for a powerbomb. Page rakes him with barbed wire in the eyes. Page belts Cage twice with the barbed wire wrapped around his elbow. A lariat has Cage rolling out of the ring. Nana scrambles into the ring. He hits Page with a steel chair. Stupid, stupid Nana. Page gives Nana a Deadeye off the apron and through the table.

Strickland smashes a cinderblock over the back of Page’s head. Page still tries to get to his feet. Swerve wraps a steel chain around Hangman’s neck and a steel post. He chokes out Page. Page gets to his knees but no further.

“By the grace of God, this one is over,” said McGuinness.

The White and MJF championship match was an entire Full Gear angle of its own. MJF was attacked by The Gunns at the end of his and Samoa Joe’s ROH World Tag Team Championship match on Zero Hour. Before the horrified eyes of a still recovering Adam Cole, MJF was carted away to a local hospital so that his injured leg could be evaluated. Later on in the show, White would demand that he be declared the winner of the match and new champion by forfeit. A hobbling Adam Cole defended his bromance’s honor by officially taking MJF’s place in the match.

Adam Cole came to the ring on crutches and his ankle still in a fracture boot.

“The man is on crutches. What are we doing here?” asks Taz.

Jay White is accompanied to the ring by The Gunns and carrying the AEW World Championship belt. White limps to the ring mocking Cole.

As White purposely stumbles around the ring Nigel McGuinness laughs as he says the bout should be a “Last Man Standing Match”.

Just as the match is about to start an ambulance drives into the arena and MJF is at the wheel. MJF’s leg is wrapped in medical tape. MJF’s music hits and down to the ring he comes limping all the way. Officials try to stop MJF. He fights through them all. Meanwhile, Jay White is smiling and laughing in the ring.

MJF hugs and thanks Cole as he leaves the ring and the bell rings. MJF lands a punch but falls to the canvass. A shot block has MJF crawling on the mat. White focuses all of his attacks on MJF’s injured leg. Each time MJF fights back White kicks at the leg.

White throws MJF to the floor. The Gunns attack.

Tazz says MJF is “defenseless” and cannot even “defend himself here”.

White pitches MJF out again. MJF punches at the Gunns. The numbers are too much for him though. White does throws MJF to the Gunn for a third time. The official catches them about to smash MJF’s leg with a steel chair. He bars The Gunns from ringside to the delight of the crowd.

White tears off MJF’s t-shirt throwing it in Cole’s face. White dares Cole to come into the ring.

“Hit me you f—–g piece of s–t!” MJF yells at White.

MJF falls the mat after White kicks his knee out from under him.

MJF gets in some offense with an elbow smash, a clothesline and a slam. MJF rams White’s head into a turnbuckle again and again. White whips MJF across the ring but MJF collapses to the mat.

White just dumps MJF over the top rope. MJF lands with a thud on the floor. White yells out at Cole as he is about to bash MJF’s head off the ring apron. MJF blocks the move bouncing White’s head instead. MJF DDTs White on the floor.

MJF tears down the announce desk. MJF rolls White on the desk. It immediately collapses as soon as White lays on it. The crowd boos.

Wah. Wah. Waaaaah.

MJF climbs to the top rope anyway. With White laying on the floor he lands a flying elbow drop.

As MJF heads back into the ring White damages the knee even more with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip. With MJF in the Tree of Woe White stands on MJF’s knee until MJF throws him off.

White puts MJF in a figure four. Cole pleads with MJF not to give up, not to quit. Cole thinks about throwing in MJF’s t-shirt to stop the match. MJF reverses the hold and the pressure.

White reaches the ropes escaping the hold. Cole picks up the AEW World Championship. He ponders hitting White. White rips the belt from his hands. He hits MJF in the head with it. MJF kicks out at two.

MJF pushes White off his knee. The momentum causes White to collide with the official knocking him out. Cole puts MJF’s Dynamite Diamond Ring on the canvass. White attacks MJF from behind. White snatches the ring and puts it on. He gives Cole the finger. Before White can land his shot MJF punches him in the “lower abdomen”. MJF puts on the ring. The Gunns rush the ring. MJF punches them both. MJF stops a Blade Runner with a punch to the head with the ring. MJF pins White. MJF is not only your scumbag he is still your AEW World Champion.

AEW Full Gear 2023 Results

Zero Hour

Jay Lethal versus Eddie Kingston – Ring of Honor World Championship Match

Lethal and his entire entourage hit the ring. This includes Karen and Jeff Jarrett. The crowd chants “Eddie! Eddie!”.

Kingston fights out of an attempted figure four sending Lethal to the floor. Double J dares Kingston to leave the ring. Lethal and Kingston trade chops. Lethal flees that battle. On the floor, Lethal rams Kingston into a steel post. Double J lays in some shots of his own while the official’s back is turned. Sanjay Dutt does as well. An overhead belly-to-belly suplex into a turnbuckle gets Lethal a two count. An exploder suplex has Lethal landing awkwardly on his neck. Kingston follows that up with machine gun chops and a running kick in a corner for a two count.

A Lethal Combination has Lethal climbing to the top rope for his flying elbow. Kingston blocks it the first time but not the second. He barely kicks out. Kingston stops the Lethal Injection with a pair of suplexes. Kingston punches Dutt off the apron. Karen Jarrett and Satnam Singh argue with the official on the apron. Kingston and Lethal battle for possession of Jeff Jarrett’s guitar. Ortiz appears and he snatches it. He smashes it over Dutt’s head. Kingston avoids the Lethal Injection with a suplex and a backfist for the pin. Ortiz and Kingston celebrate. Kingston gets on the microphone. He says there is a lot of “s–t” up next and he calls Stokely Hathaway a “bald-headed bitch”.

Winner: …and still Ring of Honor World Champion, Eddie Kingston. 

Match Rating: 7 / 10