Greetings and salutations! Its Thursday so that means its time for Slam! Wrestling’s Impact coverage. This week on the show we are in for a treat as Will Ospreay continues his case for wrestler of the year as he takes on Josh Alexander. We also have Trinity taking on Sonny Kiss. Myron Reed is also making his Impact debut as he joins The Rascalz to take on Laredo Kid, Black Taurus, and Juventud Guerrera. With so much on the go, let’s get straight to the action…

The show kicks off straight into the action…

Impact World Tag Team Championship: ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) (c) VS Kenny King & Sheldon Jean

King and King start things off and King is working the hand of Ace and maintains control for a bit. Ace gets King in a headlock and gets in an Arm Drag. Bey is in and he and Austin double team King for a bit. With Jan and Bey on the outside, the ref is distracted and Jean tosses Bey into the ring post and then throws him back into the ring. King takes over again as he punches Bey several times. Jean gets the tag and continues to go to work on Bey.

Bey counters some attacks and finally tags Austin back into the match. Austin with a kick to King for a 2-count. Bey is back in and ABC goes for 1-2 Sweet but Jean saves his partner by pulling him outside. A short time later, Bey with a Tiger Driver on Jean for a 2-count. King is back in and hits a Blockbuster from the apron then Jean with a Neckbreaker for a 2-count of his own.

Kenny King goes for a somersault to Bey outside but misses and ABC hit the Art of Finesse followed by The Fold to retain.

Winner: And Still Tag Team Champions; ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey)

MKUltra sppak. Masha speaks in Russian and Kelly says let us take you on a journey. Kelly says pro-wrestling is all about control and MKUltra controls the Knockouts Tag Team division. She says MKUltra is here to shape your reality and says they are unstoppable. She says MKUltra will bring pain and suffering to the Knockouts Division.

Moose VS Heath

Moose gets thing started off and hits a pump kick, then goes for a powerbomb but Heath gets out and hits a dropkick followed by a splash while Moose was outside. Back in the ring, Heath with a Leg Lariat on Moose. Heath continues being ontop and hits a Powerslam for a 2-count. Myers is out but eats a clotheslines from Heath but this distraction gives Moose the time to hit a Uranage. Moments later,  Heath goes for a Wake Up Call but Moose gets out, and spears Heath for the win.

Winner: Moose

After the match, Rhino is out and Gores Moose.

In the back, Moose is upset and says that at Final Resolution he’s going to end Rhino’s career.

Lucha Rules Match: Laredo Kid, Black Taurus, Juventud Guerrera VS The Rascalz (Trey Miguel, Zachery Wentz, & Myron Reed)

Konnan joins the commentary tam for this match. The match starts very fast paced and everyone has their moment in the lights by being front and cenrtre until everyone is outside of the ring. Miguel hits a senton to Black Taurus on the outside then back in the ring, Miguel hits the Three Amigos on Laredo Kid and gets a 2-count.

Kid, Taurus and Juventud triple team Trey for a bit. Taurus lifts Juventud and he Dropkicks Miguel for a 2-count. Miguel is able to finally get Wentz in and he gets things started quickly as he hits a running Shooting Star Press. Miguel is back in and he goes for a Superplex on Kid but Kid flips over and gets under Miguel and delivers a Powerbomb.

Juventud tags in and immediately Splashes onto Wentz and Myron. Juventud hits a hurrancanrana and Dropkick Miguel. Taurus is in and hits a pop-up Samoan Drop on Wentz. Wentz is back up and hits a Superkick to Kid and follows that up with a Double Stomp.

All 3 Rascalz hit a triple Dropkick onto Kid for two. Reed hits a flying Cutter on Black Taurus on the apron. In the ring, Juventud hits a Gory Special into the DDT but Reed hits a Lungblower on Juventud. Black Taurus is waiting for his moment and hits a spear on Reed, followed by Destination Hellhole for the win over The Rascalz.

Winners: Laredo Kid, Black Taurus, Juventud Guerrera

In the back we see Will Ospreay and Josh Alexander preparing for their match later in the night.

Bully Ray & Jordynne Grace VS Steve Maclin & KiLynn King

Maclin and Bully start things off and Bully goes for a Headlock then hits a Shoulder Tackle knocking Maclin down. King is in and she throws forearms in the corner on Bully. Bully shoves her and knocks her down with an elbow and then tags Grace in. Grace hits King with a few Forearms. Grace with a Shoulder tackle of her own. Grace with a Suplex, but King blocks it and Kicks Grace in the head. King slams Grace into the corner but Grace escapes and tags Bully back in the match.

Bully hits King a few times until Maclin stops it. King tosses Bully down for a 1-count. Maclin is in and continues to attack Bully for a bit. King and Grace are back in the match and they trade strikes. Grace hits a Running Knee, followed by an Elbow in the corner. Grace climbs to the middle rope and dops a Vader Bomb but Maclin breaks the cover. King with a Pump Kick on Grace, but Grace ducks and Maclin gets hit. Bully sends Maclin to the ringside as Grace hits a Juggernaut Driver for the win

Winners: Bully Ray & Jordynne Grace

After the match, Bully Ray grabbed the Call Your Shot trophy and held it while standing behind Grace. He teased hitting her with it but told her to take it. Grace pulls it and they lock eyes. Bully Ray offered his hand to Grace, and they shook, and Ray raised her hand in victory.

Sonny Kiss VS Trinity

The match starts off and after some back and forth, Kiss ends up in the corner. Trinity runs towards her and Kiss flips over, but Trinity hits a  Crossbody. Sonny with a Face Plant for a 2-count. Kiss hits a snap Suplex and a standing Moonsault for another 2-count. Kiss gets Trinity on the corner and hits a handspring back elbow yet another 2-count.

Trinity hits a bulldog, then follows that up with a Springboard Enzugiri for a 2-count. Trinity with a Split-legged Moonsault for a 2-count of her own. Kiss comes right back and once again gets Trinity on the middle rope and hits a step over handspring kick to the gut. Trinit is up and plants Kiss to the mat. Trinity with a Sit Out Powerbomb and gets the win.

Winner: Trinity

Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin were backstage and they mention Josh Alexander facing Ospreay tonight. They then turn their attention to Final Resolution where Josh Alexander and Zach Sabre Jr. are teaming together to face them.

Will Ospreay VS Josh Alexander

Both men are venly matched and Alexander throws Ospreay into the various corners. Alexander with a Chinlock on Ospreay, but Ospreay manages to escape. Alexander whips Ospreay into the ropes but Ospreay counters with a handspring kick. Ospreay comes right back and hits a Phenomenal Forearm.

Ospreay chops Alexander and mocks him to chop him harder. Alexander just ends up throwing Ospreay into the ropes and Ospreay tries to counters it into a Handspring, but Alexander catches him and hits an Avalanche rolling Senton. Ospreay is up and gets control back by hitting a Sit-Out Powerbomb.

Ospreay continues his attack and gets a Cheeky Nando in while Alexander isin the corner.  Ospreay climbs to the top rope and goes for a Spiral Tap but Alexander moves out of the way and is able to lock in an Ankle Lock. Ospreay fights his way out and when he’s back up he goes for a OsCutter but Alexander counters it into an Ankle Lock. Ospreay gets to the ropes. Alexander gets Ospreay on his shouldera but Ospreay counters with a Stundog Millionaire, followed by an Oscutter for a 2-count.

Ospreay goes for a Hidden Blade but his legs gives out. Ospreay is slow to get up and when he does he and Alexander Headbutt each other, causing them to crash down to the mat. Alexander with a Chaos Theory Suplex but it was only good for a 2-count. Alexander is ready to put this match to an end and he looks for another Ankle Lock, but Ospreay gets out of it again. Ospreay with a Spanish Fly for a 2-count.  Ospreay is still in control of the match and he finally hits an Oscutter.

Moments later, Alexander with a Piledriver, and he goes for a C4 Spike but Ospreay getsout and hits the Hidden Blade for a 2-count. Ospreay with a Storm Driver 93 for a 2-count, followed by a Hidden Blade, followed by a Storm Breaker for the huge win.

Winner: Will Ospreay