Get excited, wrestling fans because this Saturday is Fightland where we’re going to see Alex Kane defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Jacob Fatu. We’re kicking off with past matches that solidified this feud between Fatu and Kane, how it all came to be.

Remember Never Say Never when Fatu defended his National Openweight Championship versus Calvin Tankman? Here’s a review in case you forgot this momentous fight.

Jacob Fatu (c) vs. Calvin Tankman – National Openweight Championship match at Never Say Never 

In the earlier goings of this match, both men try to get a handle on the other, but fail to at first till Tankman manages to strike the Champion, only a little since he didn’t get the full extent of it. Fatu quickly shrugged it off.

Tankman swiftly dodged a Super Kick by bending backwards. They begin to slug it out in the middle of the ring. Calvin sends Fatu and himself onto the outside, a rough landing for Jacob as he favors his knee.

Tankman was looking to Cannonball Fatu as he sat on the chair, luckily, the champ moved out of the way in time as Calvin collides with the steel furniture. It broke apart. Ha!

Now Fatu is the one causing the most damage against Tankman, sending him into the barricades. Both athletes have tremendous power and grit that one of them has to dig much deeper in order to either win or retain.

But damn, Tankman bulldozed through Fatu as he flies over the ropes and lands on the floor hard. Calvin almost secured a victory with that Tankman Driver.

Fatu might have retained right there and then if he had covered Tankman the second he hit that springboard Moonsault, but due to his knee buckling, he didn’t get his whole weight on Calvin, so he kicked out very easily. The champ was going for a double springboard Moonsault, yet once again, the knee gave way.

Fans were shocked when Tankman kicked out of a Huricarana AND a picture perfect Swanton, so the match continues. Calvin’s back elbow is finally able to connect, and Fatu answers with a retaining Twisting Body Bomb.

Winner: Jacob Fatu

Alex Kane (c) vs. Willie Mack – World Heavyweight Championship match at Fury Road 

The following bout demonstrates Kane defending not only his title against Willie, but to also remind doubters why he’s the best Heavyweight Champion there is.

You know, I’ve never seen Kane as arrogantly unhinged as he was during this match. Yeah, a lot of people shove their opponent’s faces, but the way Kane did it felt more aggressive than any of the others as he yells in Willie’s face too. Commentary reckoned he might be nervous hence the reason he constantly mouths off.

But nothing prepared me for what happened next. Oh my God! Ha! Ha! Ha! Willie smacked Kane so hard that the champ collapsed rendering him momentarily unconscious. Ha! Ha! It was so loud, and it unfortunately reminded me of how black people discipline their children. I bet Mack knows exactly what I’m talking about. Damn.

Willie did, albeit a little late, capitalized by covering Kane. However, the champ was starting to wake up as he lifted his shoulder to remain in the fight. Three failed covers one after another.

The champ makes a comeback by sending Willie into the same barricades he got sent into and continues to hammer away at the challenger. Mack headbutts Kane then collides with a heavy knee to the jaw.

The tied begins to turn as Kane pushes Willie into the post then delivers a suplex on the ground floor. He body splashes Willie right on the apron.

Mack gets back into the game with an explosive clothesline that turns Kane inside out. The challenger kept going with this momentum with a spinning heel kick.

Kane performs a gut wrench suplex plus a spear to Willie, but it wasn’t enough to retain the gold. Alex may have gotten Willie with that blow to the jaw, but Mack counters with a spine buster. Fans and commentary found this odd because the referee should have started the three count the moment Kane was down and Willie was somewhat keeping him there, but Mack didn’t have the leverage he needed in order for the count to begin. Which means three seconds were delayed.

Speculations of Kane not being able to pin Willie started to sink into, and perhaps the champ noticed that as well given Mack’s determination. So, to put an end to this, Kane chokes Willie out to retain his Championship.

But… but… but… when the referee was checking to see if Mack was still conscious by lifting his arm three times and letting it drop, the third time, it would appear that Willie’s arm didn’t drop. That could mean that he didn’t actually lose. The problem is that the official didn’t notice.

Winner: Alex Kane 

Alex Kane (c) vs. Tom Lawlor – World Heavyweight Championship match at Slaughterhouse 

Lawlor and Kane kept switching positions in the corner as to who should be trapped in the early goings of the fight. Eventually, we get into the nitty and gritty as Tom delivers a few jabbing kicks to Kane’s leg.

Alex wears his opponent down with a body splash on the apron.

What was disturbing was that Lawlor removed his shorts to reveals even smaller shorts underneath and used the other ones to strangle Kane with. Tom takes a lap then delivers a kick to Kane’s chest.

Alex counters a submission move with an exploder suplex in the corner. Later on, they begin to slug it out. Tom rolls through a submission attempt then kicks Alex in the side of his head.

Tom thought he had Alex beat when he cinched in a sleeper hold, but Kane managed to roll and cover him at the same time in order to retain. See you at Fightland!

Winner: Alex Kane 


TOP PHOTO: Kane and Fatu face-to-face with Salina de la Renta cackling in the middle. Courtesy of MLW