Just when you thought it was safe, the “twinvasion” continues.

Yes, that’s right the Bella twins are back — though now they are Brie and Nikki Garcia — and they are now acting as Tinder in human form on the new show Twin Love. It is a dating show for twins only. What could possibly go wrong with that?

Well, let me tell you!

They barely mention wrestling on the show. They show a couple pictures of the Bella twins posing in a ring while they discuss the dating woes twins have. So if you are a wrestling fan, this isn’t for you.

The Bella twins are the hosts of the show, which arrived on Amazon Prime on November 17. They are mostly there to narrate things and introduce the victims or “twinmates” … get it? I think they mean like inmates because they are in dating prison? Okay yeah that was bad, I am not good at making up the twin words. I’ll leave that to them.

They do start out by stating that this show is an “experiment” not just another dating show. Proud of the twins for their honesty there. Twin experiments do sound a little dark even for reality TV though. But it is all Mengele light stuff so guess it is okay.

Yes, that description is a little cringey but so is this show. If you make it through all the twin poses and twin words, like lots of twinning, in the first episode, you have a much stronger stomach than me. By the way the Bella, er, Garcia twins, have a secret mission for this social experiment of a show that I will reveal in a bit. Don’t worry that won’t give away anything, they state their secret mission early on.

First, we must talk about what Brie is wearing. Clearly Nikki made the deal for this show and part of the deal was putting Brie in the most ridiculous outfit they could find for the first episode. Nikki is wearing a sexy little pleather dress. Brie is struggling with an electrocuted white swan. She rocks it though I never knew angry feathers flying everywhere could look so good. Major backfire on outfit sabotage there Nikki.

The way the show works is 10 sets of twins are split up from their twin to live in two houses. They are all twins, so they all have to make love connections with another twin. At least they have something in common to begin with. But since they are away from their twins, they must navigate the super shallow waters of reality TV show love on their own … and with the Garcia twins to guide them! Good luck!

This makes me wish that Darcey and Stacey from 90 Day Finance were there too. They know a lot about the struggles of twins dating. Also, I would love to watch them and the Garcias compete in some kind of Narcissist Olympics. Reality TV Gods make that happen! There are plenty of worthy contestants.

Meanwhile back to the show I am forcing myself to watch …

We are about to meet our twins. For anyone playing a drinking game at home, take a drink every time their names rhyme or match in some kind of way. I won’t go through introducing them because I am angry at a plot twist of this show already. Yes, like a normal reality TV dating show they do get eliminated but unlike a normal reality TV dating show they keep adding more twins. How is that possible? No one is going to be able to win if you keep adding people. Chaos reigns at Twin Love. Maybe this is a way to try and get more episodes.

This show must be on the lower budget scale of dating shows because the twins are separated to live in two different houses, but you never really see the houses. On most of these shows the house provides a lot of extra footage so they can show all the rooms and usually a pool or hot tub. You don’t see any of that. The twins in each house all share one bedroom. That’s right six people — it is six because they keep adding people — all in one room. So yeah, they are in the Vista Shack or the Garden Shack, that is what I am calling them until I see that there is more to them.

Since they all share one bedroom, if a couple feels that twin spark they can sign up for some private time in the “Twintimacy” room. WHAT! Who approved that? That twin word is wrong on so many levels. Sure, they were trying to make it cute, but it sounds like a subcategory to all those stepfamily-type videos from popular internet searches. It just sounds like a twinnono to me.

Twin Love on Amazon Prime

Twin Love on Amazon Prime

The challenges are pretty basic and mostly the prizes are dates or spending time with whoever they are interested in. They did have a twin sync dance off. I always love a good dance off. They scored points for if the twins danced the same as each other. After the challenge the daters demanded the Bellas do a twin sync dance. Did Barmageddon teach us nothing?

Now I’ll fill you in on the secret mission. With this experiment, the Garcia twins want to find a set of twins that fall in love with each other. It could be two brothers falling for two sisters, and then they are a love match of two twin sets. That is the ultimate goal. But of course, the Garcias just want everyone to find love. Well, on this show they do, but we all know the Garcia twins just want to ride that reality TV show wave as high as they can, especially now without their Bella names.

The show isn’t all bad. All the daters are very supportive of each other and there isn’t much jealousy in the group. One night the girls just pass a guy around to kiss. Not to sound like the makeout police but there is a lot of that in this show. Everyone for the most part gets along. That ruins it for me though I do enjoy the petty and catty behavior I have come to expect in a reality TV show. Perhaps in a few episodes, the drama might spice up more.

But you won’t read about that here. We decided to give Twin Love a chance, but it ain’t a wrestling show, so you’re on your own, twinlovers.