AEW and CFX have reached an agreement over the use and ownership of the mask Luchasaurus wears.

CFX has dropped the lawsuit they launched last year.

A Lousiana court hearing the case issued this statement today:

The Court has been made aware that the parties have reached a settlement. Accordingly, IT IS ORDERED that this action is dismissed without prejudice to the right, upon good cause shown, to reopen the action or to seek summary judgment enforcing the compromise if settlement is not consummated within sixty days of this order. Each party will bear its own costs. The Court retains jurisdiction for all purposes, including enforcing the settlement agreement entered into by the parties. The parties are reminded that, if witnesses have been subpoenaed, every witness must be informed by counsel not to appear.

Details of the settlement are not known at this time.

CFX was suing for damages and lost profits insisting that after a licensing deal wasn’t singed AEW continued to use the mask as part of Luchasaurus’ gimmick and merchandise.

CFX, a mask design and production company Composite Effects (CFX) took Luchasaurus (Austin Matelson) and AEW to court for not finalizing a deal with them surrounding the use of their Viper Silicone Mask.

In their filing, CFX claimed that they gave Matelson permission to use an altered mask as part of his wrestling persona but since that time hasn’t been able to work out a licensing deal when he signed full-time with AEW. CFX worked with Matelson to come up with the altered Viper Silicone Mask which became Luchasaurus before he was even signed with the company.

“Matelson was entitled to use the mask in events as a wrestler but neither he nor anyone acting on his behalf was entitled to create merchandise that incorporated the mask design,” CFX stated in the filing.

CFX states that they sent Luchasaurus and AEW another version to use but it was never or rarely used.


Luchasaurus, AEW sued over mask