Greetings and salutations! It was Title Tuesday last night on AEW Dynamite. With the show going head to head with NXT last night, Tony Khan made sure to add some nice touches to the show. including a Buy-in match so without further ado, let’s get to the action.

Buy In: ROH World/NJPW STRONG Openweight Championship: Eddie Kingston (c) VS Minoru Suzuki

This match saw both Eddie Kingston and Suzuki chopping an beating the living heck out of each other. Suzuki unleashes on Kingston with a series of strikes and locking in a Rear Naked Choke. Kingston is being put in a Gotch Piledriver, but he fights his way out and hits Suzuki with a Backfist. Kingston connected on another back fist, but this time Suzuki kicked out early. Kingston fires off two more Backfists and then hits a Northern Lights Bomb for the win.

Winner: Eddie Kingston

After the match, both men slap each other and hug.

Tony Khan addresses the International Title match between Rey Fenix & Jon Moxley. Khan said that the AEW doctors haven’t cleared Jon Moxley so a title match is still on and it will be Fenix defending his title tonight against Orange Cassidy

Main Show

TNT Title #1 Contender’s Match: Bryan Danielson vs. Swerve Strickland

They lock hands to start as Bryan buckles Swerve’s knee to get him down for pinfall attempts. Bryan works on Swerve on the mat as he flips him over a few times. Swerve goes for the crucifix pin but Danielson escapes and both men share pins.

On the apron, Bryan kicks Swerve and they trade chops. Swerve with a Side-Slam on Bryan on the apron. Swerve throws Bryan around and then powerslams him. Swerve with a Backbreaker and then goes up top for a 450 splash, but Danielson raises his knees. after a bit, Bryan leaps off the apron with a running knee that connects on Swerve. Moments later, with Serve back in the ring, Danielson connects with a Missile dropkick then starts a series of Yes kicks.

Bryan backflips over Swerve out of the corner but then gets kicked in the gut for his efforts. Swerve avoids Danielson for a bit as he goes to the outside but Danielson goes for a dive onto him, but Swerve decks him. Swerve places Bryan upside down on the turnbuckle and stomps him to the apron and they fall to the floor. Bryan is able to get back into the match and locks in a Half Crab. Back in the ring, both men are fighting at the top rope and Swerve goes for a Superplex, but Danielson pushes him off.

Danielson stomps on Swerve’s face. Swerve tris to get up, but Danielson stomps again and switches this into a Lebelle Lock. Swerve gets his foot on the leg to break thesubmission. Danielson with a Running corner dropkick, but falls to the mat as he is exhausted. Swerve hits House Call and a top rope stomp for a nearfall. Prince Nana gets on the apron to argue with ref Aurbrey. Swerve grabs the crown but Hangman yanks it out of his hands. THis allows Danielson to go for a knee, but Swerve counters, but Danielson rolls him up for a 2-count. Danielson hits a running knee and gets the win!

Winner: Bryan Danielson

We see a new vignette for Samoa Joe and he still wants the world title.

Chris Jericho VS Powerhouse Hobbs

Hobbs controls the match from the get go. Hobbs with strikes in the corner. Hobbs then hits a massive Spinebuter for a 2-count. Hobbs hits another spinebuster. Jericho can’t find any offense as he tries a set of Shoulder tackles. Jericho with a Codebreaker out of nowhere but it wasn’t enough for the win. Hobbs unloads again with a series of punches. Hobbs with another spinebuster.

Jericho is slow to get up and tries to take out Hobbs’ knees. Jericho tries to lock a Walls of Jericho, but Hobbs fights out and slams Jericho twice. Hobbs places his knee of Jericho’s face as he pins him and gets the W.

Winner: Powerhouse Hobbs

After the match, Hobbs powerslams Jericho again.

Back at Roddy’s house, he makes Adam Cole mow his grass while on the scooter. Cole wants to go home and change his shirt, but Roddy has a Neck Strong shirt inside for him. Cole asks Taven what’s up with the giraffe. Cole tries to leave for surgery but Strong insists he needs one more thing

AEW International Championship: Rey Fenix (c) VS Orange Cassidy

They trade strikes to get things started. Fenix with a set of Clotheslines. Fenix goes up top and connects with a Frog splash. Orange dropkicks Fenix from behind, and Fenix is out of the ring. Cassidy sends Fenix into the barricades and then into the ring post. Fenix with a Sliding kick but then gets tripped.

Back in the ring, Fenix stops Cassidy at the top rope and tries for a muscle buster, but can’t get the move in. Cassidy with a diving DDT from the ropes. Cassidy with another tornado DDT for a 2-count. Cassidy with an Orange Punch, Fenix superkicks to stop it. Cassidy hits a second attempt at the Orange Punch and gets the Win.

Winner AND NEW AEW International Champion; Orange Cassidy

Confetti falls as Best Friends, Rocky, and HOOK come out to congratulate him.

RJ City speaks to Toni Storm about her new silent short film, which airs during picture-in-picture.

Wardlow VS Matt Sydal

Wardlow charges Matt into the corner. Wardlow hits several powerbombs and the ref calls the match

Winner: Wardlow

Renee tries to speak to Jericho about his health but Matt Menard asks Daniel Garcia what he’s doing checking on him. Menard tells Garcia that they’re better than this.

Hangman Page VS Jay White

Page tries to take the world title out of Jay’s hands, but Jay slaps Page across the face. White leaves the ring a few times. Page dives onto White. White locks Page in a headlock, but Page punches out of it. White with a  Dragon screw. Page manages to toss White with a fallaway Slam. Both men end up outside of the ring, and Hangman slams White into the apron. Page tries to go for an Alabama Slam, but White fights out and manages to Suplex Page into the turnbuckle.

White and Page are up on the turnbuckle. Page headbutts him and then hits a Fallaway Moonsault Buster. White with a thumb in the eye and follows that up with a Urinagi. They trade blows until Page drops him with a rolling elbow. Page goes for Buckshot, but White dragon-screws the leg again. Page is fighting for his life in the corner. White with a Flatliner and then a German Suplex for a 2-count. Page turns things around and looks to be getting the momentum, but BC Gold distracts the ref. Prince Nana then strikes Hangman with the crown and White pins Page.

Winner: Jay White

Page chases off Nana, but then MJF’s music hits. MJF says White got his Full Gear main event, but MJF wants his Triple B back. White says he doesn’t want to hear any more from MJF. MJF says he’s trying to be better but he sees White using people including BC Gold. MJF would know because that’s out of his playbook. White says MJF can’t just ask for the title — he has to win it at Full Gear. White then says that if MJF can’t wait, he can try and take it from them. White challenges MJF to find three partners. Juice reveals the Dynamite Dozen battle royale is next week and he’s eyeing the Diamond Ring. Juice pulls out a roll of quarters and MJF is furious.

AEW Women’s World Championship: Saraya (c) VS Hikaru Shida

Saraya calls Shida a loser and tries shoving her but Shida unloads with punches. Saraya runs and hides at the ropes. Saraya with punches of her own in the corner until Shida comes back with a running knee in the corner. Saraya rolls out for a break.

Back in the ring, they roll around trading strikes briefly. Shida drops Saraya on her face and then hits a running knee lift while Saraya is on the apron.  Ruby Riot tries to strike with the spray paint, but Shida sprays Ruby. Toni Storm attacks with a shoe and then tosses Ruby into the crowd. Shida is looking confused, but Saraya attacks her from behind. Storm chases Ruby through the crowd.

Shida with Elbow Strikes and a Jumping knee strike. Shida hits a Missile dropkick. Saraya whips Shida off the turnbuckle. Shida with a Stalling German suplex on the apron, followed by a Meteora on the floor. In the ring, Shida hits a running knee for a 2-count.

Saraya blocks Katana and attempts a submission, but Shida fights out and kicks the champ square in the head. Shida from the top rope, but misses. Saraya hit a Knight Cap, but Shida kicks out at the last second. Saraya with a spray can that was tucked away, paints Shida’s face. Saraya hits a second Knight Cap, but Shida kicks out again. Shida hits Saraya with Falcon Arrow and the two trade pins until Shida is on top and gets the 3!

Winner: AND NEW AEW Women’s Champion; Hikaru Shida

Renee tries speaking to MJF. MJF doesn’t want to talk. MJF calls Adam who is still at Roddy’s house. The connection is lose. The Acclaimed walk up to MJF and offer to team with MJF. MJF walks off. Billy asks why Caster is obsessed with MJF…

Adam Copeland VS Luchasaurus

Christian Cage is out for the main event and cuts a promo. Cage calls himself Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne’s father. Cage says Adam’s wife Beth is a huge fan of his. Cage tells her to put clean sheets on the bed because daddy’s coming home soon. Copeland is out but is attacked by Wayne and Luchasaurus…..Cage moves to watch the match from the ramp.

Luchsaurus attacks Copeland in the corner. Luchasaurus with a Clothesline.  Copeland is hit with a tombstone right on his head for a 2-count.  Lucha whips Adam into the turnbuckle and Adam goes back down hard. Lucha maintains control and slams Adam again. Lucha now raking his boot across Copeland’s face. Lucha with a Stalled Suplex. Copeland finally gets to his feet and throws forearm shots, but Lucha with a Big Boot sending Copeland ou of the ring crashing on the mat.

Copeland  is slow to get up and elbows Luchasaurus on the apron and then hits him with a diving DDT on the floor. Copeland attacks Luchasaurus from behind and connects with the Impaler for a 2-count. The ring steps are propped on the floor as they climb to the top rope. Copeland with a Superplex.

Cage gets up and walks towards the ring and Wayne is distracting everyone in the corner.  Copeland goes for a spear but Luchasaurus catches him with a chokeslam for another nearfall. Boots on both men.. Copeland with a few chops, Copeland goes to smash Lucha on the stairs, but Lucha catches him and chokes him. Copeland fights out a bit and is on the apron with Lucha on the outside. Copeland then runs off the apron, using the steps and spears Luchasaurus on the floor. Cags runs down with the TNT title. Wayne witha classic ref distraction. Copeland is able to sue the blet on Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus thinks Cage hit him and when he turns around, Copeland with a massiv spear for the win.

Winner: Adam Copeland

Wayne chopblocks Copeland and puts the boot on him. Danielson hits the ring and tries to make the save but Lucha boots him. Cage stomps away until BCC’s Claudio and Yuta make the save. Out comes Gates of Agony and Swerve, followed by Hangman. Danielson with a Labelle Lock and Copeland Spears Wayne. All hell has broke loose as the show goes off air.