Luchasaurus’ trademark look is at the centre of a lawsuit.

Wrestlenomics first reported the news that mask design and production company Composite Effects (CFX) is taking Luchasaurus (Austin Matelson) and AEW to court for not finalizing a deal with them surrounding the use of their Viper Silicone Mask.

In their filing, CFX claims that they gave Matelson permission to use an altered mask as part of his wrestling persona but since that time hasn’t been able to work out a licensing deal when he signed full-time with AEW. CFX worked with Matelson to come up with the altered Viper Silicone Mask which became Luchasaurus before he was even signed with the company.

CFX is suing for damages and lost profits insisting that after a licensing deal wasn’t singed AEW continued to use the mask as part of Luchasaurus’ gimmick and merchandise.

“Matelson was entitled to use the mask in events as a wrestler but neither he nor anyone acting on his behalf was entitled to create merchandise that incorporated the mask design,” CFX states in the filing.

Viper the Reptile Silicone Mask

CFX states that they sent Luchasaurus and AEW another version to use but it was never used.

“Hey man thanks for the work on the new mask but after getting a look of it on my face Tony and I agreed my current mask is just too iconic at this point and we can’t change the face,” Matelson stated in an email provided by CFX in the court filing.

CFX alleges that Matelson approached another designer with the mask asking him to create a new one based on their design.

“It was clear that there were legal issues that needed to be handled prior to my designing a new mask for Matelson,” wrote mask designer George Frangadakis.

Before AEW, Matelson worked for the WWE for two years as part of the FCW developmental promotion and appeared as a contestant on the 17th season of Big Brother USA where he finished in fifth place.


Luchasaurus, AEW settle mask lawsuit