Becky Lynch believes the WWE isn’t using its female roster as well as it should be.

In an interview with The New York Post, Lynch criticized her lack of competition on Raw.

“Currently, we are a little light on women with credibility on Raw. So anyway I can give these women, who are great, credibility, give them a match, give them an outing and showcase them in a championship match, I think that only benefits everybody. It benefits the audience because we have more women that we care about and more women that I can beat,” she said.

Lynch thinks there are plenty of women in the WWE who would be great challengers for her but they aren’t being utilized.

“I need people to come up. I need people on this level but if nobody’s getting any TV time, if nobody’s getting any story-time then they can’t rise up because nobody knows who the hell they are,” she said backing Indie Hartwell, Xia Lie, Candice LeRae and Zoey Stark as talent who deserve to reach the next level in WWE.