NXT has been gaining on AEW in the ratings with the help of stars like Becky Lynch and others. NXT’s No Mercy event is this weekend and tonight’s their “go-home” show. There is a ton to cram in tonight but NXT is on a roll the last few months so…

Butch versus Joe Coffey – NXT Global Heritage Invitational Final

Butch defeated Tyler Bate last week to the surprise of many to reach the finals. Coffey won’t go quietly that’s for sure as he has had more wins and points in the tournament. He could be considered the favourite. Butch starts off things by punching Coffey in the face. The crowd chants “You were bushwhacked!” at Coffey. Coffey has some get-back on Butch by taking him to the mat with an arm bar and ripping at his ear.

Coffey shoulder tackles Butch to the mat but Butch returns fire by focusing on Coffey’s left arm including stomping on it from the top rope. Gallus interferes. Wolfgang punches Butch behind the official’s back.

Butch gets nasty. Courtesy: NXT.

As Gallus gives Coffey some advice on the floor they are oblivious to Butch climbing to the top rope. Butch splashes all of them. A furious Gallus leaps up on the apron. The official has had enough and sends them packing.

Butch escapes a piledriver on the apron to DDT Coffey. Coffey tries for a suplex but is stalled by his worked over hand and arm. Coffey manages to slam, spear Butch and level him with a running clotheslines for two. Coffey goes for a spear on the floor. Butch dodges. Coffey hits the steel ringsteps. Butch pins him with The Bitter End.

Butch is moving on to No Mercy. Courtesy: NXT,

Butch will now face Noam Dar for the Heritage Cup at No Mercy this weekend.

Winner: Butch

Dominik Mysterio is interviewed backstage. He thinks he has this weekend off. “No Mercy, no Dom,” says a content Mysterio. Dom has no clue that whomever wins tonight’s match will face him at No Mercy according to a post on X by Shawn Michaels. He is furious that his weekend plans have been changed.

Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo are hosting a dinner for the teams that wish to challenge them for the tag belts. Their idea is to feed their competition and figure things out for No Mercy. Teams are being searched as they enter as the restaurant is a “family establishment”.

Trick Williams versus Joe Gacy

Joe Gacy cranks down on Trick Williams. Courtesy: NXT.

Williams makes Gacy look like he is moving in slow-motion. Gacy slows the momentum with a DDT off the ropes. Gacy lays in some forearms to the back of Trick’s head. Trick uses Gacy as a punching bag and drops him with a leg lariat. Gacy bounces off the ropes for the Upside Down. Trick catches him with a running knee putting him away just, like, that. Trick is interviewed after the match. He is kind of ticked that he is asked about Melo’s title defence at No Mercy, the focus isn’t on his win. “Melo already has his championship. Now it is time to get mine,” he says before leaving the ring. What could it all mean?

Winner: Trick Williams

Blair Davenport is interviewed. She calls Dolin’s attack on her “pathetic”. “When I go after people they don’t get back to the their feet,” she says. Davenport claims she will teach Dolin a lesson in brutality tonight.

Thea Hail shows off her new look to Andre Chase. She now feels like a “grown ass woman”. Chase compliments her at Duke Hudson’s insistence. Hail praises Jacy Jayne. She cannot wait to see what Chase thinks about the new ring attire she’s debuting tonight.

Baron Corbin versus Josh Briggs

Short and sweet. Briggs gives Corbin a run for his money taking the match to the floor and heaving him into the ringside barricade. Corbin pulls the official in the way, punches Briggs in the face and pins him with End of Days. Corbin calls out Bron Breakker out on the mike. Bron answers. He marches to the ring. Bron and Corbion start pummeling each other. Officials break up the brawl.

Winner: Baron Corbin

Trick Williams heads into Shawn Michaels’ office. The cameras don’t linger to see what happens next.

We are treated to a recap of Becky Lynch and Tiffany Stratton feud.

Another short and sweet match. SCRYPT’s interferes and his boys get the sneaky style win.

Winners: OTM (Bronco Nima, and Lucien Price)

We cut to the back where Blair Davenport is beating the snot out of Gigi Dolin. Davenport to a fallen Dolin: “Pathetic”.

Back to the tag team dinner Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo are hosting. The food is delivered to the table and everyone is chowing down.

Tyler Bate and Axiom’s conversation backstage is interrupted by Trick Williams. He informs them that Shawn Michaels has made tonight’s three-way match a fatal four-way now.

Eddy Thorpe versus Dijak – Strap Match

Eddy is hung out to dry. Courtesy: NXT.

Dijak hits the floor immediately and gets pulled into the steel post by Thorpe. Dijak pulls Thorpe into the side of the ring. Thorpe pulls Dijak off the top rope kicking him in the head. Dijak attempts to lash Thorpe. Thorpe stops him with a drop kick. Thorpe misses another kick. He is caught up in the ropes. Dijak whips him across the back again and again. Thorpe takes a nasty spill onto the floor. Dijak wraps the strap around Thorpe’s mouth as the crowd chants for Eddy. Dijak takes Eddy to the floor beating him in front of his family. Dijak screams in a Eddy’s six-year-old niece’s face causing her to cry. Booker T comments that they should have left her at home. Eddy battles back whipping Dijak across his back. Eddy punches Dijak with the white belt he used to whip the trees on Eddy’s sacred land. Eddy pins Dijak with his flying elbow from the top rope. Dijak is busted open and is furious about it. He attacks Eddy from behind. Eddy is hung on the tree of woe. Dijak ties Eddy’s legs to the top rope with the strap and then uses the white belt to whip him.

Winner: Eddy Thorpe

It is announced Gigi Dolin will not be able to compete tonight against Blair Davenport. Davenport mocks Dolin after snatching a microphone from the announce table.

Dani Palmer versus Thea Hail

Hail’s new ring attire has lots of black leather and lots of straps. She also has new music. Palmer flips and flops right into a Kimura Lock.

Winner: Thea Hail

Andre Chase and Duke Hudson look on disapprovingly.

Trick Williams breaks the news to Carmelo Hayes in the back about him being included in the NXT North American contenders’ match. Hayes is not paying much attention though. He is too busy on his phone. Williams is not happy about that.

Bron Brekker and Baron Corbin brawl some more in the back. I am not sure why we needed more of this but…

Dragon Lee versus Trick Williams versus Axiom versus Tyler Bate – Fatal Fourway to determine a contender for the NXT North American Championship at No Mercy

Who has who? We don’t really know. Courtesy: NXT.

Too much crazy action to call. At one point, everyone has everyone in a submission move. Williams hits an impressive double Rock Bottom almost pinning Lee and Bate. Bate catches both Axiom and Lee spinning them both around at the same time. Lee kicks out of Axiom’s Spanish Fly from the top rope. Lee head butts Williams into Bate. Bate drops off the apron. Williams falls on Axiom to pin him.

Winner: Trick Williams

Back to the dinner. OTM shows up, finally. They aren’t there to break bread. Everyone starts to argue and they want the champs to make their decision. OTM demands their shot or the place will “get dirty real quick”. Some “goons” are called in to keep the peace. Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo says they have decided and there will be a Fatal Four-Way for the tag championships at No Mercy.

Backstage, Mysterio says he will whoop Trick Williams at No Mercy. Dragon Lee attacks Mysterio knocking him to the floor.

Williams catches up with Hayes as he is set to sign the contract with Ilya. Hayes congratulates Williams.

We see a promo for who I assume is Brian Pillman Jr.

Ilya Dragunov is already in the ring seated at a table waiting for the contract signing to begin. Hayes says there is nothing more to say. They just need to sign the contract. Ilya says Hayes is the wrong man for the championship. Ilya claims Hayes will be out of his comfort zone when he faces a dragon spitting fire at No Mercy. Ilya asks Hayes what he will do when his best shot doesn’t take out or put out him. Hayes says he isn’t like anyone he has faced before. He rattles off names, including Trick Williams. The crowd is shocked. Ilya and Hayes continue to trash talk each other. Both end up signing and end up in a staredown as we cut to…

Bron Brekker and Baron Corbin are fighting in the parking lot. Bron charges at Corbin. Corbin dodges. Bron spears an open car door. Corbin slams Bron on the hood of the car. Bron sits back up like The Undertaker. They battle their way back into the building, smash through a wall into Shawn Michaels office as security tries to pull them apart.