Greetings and Salutations! It is part 2 of Impact 1000. This week we have the ultimate X match along with the Ultimate Knockouts match. We also find out the results of the Feast or Fired Match. With so much on the go, let’s get right to the results.

Ultimate X Match: Alan Angels, Rich Swann, Samuray del Sol, Mike Bailey, Ace Austin, Zachery Wentz

The match starts off quickly as Samuray performs a few Hurricanranas, then proceeds to dive over the ropes and takes out a few of the wrestlers in the match. Swann dives throughthe middle rope and takes everyone out again. In the ring, Bailey and Austin go at it. Austin takes out Bailey, then does a Fosbury Flop to the floor. Austin now starts to climb for the X, but is stopped by Angels. Bailey and Samuray join them on the posts. Angels, Nailey and Samuray Moonsault onto the other wrestlers on the floor.

Bailey and Angels are the focus of the match right now and they end up fighting above the ring. Bailey with a few Forearms causing Angel’s leg to get caught in the post. Samuray and Bailey are making their way for the X. Wentz and Angels begin to shake the cables to stop Samuray and Bailey from reaching the X. Austin with a last ditch Flying Kick, that is successful in stopping Samuray by knocking him off. Swann with a Poisonrana on Wentz. Swann focuses his attack on Angels. Angels wrapped his legs around Swann’s head and does a Hurrucanarana. Wentz sprays the eyes of Swann and Bailey knocks Swann off. Angels with a  low kick on Bailey, climbing the ropes and successfully grabs the X

Winner: Alan Angels

Angels is not waiting at all as he Cashes in the X for next week against Chris Sabin.

Fox Box Match: Jake Something VS Dirty Dango (w/ Alpha Bravo)

Bravo says the Dango has something to get off his chest. Dango says that he hates wrestling. Chase Stevens (The Naturals) is the judge for this match and this match is the old Fox Box from the early days.

Dango hit a series of uppercuts in the corner on Something then he missed a knee drop. This gieves Something the window to work over on Dango. Something hits a Spear as Dango was in the corner. Something shoved Dango off the apron and Bravo asks for a timeout claiming that Dango was hurt. Bravo tries to attack Something with a Flashlight, but Something ducks and Dango gets rocked. Something hits Into the Void on Dango for the win.

Winner: Jake Something

Steve Maclin was backstage and says that when he started something, he does so with intent to finish it. He said he failed to end the career of Rhino before, so now he has to. In the distance Rhino screamsn “Maclin!” and spears him through some equipment.

Santino is now with Rhino and tells him he went too far. Rhino said that Maclin tried to end his career, so this was on him.

Eric Young (w/ Scott D’Amore) VS Kenny King (w/ Sheldon Jean)

Sheldon Jean attacks Young right in front of the referee. Scott D’Amore hit Jean with the Canadian flag to clear the ring and the ref puts the match to an end…

Shark Boy comes out and says that as Deputy Director of Authority, he is re-starting the match as a Tag Team match.

Team Canada (Eric Young & Scott D’Amore) VS Kenny King & Sheldon Jean

The Design runs in and attacks Young and D’Amore to end the match….

Shark Boy is out again and says that the match is now an 8-Person match with America’s Most Wanted joining Team Canada!

America’s Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm) & Team Canada (Eric Young & Scott D’Amore) VS Kenny King, Sheldon Jean, & The Design (Deaner & Kon)

Jean starts things of with a rake to the eyes of James Storm. King with a Drop Toe hold on Storm. Young is in and Deaner distracts him, opening the door for King to put the boots on him and cutting him off from his team. Young fights back and hits a Death Valley Driver on Kon, and finally gets a hot tag to Storm. Storm clears the ring and tries to take out King and Jean, but Jean was able to hit a leg lariat on Storm to drop him to the mat.

King with a Blockbuster on Young, and Harris took out King with a HUGE Clothesline. Kon and Harris are in the middle of the ring and trade blows. Harris with the advantage and sends King onto Jean. Deaner went for a DDT, but got hit with a superkick from Storm. Storm is going to get attacked, but Harris is in and clears the ring, leaving Young and Jean alone after D’Amore helps him with a Spinebuster. Young with a piledriver on him and gets the pinfall.

Winner: America’s Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm) & Team Canada (Eric Young & Scott D’Amore)

We see a crowd of people waiting for the Feast or Fired Results…

We see a video package of highlights featuring Team 3D’s return last week. Bully Ray is in the ring and Ray said he wouldn’t want to reunite with Devon anywhere else. Devon said that the dans is why he came back after a Stroke and Back Surgery. Devon with the “Oh, my brother, testify!” line!

David LeGreca is hosting the Feast or Fired results. Everyone wants the Tag Team Title shot. Crazzy Steve wants a Heart, or Liver, or Lungs. Here are the results:

  • Digital Media Title Shot: Crazzy Steve
  • World Title Shot: Moose (Myers was dissapointed)
  • Tag Team Title Shot: ABC
  • Fired: Yuyua Uemura

Hendry was sad at the results as was Uemura….

Josh Alexander VS Trey Miguel

Alexander is super aggressive in this match as he chops the heck out of Miguel throughout the match. Miguel found some windows of offence, but Alexander continued to toss him and chop him around the ring. Alexander with a Twisting Torture Rack Bomb on Miguel.

Miguel was able attack the formerly injured arm of Alexander giving him a brief advantage, but Alexander shakes it off and hits Miguel with a huge Clothesline. Alexander with a Fireman’s carry, but Miguel blocks it. Miguel with a Headscissors from the top rope on Alexander, followed by a Meteora, but Alexander stuff this and turns it into an Ankle Lock.

Wentz is out to save Miguel but Alex Shelley is out and takes him out. In the ring, Alexander hits a C4 Spike on Miguel for this win.

Winner: Josh Alexander

After the match, Alexander thanked Shelley for the help. Shelley told Alexander not to get confused because he did this to hurt the Rascalz instead of helping Alexander. Alexander says that he will take his belt back at Bound For Glory.

Mike Bailey vs. Will Ospreay was announced for Bound for Glory.

Jonathan Gresham walked up to Mike Bailey and riffed on him about his losing streak. This set up a Best of 7 Series between the two.

The Rascalz were recovering backstage. John Skylar walks up and wants a Tag Team title shot for The Good Hands. The Rascalz don’t think it’s time. ABC appear and see the 4 working together. Skylar said that winning the title shot at the Feast or Fired match doesn’t guarantee anything. He then begs The Rascalz for the title shot but The Rascalz leave the room without him noticing.

Trinity, Jordynne Grace, Mickie James, Gail Kim, & Awesome Kong (w/ Raisha Saeed) VS Deonna Purrazzo, Tasha Steelz, Gisele Shaw, Savannah Evans, & Angelina Love (w/ Jai Vidal & Velvet Sky)

Trinity and Love start things off and Love isn’t impressed by Trinity. Grace and Purrazzo are in and Grace with a Slam/Suplex Combo on Purrazzo. Shaw is in and also gets tossed around by Grace. Steelz and James tag in and James takes her out, leaving Purrazzo to face off with James.

James shoved Evans and Purrazzo after they tried to cut her off from her team. Kim with a tag. Kim with a Headscissors, followed by a Wrist Lock on Purrazzo and Shaw. Gail Kim was pulled off the apron by Velvet Sky, and Kim crashed hard to the floor. Shaw came in and tried to work over Kim, but Kim rotates around a moveset, and ends up in an Octopus Stretch. Shaw is in and hits a Backbreaker, followed by a Flatliner for a 2-count as it was broken up by James. Kim and Purrazzo square off. They battle back and forth and have the same ideas as they went for Crossbodies and crash into each other.

Kim slowly tags out to Kong who clears the ring. Evans with a Clothesline attempt, but Kong clotheslined her hard and the fans go wild. Love and Purrazzo team up to take Kong out to the floor. James and Trinity are in to batle Love and Purrazzo. Trinity with a Suicide Dive on Love and Purrazzo at ringside. Steelz dives onto everyone. Kim climbs the top rope and hits a Plancha onto everypne. Shaw is in the ring as Kong appears behind her. Kong with a Spinning Back Fist, followed by a Chokeslam on Shaw. Kong hits the Implant Buster for the win.

Winners: Trinity, Jordynne Grace, Mickie James, Gail Kim, & Awesome Kong (w/ Raisha Saeed)

The winning team celebrate to close out the show with a seed planted as Mickie James eyes the Belt of Trinity.


Impact TV: September 21, 2023

Another fun episode of Impact TV. Once again, it was a fun mix of nostalgia and current stars mixing together. The in-ring was good and while the main event wasn’t the best match, it was full of great moments.