Monday Night Raw started off hot tonight with The American Nightmare, Cody Rhodes.

He said he was interrupted last week and he wanted to talk about Jey Uso, but he could not get another word out before he was interrupted by Dominik Mysterio. Dirty Dom said once Jey joins Judgement Day they will continue to be WWE’s most dominant faction. He also announced that Rhea Ripley was not at Raw tonight due to being injured by Nia Jax last week and tonight he will be dedicating his victory to Mami.

Cody said if Dom can beat him, maybe Rhea will finally define her relationship with him, and he also said it seems Mami has eyes for Jey Uso. However, Dom said it’s not like that, J-Day is a family and his family then made their way out. Damian Priest and Finn Bálor went out to be in Dom’s corner.

Dominik Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes

Rhodes was all over Dirty Dom from the opening bell, he hit a stalling flapjack and locked in a figure-four. However, Dom then distracted the referee and that allowed Bálor to pull Rhodes off the apron. Dom then went for the three amigos, but Rhodes blocked the third one and hit a Cody Cutter. He quickly followed that with a Cross Rhodes, Cody made very quick work of Dirty Dom tonight.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Following the match, Bálor, Priest and Dom were trying to get to Cody with a three-on-one attack, but out from the back came Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. With the former champs backing up Cody, J-Day made the decision to retreat to the back.

Cody then continued to celebrate his win, but KO demanded for the music to stop and told Cody they need to talk about something. He said Jey Uso is back on Raw because of Cody, and he said he’s not going to dive into all the bad things Jey has done in the past. KO wants to know why Cody thought it was a good idea to bring Jey into the Raw locker room.

He responded by saying his job as a superstar is to make the people happy and the fans love Jey Uso. He said Jey deserves a second chance to prove to everyone that he has changed, and The Bloodline being down a member is a good thing.

Sami then chimed in saying he has been through a lot with Jey and he knows Owens takes a while to come around on people. He said Owens has given him lots of second chances and he has given Kevin many second chances, and he wants him to do the same for Jey.

Owens said Cody and Zayn want him to pretend to trust Jey Uso, and they want him to pretend Jey hasn’t hurt each of their careers. He said he cannot trust Jey, but he trusts Sami and Cody, so he said he’ll see what happens.

Kofi Kingston vs. Ivar

Ivar was overpowering the much smaller Kofi from the opening bell, but Kofi then began to use his quickness and high flying. However, Ivar was able to throw Kofi to the outside and he then leaped off the apron splashing onto Kofi on the floor.

Ivar then tried some high-flying of his own, he went for a splash from the top rope, but Kofi rolled out of the way. Kofi was able to hit Ivar with an SOS and a Boom Drop, but he reversed the Trouble in Paradise and hit Kofi with a double under-hook powerbomb. Ivar wanted to finish the job, so he leaped from the top rope hitting Kofi with a remarkable moonsault from a man of his size. However, that was not enough to knock off the former World Champion and Kofi responded by hitting Ivar with a sunset flip bomb. Kofi had Ivar reeling and connected with a Trouble in Paradise to get the victory.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Ricochet

Nakamura has attacked Ricochet twice over the last month and tonight Ricochet was finally looking to get some revenge. However, before the match could begin Seth Rollins tried to attack Nakamura, but he hid behind a wall of security. Rollins was unable to get to Nakamura, but it is very clear that Nakamura has gotten into his head.

Rollins was removed from the arena and Nakamura and Ricochet were able to get their match started. Nakamura was quickly getting some cheap shots in on Ricochet, sneakily driving Ricochet’s head into the middle turnbuckle. Ricochet then tried to utilize his high flying as he went for a handspring, but Nakamura caught him with a dropkick to the face in the middle of it. Nakamura continued his attack and went for a sliding German suplex, but Ricochet reversed and hit Nakamura with a running moonsault on the outside.

Following a commercial break, Ricochet hit Nakamura with a bicycle knee, a handspring back elbow and a standing shooting star press. Ricochet continued with a springboard crossbody, but Nakamura then swept Ricochet’s legs out on the apron. Nakamura was then hoping to hit Ricochet with a chair just like he did a few weeks ago, but Ricochet blocked and then returned the favor cracking Nakamura over the back with the steel chair.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura via DQ

This caused the match to end in disqualification, but following the bell Nakamura hit Ricochet with a Kinshasa to the back of the head. He then wrapped Ricochet’s leg around the ring post and repeatedly hit his leg with the steel chair. He was going to destroy Ricochet’s leg, but Rollins emerged from the crowd to attack Nakamura.

The brawl was on between Nakamura and Rollins, but it was Nakamura dropping Rollin’s back first on the steel chair. He then drove Rollins into the announce table and dropped him on top of the table with a backbody drop. Nakamura beat down Ricochet and then left the World Champion in agony.

Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark vs. Chelsea Green & Piper Niven

Both Baszler and Stark were tormenting Green from the start, but it was when Niven got involved that the tag champs got an advantage. Niven was on fire, but she was then attacked from behind by Nia Jax. She threw Niven into the steel steps, hit Stark with a senton, launched Green across the ring and finally hit Baszler with the Annihilator.

No clue why Jax is back or why she got involved, but good job building up the women’s tag division WWE!

Winners: No Contest

Jey Uso was being interviewed by Jackie Redmond backstage, but they were interrupted by Damian Priest trying to recruit Jey to join J-Day. He said J-Day could be the family he’s been looking for his whole life and he demanded that Jey give them an answer by the end of the night.

Chad Gable vs. Bronson Reed

Gable has been one of the most over people in WWE since his matches with Gunther and tonight he started hot with a missile dropkick. However, he then went for a suplex, and the much bigger Reed blocked that and hit a belly-to-belly. Reed then military-pressed Gable and threw him into the top turnbuckle before launching him from the apron into the barricade.

Following a commercial break, Gable hit Reed with a diving headbutt from the top rope, but Gable then injured his knee blocking a senton from Reed. This allowed Reed to hit a backpack bomb and then finish the job with a Tsunami.

Winner: Bronson Reed

“The Man” Becky Lynch is the brand-new NXT Women’s Champion and she has arrived on Monday Night Raw. The Grand Slam Champion decided to hold an open challenge for her newly won title as she wants to test herself against the best the future has to offer.

And what does the future have to offer…Natalya? Yeah sure that makes sense, the veteran that’s been with the WWE for over a decade is what the future has to offer.

Becky Lynch (C) vs. Natalya — NXT Women’s Championship Match

Natalya started with a cheap shot, but it was not long before Lynch was hitting her with a Bexploder suplex. She then tried to end things early, but Natalya hit her with a German suplex and she followed that with a superplex from the top rope. Natalya was now looking for Sharpshooter, but Lynch threw her into the bottom turnbuckle.

Lynch then hit a diving missile dropkick and baseball slide before locking in the Dis-Arm-Her. Natalya was able to break the hold and both women then began exchanging roll-ups, but it was Lynch catching Natalya in the roll-up and retaining her title.

Winner: Still NXT Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch

Giovanni Vinci vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Ciampa has been trying to prove himself as a worthy challenger for the Intercontinental Championship and tonight he knocked off Vinci with the Sicilian Stretch.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

Seth Rollins was caught leaving the arena and he presented a very interesting challenge to Shinsuke Nakamura.

Jey Uso vs. Drew McIntyre

Drew ready for war. Credit: WWE

This main event was going to be a hard-hitting affair and it started with McIntyre ripping Jey’s shirt off and chopping his chest. Jey absorbed some pain before responding with some uppercuts and then hit Drew on the outside with two suicide dives. Judgement Day then made their way out from the back to get a closer look at the action.

After a commercial break, Drew hit Jey with a superplex from the top rope and he followed that with a Glasgow Kiss. However, Jey then caught Drew with a Samoan drop, but Drew quickly responded with a spine buster and neckbreaker. Drew was then calling for the Claymore, but Judgement Day distracted Drew and the referee allowing Jey to connect with a superkick.

J-Day was now trying to coach Jey in the corner and at that moment Jey made his decision, he super-kicked every member of J-Day right in the jaw. Jey will not be joining Judgement Day today! Unfortunately for Jey, he turned around right into a Claymore and Drew got the victory.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Following the match, J-Day began the three-on-one beat down of Jey, and McIntyre just watched on from the stage. Since Drew wasn’t going to help Jey, out from the back came Cody Rhodes and alongside Jey they were able to beat down J-Day and end Raw standing tall.