On tonight’s NWA Powerrr, new National Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Champion EC3 seeks a response from Thom Latimer. Plus, the newly crowned NWA Women’s Champion, Kenzie Paige will face competition in the form of Samantha Starr.

We get a montage on how things have changed since Paige won The Burke on Night Two of NWA and how she persevered to get to the top spot.  Plus, Joe Galli narrates that she is not only the youngest champion at 21 years of age, but also a Triple Crown winner, having held the NWA Women’s Tag Team titles with Pretty Empowered and the inaugural Women’s Television title.

We come to you from the Skyway Studios in Nashville, TN. Joe Galli and Danny Dealz have the call., and your First Match of the Night is a…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

Fatal Four-Way for the NWA Television Title Tournament: Dak Draper vs. Gaagz the Gymp vs. Zicky Dice vs. Judais

Dice and Draper sunglass moment and Gaagz joins in on the fun, but Judais knocks his head off to kick off the match, literally.  Once the dust clears, Judais and Draper slug it out in the center of the ring. Dice gets caught in the fray, and Judais backs the Mile High Magnum into the corner.  Dice proceeds to rake Judais back, and the Priest of Punishment turns around and goes after his Outlandish eyes.  Now Draper takes care of Judais and then goes for a superplex on Gaagz, but Dice comes underneath and lands a Tower of Doom. He overs Draper for two, and then does the same with Gaagz for a near fall.  Then everyone gangs up on poor Gaagz.  First, Judais nails a choke slam, then there is a diving splash by Dice, and Draper finishes up with an elbow drop, but the masked freak bounces back every time.  Judais goes for another chokeslam but Gaagz counters to go from behind and latch into a sleeper hold.  It’s all for naught as Judais transitions to a fallaway slam.  Draper gets back in the mix, lands an impressive gutwrench powerbomb on The Priest of Punishment and Gaagz breaks count for a crucifix pin.  Draper rolls through and nails a forward slam.  Before he can capitalize, Dice pulls Draper out of the ring and steals the pin and the win.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Zicky Dice

Draper tries to get ahold of Dice, but he scrambles out of the ring, leaving the Mile High Magnum high and dry.

Sam Leterna is backstage with The Southern Six. She asks Kerry Morton about his dad Ricky refereeing in the match with Colby Corino tonight. He pays it no mind since he has integrity and according to him, “We are good Christian boys.”  Alex Taylor chimes in with a quote by Steve Gaines saying, “Integrity is not about being perfect, but about being authentic” and no one is as authentic as Ricky Morton and The Southern Six.  That leads to the best quote by the NWA National Champ “Thrillbilly” Silas Mason, and this is quotable:

“When you’re the champion of the entire nation, ya to be like a midget at the urinal:  You gotta stay on your toes.  And I’ve been staying up there looking up highfrom down on Mount Thrill-imanjaro, baby, looking for someone that wants to get their ass whipped on worldwide television. But ain’t nobody wanna step up and take that ride you don’t come back from.  I’m talking about the Thrillride, baby!”

He offers Leterna a ride, and she declines, and Taylor lists the Six’s turn-ons and turn-offs.  They like:  Women, making towns, and making money.  They don’t like:  Women…’s opinions, your opinions (or Europeans for that matter), and Global warming.  They believe that last part, but they rather watch the world burn ’cause when you’re hot, ya hot!

Now for a heated match between…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

AJ Cazana vs. Jax Dane

So, a couple of things to note:  Dane is no longer SVG since his partner Blake Troop dumped him out of the ring in the Austin Idol National tournament, and Cazana’s tag partner has also left the NWA.  We will find out more as things develop.

For now, this is a big hoss match and a surprise no one has chanted, “Meat.”  Dane has the upper hand with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex and then sets up again, but Cazana splashes him in the corner and gives a clothesline.  They continue to slug it out on the floor and Dane slams his head on the apron.  Back in the ring, Dane is back in control stomping on his legs.  Cazana attempts a sunset flip but Dane stomps him on the gut.  Cazana comes back gets a waistlock and then lands a German suplex, but Dane pops the trunk with The Dane Event clothesline.  He positions Cazana dead center of the ring and cinches a camel clutch and he has no choice but to tap out.

Your Winner via Submission:  Jax Dane

Looks like the Megalo-Dane has found his winning ways again.

We go backstage as Laterna asks Ricky Morton why he was chosen as special referee.  He explains as a nine-time NWA Tag Team champion, he’s seen all sorts of chicanery and will call the match right down the line.  That’s why he is the best choice

Laterna now has Rush and Rolando Freeman about the issues with The Spectaculars, since Brady Pierce abandoned them.  Rush explains it feels like he lost his friend.  Rolando says he’s too much into his feelings, especially since he’s the one who dealt with Pierce’s abuse on last week’s POWERRR.  However, he pulled some strings as a good big brother should and gave Rush a shot next week against Thom Latimer. Rush is down for the challenge and will take the opportunity.

Well, good luck, I say.

Now we have tag team action and it includes…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

Special Guest Referee Ricky Morton: Homicide and Joe Alonzo (with Jamie Stanley) vs. Colby Corino and Koa Laxamana (with Kallies)

Kinda funny seeing both Alonzo and Homicide team up, since the Notorious 187 tried to kill him on Night One of NWA 75.  Morton is thorough in his duties as he pulls a fork from Homicide’s Arsenal.  Also, Stanley represents both Alonzo and Corino, so one wonders if The America’s Jawline is doing some double-dipping.

We’ll see how that plays out later as Alonzo and Corino start until he tags in Homicide.  These rivals certainly know each other very well, and they do some great chain wrestling until Corino sends him to the corner and Laxamana comes in with a double knee face breaker and Corino clotheslines him down.  Laxamana goes up the top rope and Stanley jumps on the apron.  As Corino admonishes him, Alonzo sends Laxamana crashing and Homicide sends him to the corner to isolate him and he becomes a Hawaiian Hitman in Peril.  Alonzo whips him to the ropes and Laxamana reverses and that makes Stanley trip up his own guy.  A hot tag to Corino and he is a Last Bastion en Fuego.  An imploding senton connects, but Ricky Morton makes a painfully slow two count.  That leads to a Pier Four brawl, and amid the chaos Laxamana spears Homicide but Ricky is distracted by Kallies on the outside.  As Laxamana pleads with Morton to make the count, Morton mule kicks him in the nethers and Alonzo delivers a rolling cutter that Morton now makes the quick three count.

Your Winners via Pinfall:  Homicide and Joe Alonzo

Kyle Davis is at The Podium with the NWA Heavyweight champion, EC3, and he calls out the NWA Television champion Latimer.  They’re both of the same mind and the OverMan suggests he cash in and have a title match at the Samheim PPV. Before Latimer can answer, Kamille enters for her man and…well, let’s hear from The Brickhouse:

“EC3, I always hear you calling yourself a locker room leader.  But the thing is you always smell like dookie. So if you’re gonna be a locker room leader, at least start by washing your clothes. You know what I’m saying?

And the thing is, when you left that other company, you lost your mind. And your whole shtick is ‘anti-establishment, anti-‘It’s the man’, forging your own way when in reality you’re only in this position because you’re poolside with the boss man politicking for two hours.  You’ve been doing that ever since the Dixie days, haven’t you, Ethan?
So, you think that you’re some kind of savior, some kind of hotshot of the NWA because you defeated Tyrus? Well, newsflash:  Gaagz the Gymp could have defeated Tyrus, and the wrestling world as a whole would have celebrated, okay?  All you are EC3 is a freak that saw an opening and took advantage.”

Again, to paraphrase The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, “She’s way out of line, but she has a point.”  EC3 acknowledges what Kamille says and heralds her impressive 813-day reign as champion…until he notes that it took one mistake for her to lose it all.  That brings Latimer in the picture and he tells EC3 he will see him in Cleveland.

Back at the Podium with Kyle Davis is Chris Adonis, and “Sexy Jesus” says he entered the tournament next week to qualify for the Television title.  While he does not recall a Zicky Dice, he is confident he will achieve what Latimer did and take the title to cash in his own opportunity.

and it’s time for the Main Event, but we learn from Galli it has been updated to a title match for the…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

Kenzie Paige vs. Samantha Starr

This is the first official title defense for Paige, so we will see how she can hang onto The Burke. 

As the bell rings, both Starr and Paige have a nice chain wrestling to start off, but the third-generation Starr slams Paige face-first to the mat.  She whips the champ to the corner and Paige brings her down hard using her legs and stomps away.  Paige is in control and has Starr draped on the second ropes and she nails her with double knees to the back, and Paige gets a two count.  Starr gets a second wind using her power and connects with a nice vertical suplex that gets her a count of two.  She follows up with a Samoan drop to cover, but it’s another two count for Starr.  Paige manages to go for a rollup for a near fall and then delivers the Kenzie Cutter for the one, two, and three.

Your Winner via Pinfall, and Still NWA Women’s Champion:  Kenzie Paige

Paige holds the belt aloft as the show goes to the credits.

NWA Powerrr: 09/09/2023

Final Thoughts:

The 1/2 star goes to the mic work on this show from The Southern Six and Kamille got saucy on the mic.  Overall this was a solid show that continues to highlight the new direction of the NWA, as well as establish what will take place on the Samhein PPV card at the end of October.

For now, see ya in seven!