Almost four years after wrestling to a no contest against Rhea Ripley, Becky Lynch has returned to NXT to win the Women’s Championship from Tiffany Stratton. Before we get started is it just me or has Becky Lynch’s ring gear been creeping more and more up her butt? Seriously, what’s up with that?

Anyhow, the crowd welcomes Lynch with a “Welcome home!” chant. Stratton reminds Lynch that NXT is her world, her universe. Stratton blows Lynch a kiss after shoulder blocking her to the mat. Lynch and Stratton trade cartwheel and kip-up escapes. Lynch goes for the Disarm her early. Stratton is able to break the hold with her brute strength. Stratton slams Lynch’s face into a turnbuckle after turnbuckle and then throws her into the ropes for a forearm smash in the back. She tries it again. Lynch bounces off punching Stratton in the mouth. Stratton hangs Lynch up in the ropes and hip checks her off the apron to the floor.

Lynch lands a missile drop kick from the top rope for a two count. Lynch attempts one Disarmher after another. Stratton powerbombs her to the canvass also for a two count. Lynch prevents Stratton from setting up the Prettiest Moonsault Ever. Lynch clobbers Stratton with haymakers on the top rope. Stratton slams Lynch and a swanton from the top rope gains her another two count.

Stratton is caught in an arm bar. She puts her foot on the bottom rope for a break but Lynch doesn’t release the hold. Weird that. Stratton picks up Lynch for another powerbomb. Lynch rolls her up. Stratton kicks out.

Lynch versus The Table. The Table wins. Courtesy: NXT.

Lynch blocks another Prettiest Moonsault Ever by excuting a Russian Leg Sweep for a two count off the ropes. The match goes to the floor. Stratton throws Lynch into the steel ring steps. Stratton clears off the announce table. Stratton lifts Lynch up for a powerbomb. Lynch fights back managing to reach one of the guard rail surround the NXT ringside area. With the help of a fan she climbs up onto it. Lynch kicks Stratton in the face. Stratton stumbles and falls onto the announce desk in perfect place for Lynch. Lynch hits a flying leg drop on Stratton. The table doesn’t break.

Becky Lynch has now truly done it all in WWE. Courtesy: NXT.

Back in the ring Lynch guillotines Stratton with another flying leg drop. Stratton kicks out. Stratton reaches the ropes to break another Disarmher. Stratton powerbombs Lynch but she kicks out at two. Stratton scales the ropes for a Prettiest Moonsault Ever. Lynch rolls out of the way and Manhandle Slams Stratton for the one, two, three.

Becky Lynch has now won every women’s championship in WWE. She is now a Grand Slam Champion.

NXT – September 12th, 2023 Results

Wes Lee vs. Ilja Dragunov – Winner to challenge for the WWE NXT Championship at No Mercy

An incredible match from start to finish.

Lee uses his agility to counter Dragunov’s superior strength. Wes flips out of a Dragunov slam to lay some shots in but one punch from Dragunov knocks him to the mat. A double drop kick to the back of Dragunov’s stuns him.

Dragunov’s chops send Lee head over heels into the air. A series of German Suplexs knocks the air out of Lee. Lee flips out of the final one though to hit Dragunov with a rolling kick that knocks him right through the ropes to the floor. Lee dives onto Dragunov a bunch of times sending him spinning around and around.

Dragunov yells at Lee to get up and fight him. Lee responds with forearms to the face. Dragunov once again fells Lee with one shot. Drop kicks and a stomp to the chest has Dragunov in a corner struggling to get up. Lee lays in some chops. A Spanish Fly scores Lee a two count. Dragunov’s lariat fells Lee for a two count as well. Lee counters a Dragunov slam to DDT him. Dragunov rolls to the floor. Lee dives over a post onto Dragunov. Dragunov nails a Superplex from the top rope and an H Bomb. Lee kicks out. Dragunov punches the mat in frustration. Dragunov’s forearm to the back of Lee’s head wins him the match and a title match at No Mercy.

Winner: Ilja Dragunov

We get a replay of what Bron Breakker did to Von Wagner with the steel steps last week. We are told that due to the injuries he has had in the past it is unknown when Wagner will return to action in NXT.

Bron confronts Corbin. Courtesy: NXT.

Baron Corbin addresses the NXT universe. Corbin says Wagner will never be the same. He demands Bron come out. He has something to say to him. The crowd chants “You got tabled!” at Bron.

Corbin: What you did was freakin’ awesome man! Corbin and Bron celebrate then Bron calls Corbin an idiot. He doesn’t need Corbin’s approval. Bron: He put me through a table so I ended his career! Corbin says he was going to pay Bron’s fine but not anymore since Bron is so disrespectful and ungrateful. Corbin goes over his accomplishments against people like The Undertaker and Kurt Angle. Bron doesn’t want Corbin’s respect. He wants him at No Mercy. Bron says Corbin will leave the ring like Wagner did. The two begin brawling but security comes out to separate them.

Charlie Dempsey & Drew Gulak & Damon Kemp vs. Brooks Jense & Josh Briggs & Myles Borne

Things quickly breakdown into an all-out brawl on the floor. Borne all of a sudden swings Jense into a steel post. Kemp finishes off Dempsey for the win.

Winners: Charlie Dempsey & Drew Gulak & Damon Kemp

Chase University segment. Andre Chase is worried about Thea Hail. She keeps skipping classes. Before Duke Hudson heads off to a watch party Andre asks if he can check on Thea. He takes out his phone but cannot locate her. Thea is at a party with Jacy Jayne. Thea takes out her phone and stops sharing her location with Hudson. Two goofs come over to their table. They mock Thea. They ask if she stayed up past her bedtime. They call her a little girl and ask her if she needed Andre’s permission to attend the party. Jacey and Thea beat the snot out of  the dudes. “I am a grown ass woman! I don’t need permission!” shouts Thea. Thea to Lacey: “I don’t want to look like THIS anymore. We are going shopping next week.”

Dana Brooke vs. Lyra Valkyria

What I want to know is what happened to all the muscles Dana had? Weird that. The crowd shouts: Let’s go Dana! Dana sucks! Lyra takes over until Dana pulls her off the top rope. Lyra whacks her head hard on the mat. A whip and clothesline has Lyra kicking out at two. Lyra has Dana stunned with kick after kick including a spin kick off the ropes and an axe kick. Lyra pins Brooke with his splash off the top rope. Dana shakes Lyra’s hand then she gets all sneaky like and attempts to attack her from behind but Kelani Jordan stops her.

Winner: Lyra Valkyria

We see a promo for a Women’s Breakout Tournament. It is “coming soon’.

Eddy Thorpe is interviewed backstage. He calls Dijak a “snake”. He can only beat Thorpe by cheating. Dijak appears in a video segment. He says Thorpe needs to get more vicious and nasty. He takes off his belt and whips a tree with it. Tough guy that!

We see Carmelo Hayes and Dominik Mysterio bump into each other backstage. Dom claims Hayes steals everything from him. Hayes says Mysterio is “not cut like that”. Hayes challenges Mysterio to a match next week. Dominik has to talk with Mami first.

Becky Lynch does her bird-like chattering that is supposed to be an interview. Ever notice she follows the same pitch and rhythm in all of them? Lynch claims she will win the championship tonight. Kiana James butts in and mocks Lynch.

Tyler Bate vs. Axiom – Global Heritage Invitational Tournament Match

The match goes back and forth with Bate and Axiom countering each other’s moves until both men engage in a chopfest. Axiom dives off the top rope backwards onto Bate on the floor then gets a one count with a flying crossbody. Bate picks up Axiom for an airplane spin which seems to last forever. Axiom rolls to the floor. Bates goes for his clothesline off the ropes. Axiom counters with a Spanish Fly. Bate dives off the ropes and Axiom catches him in a submission move. Bate uses his power to muscle Axiom up for a powerbomb. Axiom rolls up Bate an almost pins him. Bate wins with his Tyler Driver.

Winner: Tyler Bate

Butch is interviewed. He goes over his and Bate’s history. Butch is not back in NXT to reminiscence. He is there to prove himself as the baddest man in the WWE.

Joe Gacy and Ava are at the  Schism Tree. Gacy claims they are more alone than ever before. Ava tries to argue but Gacy cuts her short. They both place their hands on the tree.

Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes chat in the locker room. Hayes supports Williams doing his own thing. Behind them, Wes Lee cleans out his locker and removes his nameplate.

The Creed Brothers vs. Edris Enofe and Malik Blade

Enofe pounds on Brutus. Brutus just pounces him into oblivion. Humberto and Angel are watching from above.  Enofe and Blade get suplexed over and over by Julius. Blade is pinned when The Creeds execute their cannonball, powerbomb finishe. Outside the ring, Tank and Hank come out and  brawl with Nima and Price.

Winners: The Creed Brothers

Becky Lynch meets Lyra Valkyria in the locker room. Lyra wishes Lynch all the luck in the world tonight. She wants her to become NXT champ.

Roxanne Perez explains to the other women’s how important the Breakout Tournament was to her career. Lola Vice and Elektra Lopez appear and chew out Perez.

It is announced that Bron Breakker will battle Baron Corbin at No Mercy and that Dominik will face Hayes next week on NXT.

Akira Tozawa vs. Nathan Frazer – Global Heritage Invitational Tournament Match

It looks like Tozawa has things handled with a running knee strike and a shotgun drop kick from the top rope. His dives onto Frazer on the floor before climbing back to the top rope. Frazer meets him there. He Superplexes and then suplexes Tozawa for a quick three count.

Winner: Nathan Frazer

Joseph Coffey cuts a promo. He will slam dunk this tournament . Duke Hudson appears. He thinks Coffey is underestimating him. Hudson may have to change his name to “The Spoiler” Duke Hudson. He calls Coffey a “plonk”.

Mustafa Ali chats with McKenzie. Ali puts all the blame on Dominik for what happened last week. Dragon Lee and challenges Ali.

Wes Lee is interviewed with his wife. He is done with NXT. They get into a car and leave.

Blair Davenport is attacked by a figure wearing a hoodie backstage. It is Gigi Dolin.

Tiffany Stratton (c) vs. Becky Lynch – NXT Women’s Championship Match

Winner: …and new NXT Women’s Champion…Becky Lynch.



NXT Summary

A really good show with some fantastic matches except Tozawa versus Frazer which seemed really, really rushed. Also, there were too many brawls or attacks to propel angles or storylines. One wonders where the NXT Women’s Championship title picture will go from here.