GCW are no strangers to wrestling trading cards. They’ve been making annual sets of Joey Janela’s Spring Break trading cards since 2019. They’ve made sets dedicated to The Collective, Deathmatch All-Stars and the classic PBR set, just to name a few others. They even sell autographed versions of some of these cards on GCWMerch.com. But GCW recently upped their trading card game and started to sell a series of new, autographed, one-off cards of a select few of their wrestlers. 

Over the past year, Pro Wrestling Junkies has been selling one-off, autographed cards of many GCW wrestlers, so it was probably only a matter of time before GCW began doing this themselves. The first cards in the new GCW Authentic Autographs series were cards of Zandig and “Crazy Monkey” Jun Kasai

Jun Kasai and Zandig trading cards

After this, GCW released a Joey Janela / Zandig Roof Bump Autograph Card, which, as you can probably deduce, commemorates the viral Joey Janela and Zandig “roof bump” at GCW’s Tournament of Survival. 

Zandig and Joey Janela trading card

The most recent release will likely be their most popular card of the series, to date, a dual autograph of Maki Itoh and Nick Gage, otherwise known as the tag team Maki Death Kill (MDK).

All four of these GCW Authentic Autographs trading cards, and other GCW cards and sets, are currently available at GCWMerch.com.