This Saturday, Smash Wrestling’s CAN-USA Classic is set to take place in London, Ontario, and it would be the first time Dani Mo wrestles in Canada.

“I’m excited and nervous at the same time because I was just managing before. I’ve managed in Canada but stepping into the ring as the wrestler in another country is very intimidating,” said Mo. “I believe that I’ve had so many matches under my belt now at this point I’m going to go in with the confidence that I’m going to take home that win.”

Although she was confident that she’ll be victorious Mo is not taking her opponent, Seleziya Sparx, lightly.

“I’ve been doing my homework. Seleziya is a powerhouse. We’re different. I’m a little bit quick and sly and then I get my power moves in. She goes straight for the power, instantly,” said Mo. “I need to be smart. I have to really, really wear her down so that her strength isn’t there by the end of the match to take me down. I need to be very strategic with the match on Saturday.”

“I know she’s very smart with her wrestling and I know she’s doing her homework as well. I need to bring something that she hasn’t seen before so that I throw her off and hopefully I bring home that win for the USA.”

Screen grab of Dani Mo's Instagram post. Frank Boris photo

Dani Mo. Courtesy: Dani Mo Instagram, Photo: Frank Boris.

Even though this is the first time Mo will wrestle in Canada she has had many experiences with Smash Wrestling as a manager for her boyfriend Façade as part of the Neon Blondes.

“It’s so much fun out there. The locker room is amazing. The fans are amazing. It’s just an all-around very welcoming environment,” said Mo. “Being at Smash will be my Canadian pro wrestling debut. It makes it a little easier going in to somewhere that I have already been. It’s an honor to have Smash as my Canada debut and I’m very excited to be back because it’s been at least like five years. It was pre-COVID since the last time we were up at Smash.”

Mo admits that other than the WWE her wrestling knowledge wasn’t experience or detailed until she met her boyfriend, Façade. The first wrestling match she ever saw was Façade against Hurricane and Molly Holly and credits them along with her boyfriend for being inspirations for her love for wrestling.

“Honestly Façade is the reason I know about wrestling and how I got into it. I feel like I pull my inspiration from him and the opponents that he’s had or teammates that he’s had,” said Mo.

Façade and Mo are the Neon Blondes. Their persona is bright, vibrant and athletic but Mo still has an individual persona that she tries to bring every time she steps in the ring.

“Me, myself, I like to think I’m more of like an energy so when I come out there I’m not a clown or a cowboy or…Hey! That person is ‘that’. Mine is a feeling so I go out there and I want the crowd and fans to feel what I’m feeling when I’m out there,” said Mo. “I like to think that Dani Mo, ‘Dynamite’ Dani Mo, is an energy.”

Screen grab of Dani Mo's Instagram post of Facade and Dani Mo at the Electric Forest event. Instagram photo

Dani Mo and Facade at the Electric Forest event. Courtesy: Dani Mo Instagram,

She says that there isn’t one specific promotion she performs at. She works all over the USA. Mo did have a tryout with the WWE back in 2018.

“That tryout it still seems so unreal to me even to this day cause like your down there from like a Wednesday to a Sunday and it’s just a mental and physical game down there,” said Mo. “I did prep a lot. I changed my workouts and even to this day my workouts are different because of the prep for that tryout and from what I went through in the tryout.”

The tryout included in-ring action with a lot of eyes judging her wrestling performance as well her promo skills. The promos were the most nerve-wracking thing for Mo. During that time her six front teeth were gone, resulting in four implants, and during the end of promos she popped her teeth out leaving many there flabbergasted.

“Dani Mo here doing her WWE tryout with no front teeth! So, anybody can do it if you have the confidence!” said Mo.

Her message to people that want to pursue a career in wrestling is to just keep working hard.

“It is not easy but as long as you stay true to yourself, keep pushing, keep driving, keep taking every opportunity that you can, you can do it!” she said.

The full card for The CAN-USA Classic is:

  • ROSEMARY VS JESSICKA with guest referee ALLIE

TOP PHOTO: Courtesy  Dani Mo Twitter.