Kenta’s match with The Great-O-Khan on the third night of the G1 Climax tournament quickly turned into a street fight all around the arena as both men threw the rule book out the window and the official turned a blind eye to it all.

Kenta was mauled by Khan as soon as the bell rung. He quickly rolled out of the ring. Khan taunted Kenta by laying down in the middle of the ring and begging him to return.

Back in the ring, Kenta gouged at Khan’s eyes and ran off the ropes. Khan caught him with a shoulder tackle. Kenta again rolled out of the ring frustrating Khan. Khan followed Kenta outside. The official tried to stop Khan. Khan shoved him to the floor.

Kenta grabbed his Defy World Championship belt from the time keeper’s table smashing Khan in the head with it.

“Wow! Our referees let a lot go,” said Kevin Kelly.

Kenta takes a swing at Khan. Courtesy: NJPW.

Kenta whipped Khan into the steel barricade. Khan went over it landing hard on the arena floor. Kenta threw Kahn into a row of empty seats. The official demanded Kenta return to the ring. Kenta just ignored him kicking Khan. As the official turned his back Kenta clocked Khan with a steel chair. An angry Khan crawled after Kenta. Kenta stomped on his head, picked him up by his pony-tail dragging him back to the ring ramming him into a steel post.

Khan crawls after Kenta. Courtesy: NJPW.

Kenta reentered the ring to break the count then hit Kahn with a double stomp to the chest from the ring apron. Kenta sat up Khan drilling him with some stiff kicks. Kenta placed a foot over Khan back in the ring for a surprising two count. Khan responded with a flurry of Mongolian Chops and a gut-wrench suplex which sent Kenta halfway across the ring. Kenta rolled out to the floor.

Khan flung Kenta into the barricade. Kenta went over it landing beside Kelly’s announce table.

“You’ve got a great big arena!” said Kelly as Khan picked up Kenta off the floor.

Kenta goes for a ride. Courtesy: NJPW.

Khan tossed Kenta through a row of empty seats. Khan took a chair, put it over Kenta’s throat and sat on it as the official pleaded for him to stop. Khan slapped Kenta’s face over and over.

Kenta heads back to the ring the hard way. Courtesy: NJPW.

Khan placed a chair over Kenta’s head and throat shoving him into a concrete wall. Kenta fell to the floor clutching his throat. Khan put Kenta in a headlock dragging him back to the ring. Once back, Khan takes a fan’s United Empire flag and chokes Kenta with it. Khan rolls Kenta back into the ring. He gets a two count with a back suplex as the two return to actual wrestling. Kenta attempts to push Khan into the official but Khan stops himself and the momentum several times. As the official is on his hands and knees, Khan leaps over him. Kenta catches Khan in a DDT though.

Kenta’s Go To Sleep is blocked by Khan. He pushes Kenta into the official who gets knocked out of the ring. One punch from Khan floors Kenta. Khan wraps Kenta in the ropes delivering straight-arm punch after straight-arm punch. Khan releases Kenta from the ropes for a Tombstone Driver. Khan revives the official pulling him back into the ring. Kenta counters The Eliminator with a hurricanrana and a roll-up for a three count even though Khan’s feet were in the ropes.

G1 Climax 33 – Standings

Block A

Block B

Block C

Block D

G1 Climax 33 – Night Three Results

Kaito Kiyomiya versus Chase Owens – G1 CLIMAX 33 A BLOCK TOURNAMENT

Owens is pinned by Kiyomiya’s Shining Wizard.

Winner: Kaito Kiyomiya

Kenta versus The Great-O-Khan – G1 CLIMAX 33 B BLOCK TOURNAMENT

Winner: Kenta

Hikuleo versus Gabe Kidd – G1 CLIMAX 33 A BLOCK TOURNAMENT

Kidd attacks Jado distracting the official. He kicks Hikuleo in the “lower abdomen” and pins him with a Package Piledriver.

Winner: Gabe Kidd

Taichi versus Tanga Loa – G1 CLIMAX 33 B BLOCK TOURNAMENT

Taichi reverses an Ape S–t pinning Loa with a Superman Pin.

Winner: Taichi

Ren Narita versus Yota Tsuji – G1 CLIMAX 33 A BLOCK TOURNAMENT

Both men battle to a time limit draw.

Winner: Draw

Yoshi-Hashi versus Will Ospreay – G1 CLIMAX 33 B BLOCK TOURNAMENT

Ospreay pins Hashi with a Shooting Star Press from the top rope.

Winner: Will Ospreay

Sanada versus Shota Umino – G1 CLIMAX 33 A BLOCK TOURNAMENT

The IWGP World Heavyweight Champion wins with his Dead Fall DDT.

Winner: Sanada

Kazuchika Okada versus El Phantasmo – G1 CLIMAX 33 B BLOCK TOURNAMENT

Okada puts his knees up to block Thunder Kiss. Kenta wins with a Landslide and a Rainmaker Clothesline.

Winner: Kazuchika Okada